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Commentary picked up today’s Chron fully expecting to see who the E-Board endorsed in the City of H-Town At-Large 5 race and I was let down.  No endorsement today!   They have already endorsed in all 11 district races, the four other At-Large races, and yesterday they endorsed The Mayor.  What’s up with 5?  Maybe they are going to start rolling out the HISD and HCC Trustee races then the constitutional amendments.  How long will the drum roll go? 

Commentary was out and about on Saturday and saw quite a few campaign signs on the rights-of-way.  I wonder if the City’s Sign Patrol sent out warning notices.

In the City of H-Town’s November, 2009 election, 9,989 folks cast ballots by mail.  As of last Wednesday, 5,949 voters had requested mail ballots here in Harris County.  Just thought you might want to know.

In 1966, this former MLBer became the first catcher to lead the NL in number of triples hit in a season with 13.  Who am I talking about?

CNN has the next Prex debate this week from Las Vegas with AC360 serving as moderator.  That ought to be interesting.  I wonder if the First Lady of the Lone Star State will be there to watch the political brutalization of Guv Dude!  Oh, the carnage and gore!!

The H-Town City Council is going to vote on giving Kroger a tax break of sorts for a new store they are going to build down the street from Commentary.  I don’t know about that.  I already have two Krogers down the street from me.  Do we actually need another Kroger down the street?

Former MLBer Tim McCarver of course led the NL in number of triples hit with 13 in 1966 as a member of San Luis.  McCarver turned 70 yesterday and we will be seeing him for a few more nights this week and next. 

Well, I guess we also get to watch The Big Puma chase a World Serious ring.   Oh, well!



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Guv Dude’s handlers would be wise to take the First Lady of the Lone Star State off the campaign trail and give her a few days off.  Her saying that Dude has been “brutalized” by some in the media and some GOPers is getting laughs not sympathy.   She also said that God called Dude and told him to run for Prez.  Oh yeah!  I’m thinking that either God got an incomplete briefing on Dude being ready for the big leagues or God dialed the wrong number.

Leave it up to The Dean to clean up some of the mess over at the courthouse.   In Lisa Falkenberg’s column today (that you can only read in the hard copy for now), The Dean made a few phone calls and chewed out a few folks about that Judge Shelton still getting to sit on the bench on occasion.  Here is what The Dean said:

“It just boils down to the buddy system, the good ‘ol boy system.  I’m going to stop it.  We need some accountability.  I personally think Shelton based on his record, has some serious conflicts of interest.”

Way to go The Dean!   I’m glad somebody is out there trying to clean up the mess.  It looks like The Dean is doing the job that others should have been doing if you know what I mean.

On September 20, 2007, this ‘Stro had 8 RBIs in an 18-1 route of San Luis in San Luis.  Who am I talking about?

HISD Trustees finally got around to passing some better ethics rules.  It is about time.  Let’s hope it works.  Check out the Chron.com piece here.
I’m thinking that maybe one or two of the Trustees over there will figure out how to get around the new rules.

Commentary will be doing Commentary three times next week.  I’ll do a “Viva Houston” taping on Monday for a show on the H-Town elections that will air next Sunday, Oct. 23.   I’ll do a panel on Tuesday on the H-Town elections for one of the Greater Houston Partnership’s committees.  Then I’ll do a taping for “Red, White, and Blue” on – you guessed it – the H-Town elections that will air the following evening.  How about that!   So if any candidates out there want some positive run from Commentary, St. Arnold Amber is nice, so is the Edwards Cinema, ZD Cabernet, Shade in the Heights, if you know what I mean. 

Former ‘Stro J.R. Towles of course had 8 RBIs in San Luis back in 2007 and I say former because the ‘Stros sent him packing yesterday.  The ‘Stros gave him plenty of opportunities but he just couldn’t hit.  Oh well!


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I sure would hate to be in HISD Trustee Larry Marshall’s shoes this morning.  The Chron is reporting today that he forgot to list a $25,000 contribution on his 2009 Campaign and Expenditure Report during his re-election race.
Check out the Chron story here.  Marshall isn’t denying the omission.  I think his days at HISD might be numbered.

The donor is David Medford, the head of Fort Bend Mechanical, a company that has made millions off of HISD.  The omission came to light as a result of a lawsuit against Marshall and HISD by a fella, Gil Ramirez, who says he got screwed on a contract by HISD. 

