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My friend Orell sent me this yesterday:

I’m not happy about the Astros going to the American League for $70 million.

I may never go to a game again.  It sure doesn’t feel like the American past-time any longer when you buy a city’s soul with the Yankee dollar. How about Occupy Minute Maid when the season starts?   ……. If I were you, I would discontinue my season tickets today!

You can go here to read the front page Chron piece on fan unhappiness about the move.

Meanwhile, a partner with Fulbright went through the Minute Maid lease between the ‘Stros and the Harris County – Houston Sports Authority and found that a move to the AL would violate the lease agreement.   Here is how my pal Sports Authority Chair Kenny Friedman responded:

“We’ll take a hard look at it.  If there is a legitimate legal position to be taken by the Sports Authority that benefits the community, we ought to take it. If it’s a stretch or if it’s something that ultimately doesn’t benefit the community, then that’s not what we should be doing. But that’s easy to say. How to sort through all that remains to be seen.”

Translation:  Kenny has to check with The Mayor, Hunker Down, the new owner, and other key players before he takes a position.  Check out the piece here.

Of course, if Kenny listens to the fans, he’ll enforce the lease agreement so we can remain in the NL.

It looks like the team is getting sold today and I’m going to keep going to The Yard, Orell.

This MLB Hall of Fame great received the highest-ever percentage of Hall of Fame ballot votes from the Baseball Writers with 98.84% (on 425 of 430 ballots).  Who am I talking about?

CM James Rodriguez’s former opponent is now running for Dem Precinct Chair.   CEWDEM is airing a mini debate of sorts on her candidacy.  My take:  She’s bad news.  Just ask the good Dem folks that were working hard for CM Rodriguez’s campaign.   Here is just a taste of what was regularly falling out of her piehole.  At an Early Vote location, she was asked if she supported The DREAM Act.  Her response:  “Let them dream on.”  She’s bad news.

A nice crowd turned out last night to hear CM James Rodriguez and Lydia Camarillo of Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP) answer questions on “The Decisive Latino Force 2012”.  There was a good mix of non Latinos in the turnout.  It is going to be interesting to see the next steps.   We have a long way to go but it is certainly worth the effort.
Here is a Chron piece leading up to last night’s gathering.

The Dean will have his annual reception tonight at the Four Seasons.

It looks like the Chron is starting to draft the Guv Dude obituary.  They have piece today on Dude’s fundraising drying up and some donors are heading to other camps.  Check it out.

Hall of Fame great Tom Seaver of course received the highest percentage of the vote in Hall of Fame balloting history.  Tom Terrific is celebrating his 67th BD today!

If we do move to the AL in 2013, then next season will be called “The Season of Discontent.” 


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