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Commentary is really not surprised at the H-Town Mayor’s 50.8% showing last night.  It has been that kind of year.  Folks will now start talking about taking her on in 2013.  Let the names begin!

Commentary is really bummed about that sorry arse Manuel Rodriguez winning by 24 votes.  I’m thinking that he fed off of the H-Town CM James Rodriguez name out there.  It is a real shame that a hate monger will be on the HISD Board of Education for the next four years.  Every elected Latino and Latina elected official and leader ought to turn their back on that sorry arsehole Manuel Rodriguez and ask him to resign.    The Latino community is a loser this morning.

Commentary is not happy with the fact that H-Town CM Ed Gonzalez and a few other Latino and Latina leaders endorsed Criselda Romero in District J and not check with others before doing so. H-Town CM James Rodriguez who led the Latino redistricting effort on City Council was hoping for a vetting process to get a strong Latino candidate.  CM Gonzalez and others decided to handpick a candidate who ended up being a weak candidate and we saw what happened last night.   CM Gonzalez and others didn’t do much in terms of raising money or providing resources to help their candidate.  Never again!

Commentary’s client CM James Rodriguez ran a strong campaign against a Tea Bagger candidate.  Folks were already talking to CM Rodriguez last night about the next step and move.  He also had some calls this morning.

The Big Puma thinks if any MLB National League team has to move to the American League, let it be the Brewers since they used to be an AL team.  When did the Brewers first start playing in the NL?

It is anybody’s guess who will win the H-Town City Council run-offs.  CM Jones vs Christie, Byrd vs Davis, CM Stardig vs Brown, and Burks vs Thibaut – stay tuned!

I will say that Laurie Robinson has a future in politics.  I hope she hangs in there!

The Milwaukee Brewers started playing NL ball in 1998 of course.

Today the ‘Stros are still a NL team and that’s all I have from The Yard!



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