You can’t help but think that the DA is going to be all over this one. Ditto for the Texas Ethics Commission.  Think about it.  If it hadn’t been for the lawsuit, Marshall probably would have gotten away with the omission.   That’s the problem with the current campaign contribution and expenditure reporting system.  How many other candidates and office holders are omitting stuff?

Commentary has been involved in HISD races over the years and I’ve never seen a $25,000 contribution.  HISD Trustees better hurry up and implement some campaign contribution and ethics reforms real soon.   They also should get rid of Fort Bend Mechanical. 

It looks like the Tea Party can’t make up their mind.  Herman Cain now has the top spot in the latest poll.  Now that he’s on top, Cain says he is suspending his book tour and is now going to add campaign staff.  That makes sense to me. 

The Milwaukee Brewers lost in San Luis last night.  This past season the Brewers won their first NL Central Division Title.  San Luis has the most NL Central Division titles.  How many do they have?

It looks like Texas Monthly reads Commentary.   I’ve said that Guv Dude might not be ready for the big leagues because he’s pretty much owned the Lone Star State Dem Party and their operatives/consultants.  They haven’t given Dude much of a fight.  Here is what Jason Embry of the Statesman says Mimi Schwartz of Texas Monthly put out:

She argues that one reason Perry is struggling on the national stage is that the weak Democratic Party in Texas has done little to prepare him for the competition.

“Perry had been so easily routing his opposition back home that he was out of practice. As King of Texas, he’d been able to avoid or ignore hostile audiences, nosy newspaper editorial boards, and anyone else who didn’t think he was such hot stuff, including the entire Texas Democratic party.

You can say that again! 

San Luis has won seven NL Central Division titles of course.  Eight if you count the time they tied us in 2001 but we had the better head-to-head record so we got the better seeding in the playoffs.  I only give them seven.  The ‘Stros come in second with four titles and the team released our 2012 Spring Training schedule yesterday. 


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It looks like the City of H-Town’s OIG folks are staying busy.  Another complaint has been filed against H-Town CM Jolanda Jones.  This time the complainer is a former staffer.  He says CM Jones cut his salary because he cooperated with OIG on its investigation of an earlier OIG complaint that was filed against CM Jones. Check out the Chron story here.  The complaint was actually filed in August but we’re just learning about it now.  I don’t see how this helps CM Jones as some folks are already casting mail ballots.  It appears that CM Jones is an OIG complaint magnet.

Meanwhile, City of H-Town candidates turned in their dreaded Campaign and Expenditure reports yesterday.   In District C, former State Rep. Ellen Cohen is blowing her opponents away in the fundraising and spending department – wow!  In At-Large 5, Laurie Robinson and Jack Christie might make the race very interesting.  Kuffer has some of the dollar amounts and you can also check some out on Commentary’s Political Page.  I’ll have the rest by the end of the day.

The Detroit Tiger won a game last night against the Rangers.   This past season was the first time the Tigers had ever won the AL Central Division title.  Name the team that has won the most AL Central Division titles?

Commentary couldn’t figure out where to find the debate on cable last night so I skipped it.  The reviews are in and Guv Dude didn’t rate.  He didn’t do himself any good or any bad according to most folks.  Some said he was there but in a no-show mood.   If Dude is going to score points with GOP voters, it is going to have to happen outside of the debate format.  Meanwhile, Mitt Romney scored a big endorsement of sorts yesterday.  Governor Chris Christie signed on yesterday prompting some pundits to say a Romney-Christie ticket would look good.  I don’t know about that.  A Massachusetts-New Jersey ticket might be a tough sell.  Romney is hoping the Christie endorsement helps him shake off the “weak” frontrunner status label.

Commentary is having a hard time picturing Guv Dude coming back to the Lone Star State as a defeated and bloodied candidate with his tail between his legs.  Life is tough in the big leagues I guess. 

The Cleveland Indians of course lead with 7 AL Central titles.  The Minnesota Twin comes in second with 6 titles. 

It is official. The entire ‘Stros coaching staff will be back next year.  I just hope the 56-106 record doesn’t accompany them – yikes!  


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That Herman Cain fella is on his 16th minute of fame so he is kind of overstaying his invitation if you ask me.  I didn’t know who this guy was up until a few weeks ago.  He’s against everything and not for much of anything and now he’s knocking on the door of the top tier of GOP wannabees. 

