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I think we will see some interesting results tonight when the votes are counted.  The voter is pretty angry and frustrated and looking to take it out on someone.  H-Town isn’t immune to what is going on out there.  Water bills, Rebuild Houston, red light cameras – oh my!  Watch out now!

Meanwhile, the sorry arse Manuel Rodriguez campaign still does not get it and is handing out that sorry arse flyer at some polling places this morning.  I guess they are going to push hate up until 7 pm this evening.

This future Hall of Fame great led the MLB in at-bats this past season with 677.  He’s never played in a World Serious though.  Who am I talking about?

Yesterday I got a Laurie Robinson mailer.

The Chron’s Chris Moran has a good take on today’s election. 
Check it out here.

That’s what I’m talking about.

Ichiro Suzuki of course of the Mariners led the MLB with 677 at bats this season in 161 games – cool!

Nothing to report from The Yard today other than The H-Town Mayor will have her party there tonight!

Go vote now!



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