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Dear Mr. Toomey.  I’m asking that you quit raising money for your super PAC and go fetch Guv Dude and bring him home.   He’s embarrassing you and all the others that own his arse.  He’s not ready for the big leagues.   If Commentary is starting to feel sorry for his arse, you know it’s bad.   Herman Cain is going down because of sexual harassment.  Dude is going down because he is abusing himself.  The ballgame is over for Dude in case you haven’t heard.

It is really hard to gauge the impact of the Manuel Rodriguez hate mailer. The mailer started showing up in mailboxes last Friday, the last day to vote early.  The early vote total had Rodriguez leading by 102 votes.   The Chron posted a story on the piece Saturday and it made the hard copy on Monday, the day before the election.  Channel 11 ran stories Sunday evening and Monday evening.   Univision ran a story Monday evening.  Channel 39 ran a story Monday evening.    Ramiro Fonseca then won the Election Day vote by 78 votes.

I read somewhere somebody said that half of the District III E-Day voters obviously didn’t think the mailer was a big deal because they ended up voting for Rodriguez.  That’s kind of a silly thing to say.  It is hard to say how many E-Day voters were versed on the mailer.  The story only had a life of a couple of days max on just a few media outlets.

Some folks aren’t happy with Commentary’s post election take on District J.  Too bad!  Here is today’s Chron story on the District J race.  The results tell the story.

What is Roy Oswalt’s won-loss record since he left the ‘Stros?

H-Town Dems did pretty good this past election.  Dems got elected in the new Districts J and K.  District C will now be held by a Dem.  After the run-off, At-Large 2 will still be held by a Dem.  At-Large 5 is still up for grabs.  Not bad at all!

The Tim Fleck Retirement Get Together, Part I was held last night at The Roundtable.  The usual suspects showed up including the Harris County DA and CM James Rodriguez.  It was a nice crowd for sure.  Part II will be held tomorrow evening.

A lot of folks were talking about the H-Town Mayor’s E-Day performance and what it means for the next two years.  A lot of other folks were asking CM Rodriguez about his next moves. 

That sorry arse Manuel Rodriguez is now apologizing.  What a slime bucket. 

Roy O. went 7-1 in 2010 after he was traded and 9-10 this season for a 16-11 post ‘Stros record of course.

There is no news from The Yard today!


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