Meanwhile, Guv Dude takes his not-ready-for-prime-time campaign to another debate tonight and once again all eyes are on him.  The Chron has the lead front page story about Dude needing to put his jobs record and the economy at the forefront.  Good luck!  Check out the piece here.   Tonight he’s going to have to deal with that Mormonism cult stuff that his folks started up as well as paperless students.  I don’t know if he’ll be able to break out and set his own agenda.   Woe is Dude!

One of the articles yesterday asked the question – are Mormons Christians?  Hey, their Tabernacle Choir has been putting out Christmas tune albums, CDs, and concerts for decades now and nobody has ever complained.

Speaking of 15 minutes and wanting a 16th minute, that Joe the Plumber fella is now running for Congress in Ohio as a GOPer – oh, well! 

In 1980, former MLBer Darryl Strawberry, former Red Sox skipper Terry Francona, and A’s GM and “Moneyball” subject Billy Beane had what in common?

H-Town CM James Rodriguez received a solid endorsement from the Chron E-Board today.  Here it is:

District I is the cradle of Hispanic municipal political power in Houston, initially represented by Ben Reyes and since then by a string of Latino successors. It encompasses most of downtown as well as east and southeast neighborhoods.

The district has been ably represented for the past four years by native East End resident James Rodriguez, a graduate of Milby High School and the University of Houston. Rodriguez served as chief of staff for four years to former District I councilmember and current state Rep. Carol Alvarado.

In his two terms, Rodriguez has been a strong proponent of economic development within the district. He supports the Metro light rail line currently under construction along Harrisburg and worked to make sure a key segment includes an underpass to facilitate traffic flow.

Rodriguez also was heavily involved in the Dynamo soccer stadium project and expects a new hotel, to be built in the same area, will increase economic opportunities for local residents.

Rodriguez backed the Rebuild Houston drainage fee and pledges to make sure his constituents get their fair share of infrastructure improvements. "They’re looking forward to putting some projects in the queue that will help alleviate drainage issues," says the councilman, "and repairing streets and making sure our kids have safe sidewalks."

While Rodriguez has worked well with Mayor Annise Parker‘s administration, he has shown independence when he felt the interests of the district were at stake. He cites his opposition to the mayor’s unsuccessful effort to replace the lone Latina on the Port of Houston Commission, as well as to an initial redistricting plan that did not offer the opportunity to expand Hispanic representation on City Council. The city’s final plan addressed those concerns with the creation of District J.

We believe Rodriguez has successfully used his long experience in municipal governance for the benefit of the residents of District I. They will be well served by returning him to office for a final term.

Way to go James!  (Commentary’s client)

Speaking of, Kuffer said the E-Board might give the nod to Laurie Robinson over CM Jolanda Jones.  I kind of think they will go with the kind of middle of the road take they handed out a week or so ago on CM Jones and the investigation.  What do I know!

The dreaded Campaign and Expenditure Reports are due today for City of H-Town races.  Let the scrutiny begin!   I will say that Laurie Robinson raked in $80,000 that included some interesting donors/players.

Darryl Strawberry (1st), Terry Francona (22nd), and Billy Beane (23rd) of course were all taken in the first round of the 1980 MLB Amateur Player Draft.

Commentary forgot to mention that the Chron said the ‘Stros would go 12-13 in September and we went 9-16.  The Chron said we would end the season at 75-87 and we went 56-106.  All my game lids are boxed up and in a closet so that is that!


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Some folks including Commentary thought Guv Dude’s handlers might have had a hand in having that Dallas pastor fella do that drive-by on Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith this past Friday.  Here’s what burkablog said yesterday:

I had exactly the same reaction to Rev. Jeffress’s statements: The Perry campaign put him up to it. It’s straight from the Perry playbook. Get someone else to disseminate an insidious comment about your opponent and then distance yourself from the comment. In this case, Perry spokesman Mark Miner said, “The governor does not believe Mormonism is a cult.”

There is a simple way to avoid the impression that you are attacking someone’s religion: You disavow the initial statement by Rev. Jeffress, who is  Perry supporter. There was no disavowal.

If you are a fan of religious intolerance, then you gotta say “Nice move, Dude!”  Of course, Commentary is not a fan of religious intolerance.

The Chron has a not-so-good piece today on H-Town CM Al Hoang and the race in District F.  There is a lot of intrigue and charges and counter charges. 
Check it out.

