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According to the Kyle Johnston 2011 Early Vote Report, the Dem/GOP/Independent numbers pretty much stayed the same as compared to the 2009 Early Vote (57%/31%/12%).  What I found interesting about the Kyle Johnston Early Vote report is 15% of the voters hadn’t participated in any of the last three city elections this go around as compared to 1% in 2009.  I would venture to guess that this might have been the Anti Prop 1 folks.

I ran into a respected player the other day and he cracked about the low Latino voter turnout in City Council District J last Tuesday here in H-Town.  My reply was I don’t think anyone can be proud of the total turnout last week in H-Town.  City of H-Town voters in Harris County came out at an anemic 13.14%.  This compares to 19.12% turnout a couple of years ago when we had four major mayoral candidates running.  That’s not too good either. 

Here are last Tuesday’s turnout rates in Harris County by City Council district:

12.87% in A, 10.6% in B, 18.28% in C, 13.19% in D, 12.17% in E, 8.47% in F, 16.15% in G, 10.36% in H, 11.62% in I, 10.32% in J, and 14.47% in K. 

According to the Kyle Johnston Early Vote Report, the Latino vote was 12% of the total early vote of H-Town voters in Harris County.  In 2009, the Latino vote accounted for 9% of the total early vote.  I guess you could say that Latinos improved from two years ago.  Or you could say that Latinos stayed the same and all other voting groups had a decrease.  Regardless, turnout out here in H-Town for city elections is a serious embarrassment that needs to be addressed. 

City services are pretty important to folks.  Police, fire, trash pick-up, street improvements, and water to take a bath in are basic.  We need to figure out a way to get more folks to participate in City elections. 

Some of us are involved in an effort to engage the Latino vote in the Greater H-Town area and you are all welcome to participate and drop by a reception this Wednesday evening (November 16 at the Crowne Plaza Downtown, 1700 Smith) to learn about “The Decisive Latino Force 2012” that Houston City Council Member James Rodriguez and Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP) are heading up. 

CM Rodriguez has invited SVREP to partner with the Latino community based on their track record of increasing Latino voter participation.  It is our intention of helping to identify and recruit sponsors to assist in providing resources for the effort.  Latino and non-Latino concerned and interested leaders and activists are invited to participate Wednesday evening at no cost (well maybe parking and/or valet).  Come by and learn about what we are trying to accomplish.

For more information call us at 713-861-2244 or email marc@camposcommunications.com or marisol@camposcommunications.com.

Name the MLB Hall of Fame great that won batting titles at the age of 39 and 40? 

Commentary watched the GOPers debate Saturday night.  A few of them wanted to bomb Iran – yikes!  Guv Dude didn’t mess up so I guess he’s still hanging on.

Hall of Fame great Ted Williams of course won batting titles in 1957 (.388) and 1958 (.328).

Commentary is not happy that the ‘Stros will now play in the AL and have to use the DH but I guess I’ll have to get used to it – drats!  I guess the silver lining in the deal is that we get to see the Yankees and Red Sox here at The Yard every season and we get to go to Yankee Stadium and Fenway every year.   I probably would want to go check out the Twins for a series up at Target Field or go back to SEA-TAC to check out the Mariners at Safeco.  Oh well!  It looks like there is just one season left of NL ball at The Yard!


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