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One of the best in the business is retiring for now.  Today is the last day at the Chron’s E-Board for my friend Tim Fleck.  That’s going to leave a huge hole over at the E-Board.  You don’t replace a guy like Tim. 

I’ve known Tim for over 30 years now and I have always found him to be fair and thorough.   He’s taken some shots at Commentary in years past and I probably deserved some of them. 

I really appreciated his work as the “Insider”.  He kept most folks on their toes so to speak.   He never was afraid to ask the tough questions.  If some news outlet ever decides to resurrect an “Insider” it will never be on the level of Tim’s “Insider.”

After Tim left the Houston Press, the Press was never the same in my eyes.  I hope the E-Board takes don’t fall a notch or two with Tim gone.

I never got mad at Tim like some folks did because I thought his work was important and necessary here in H-Town.  Politics needs a guy like Tim that will try to keep players honest and open.

Tim may be leaving the Chron but he will still be around.  You did a great job, Tim! 

I’ll see you tonight at the Tim Fleck Retirement Celebration, Part II.

After Tim leaves, I wonder if the E-Board will continue to read Commentary.  They did yesterday because here is how they start today’s editorial: 
Please come home, Rick Perry. It’s time.   Here is the entire take.

Go here if you want to see Nick Anderson’s killer cartoon on Guv Dude that is in today’s Chron.

Only one MLBer played in all 162 regular season games this past season.  Name the MLBer?

I’m not going to say nothing about 11/11/11 because I’m more interested in 12/12/12. 

The Lone Star State government finally did something right when they decided yesterday that the south will not rise again at least for now.  They said no to the Johnny Reb license plates. 

Prince Fielder of course played in all 162 games for the Brewers.

There is still nothing to report from The Yard today.


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