The Chron E-Board also endorsed one of Hoang’s opponents. Check it out.

This is what Kuffer said after the Chron endorsement in District F:  I’m going to step out on a limb here and infer that the Chron is telegraphing its forthcoming endorsement in At Large #5 for Laurie Robinson. Who disagrees with me about that?

I don’t know about that.  If the Chron E-Board didn’t endorse CM Jolanda Jones, Jones would declare war on the E-Board and I don’t know if the Chron would want that.  They got better things to do.  Stay tuned!

Who is the only MLB player to hit at 200 or more base hits in ten consecutive seasons?

The courthouse shenanigans Commentary talked about last Friday from Lisa Falkenberg’s column is online in Chron.com.  Here is the headline: Juvenile court case appears to turn juvenile. Here is Lisa Falkenberg’s column.  We gotta have some reforms over there at the courthouse if you ask me.

Commentary checked out Brad Pitt and “Moneyball” this past weekend.  It’s a great flick.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the flick landed Pitt a Best Actor nomination.   It is a love story of sorts.  It’s about the love of the game.   Check it out.

The Christmas tune season will be upon us before you know it.  On my Best of Christmas Tunes CDs are a couple of tunes from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.   I wonder if Guv Dude’s folks would consider me a seasonal cult follower.

Sir Paul got married yesterday to Nancy Shevell.  Nancy Shevell was only eight years old when the “White Album” was released and only ten when The Beatles broke up.  I don’t have a problem with that.

John Lennon would have been 71 yesterday. 

The Mariners’ Ichiro Suzuki of course had 200 plus hits from 2001-2010.

GM Ed Wade gets a couple of mentions in “Moneyball” and that’s all there is from The Yard!


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You will only see a very interesting column if you are like Commentary and have to go out to your driveway in the morning to pick up the fish wrap.  Here is how the column ends:

“It’s disappointing and it turns my stomach, and it makes me want to go out there and expose every single stone.  I will not rest until I expose all the corruption, the underhanded work that’s going on, the injustice for the kids, first off, and for the parents.”

This was said by Julie Ketterman, an attorney, who is fighting “pay-to-play politics” between attorney Gary Polland and visiting Judge Pat Shelton, both prominent GOPers.  The case involves a dispute in juvenile court.   It was said in a column written by the Chron’s Lisa Falkenberg today but it won’t be online until maybe later today.

The column mentions Gary once representing Judge Shelton’s daughter.  It mentions the County Attorney trying to mess with Ketterman’s client.  It also mentions Gary’s lawyers going after Ketterman for talking to media during a trial – yikes!

Hunker Down has said in the past that he would like to see some reforms at the courthouse so maybe he could start looking at the stuff that Lisa Falkenberg is writing about.  Maybe Vince Ryan, the Dem County Attorney could pitch in and help Hunker Down with the reforms. 

Commentary gets along with GOPer Gary Polland but folks are always complaining that Gary has way too much power at the courthouse.  Heck, he’s got that Texas Conservative Review that endorses candidates, including judicial candidates, so you get the picture.  Folks also complain that a very select handful of attorneys, including Gary, get most of the appointments doled out by the judges.  I’m told that all those appointment add up to very lucrative fees.

If there is corruption going on at the courthouse, I would hope that it isn’t left up to one attorney or Lisa Falkenberg to kick over every single stone to expose it.   I would hope that Hunker Down live up to his words and start checking this out.  I would also hope that Vince Ryan do the same.   They have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Name the American League MLB team that has lost the most games in a single season.  You get extra credit if you can also provide the year.

The last two nights Commentary watched Martine Scorsese’s two-part documentary called “George Harrison:  Living in the Material World” which was pretty cool.  I especially liked the interviews with Eric Clapton when he talked about how George brought him in to play lead guitar on “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” for the “White Album.  Clapton also talks about how he fell for George’s wife – yikes!  It was a very nice documentary.  You can never learn too much about The Beatles I always say.

ESPN canned Hank Williams, Jr., but he said he quit and issued this:  By pulling my opening Oct 3rd, You (ESPN) stepped on the Toes of The First Amendment Freedom of Speech, so therefore Me, My Song, and All My Rowdy Friends are OUT OF HERE. It’s been a great run."

You got a right to say what you want fella and the Gods of Sport have a right to can your arse.  Of course, you have to figure that the NFL had a hand in this decision.

