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Today’s SA Express News has a lengthy piece on the Mexican American Legislative Caucus’s (MALC) fundraising and expenses. Check it out.
The watch dog groups are pretty critical.  Hey, that’s what happens when you hit the big time.    It would not surprise me if an ethics complaint were filed by some group.  Stay tuned!

FYI:  Commentary before Commentary had the idea to form the MALC fundraising arm under then MALC Chair Al Luna way back in 1987 just in case you didn’t know. 

Commentary is not going to say anything about Herman Cain other than he asked for it.  Let’s see now, the Tea Baggers have cheeked-to-cheeked with Trump, Bachman, Guv Dude, and now Cain.  Can’t they settle on a dance partner?

Tony La Russa also played MLB ball in case you didn’t know it.  He only had 35 career base hits, a .199 career batting average, and 7 RBIs.  He played for three different MLB teams.  Name them?  

Yesterday was the ninth day to Vote Early.  Here is a comparison after Day 9 in 2009.

West Gray (4072 in 2009/ 3227 in 2011)

Moody Park (850 in 2009/ 551 in 2011)

Acres Homes (1050 in 2009/ 788 in 2011)

Ripley (354 in 2009/ 509 in 2011)

HCCS (479 in 2009/ 612 in 2011)

Bayland (2299 in 2009/ 1759 in 2011)

Mendenhall (2754 in 2009/ 1748 in 2011)

Main Office on Preston (806 in 2009/ 640 in 2011)

HCCS and now Ripley are the only ones of the eight that is seeing an increase after Day 9. 

Most of the other City Early Voting locations are seeing decreases but things are getting better.

Moody Park could get better.

La Russa of course played for the A’s, The ATL, and the Cubbies.

There is nothing from The Yard today!


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