The 2003 Detroit Tigers of course set the AL record for most losses in a season with 119.  They won 43 that year and tomorrow night they meet the Rangers in the ALCS and the Yankees are out.

There is nothing to report from The Yard today other than to say congrats to Tigers closer Jose Valverde for shutting the door on the Yankees last night. 



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Some fella apparently made an open records request of emails and stuff from the office of H-Town CM Jolanda Jones.  When the fella went to City Hall to pick up the records, a Jones staffer greeted him by whipping out a camera and start taking his picture.   It is not against the law.  It probably isn’t even unethical.  It is stupid though.  What’s the point other than trying to be a little intimidating? 
Here is the Chron story on the incident and another complaint that was filed against CM Jones.

In the piece, the H-Town Mayor said:  "Clearly, it is not acceptable to in any way discourage a citizen from making a public information request.”

Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Here’s a little from the Chron today on HISD:

Houston school trustees, who now may accept campaign cash from anyone at any time, would face new restrictions under a proposal meant to curb improper influence in the school district’s business deals.

The new rules, slated for board consideration next week, would bar a trustee from taking contributions from vendors while the district is soliciting bids in their area of business.

Trustees also are considering banning themselves from calling meetings with prospective vendors and district staff – a practice that has come under scrutiny in recent months.

It is not going to hurt HISD to put a little “reform” in how they do business over there or how they accept campaign donations.  Congress has some restrictions.  So does the Texas Legislature.  So does the H-Town City Council.
Check out the entire Chron piece here.  Way to go HISD Trustee Anna Eastman for getting things started over there on “reform”!

From MSN yesterday:  Sarah Palin, former Alaska governor and Tea Party favorite, announced Wednesday that she is not running for president, saying, "my family comes first."

In other words, we’re still not through cashing in and a presidential campaign will only make it harder for the rest of her kids and hubby to get in upcoming reality TV projects like DWT.  Oh, well, “family comes first” – ca-ching!

Yankee reliever, the great Mariano Rivera leads the MLB in post season career saves with 42.  Name the pitcher that comes in at numero 2 in career post season saves?

In today’s Chron, my good pal Bill King starts out with this:

There are a good many things for which one might criticize Rick Perry. Over the last several weeks I have taken issue with his categorization of Social Security as a Ponzi scheme because I believe it suggests the wrong remedies for what ails that system.  However, I can tell you, based on his record and my personal experience, Rick Perry is no racist.

Check out all of Bill’s good piece here.

Albert Pujols was uncharacteristically complaining the other evening about the fact that the Yankees get all their games shown on prime time during the play-offs while San Luis get  late afternoon starts.  What else is new?  Quit complaining Albert, the ‘Stros used to start play-off games before we even finished brunch.  Of course, San Luis and the Phillies are on prime time tomorrow evening because the Yankees will play tonight.

“Lights Out” Lidge of course holds down the numero 2 spot on the career MLB post season saves list with 18.

The Chron’s E-Board gets into the issue of the ‘Stros purchase today. 
Check it out.

Here’s how it ends up:

Rather than leaving the Astros and Houston in limbo, Major League Baseball officials need to specify whatever objections they have to the deal. If Crane can’t win their approval, it’s time to say so.

As long as the Brewers are still in the play-offs, the MLB Commissioner is not going to be bothered, so the ‘Stros are still Drayton’s for now and that’s all I have from The Yard! 


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It is pretty obvious to Commentary that H-Town At-large council candidate Dick fella is in love with his name and really gets a kick out of the double entendres his name creates.  The latest being his name gets to “stand up to” The Mayor – oh brother. 

He’s now saying that he had nothing to do with his campaign signs that are now illegally all over town. 

Here is from Chron.com:

And how to explain all the illegally placed red Eric Dick signs about town, not just the two on West Gray?

“You go to events and you leave yard signs out for people to take,” Dick said. “I tell them, ’Don’t put them up illegally.’”

Dick said he is not accountable for the actions of every volunteer.

You own it fella.  If someone comes over to volunteer to put up signs for one of my candidates and I hear they’re up on telephone poles, I’m going to know who did it.   I’m even going to know if the opposition took one from a yard of one of our supporters and stuck it by a freeway ramp.  Have a nice time at Muni Court!

Here is more from Chron.com:

“I can’t go around and babysit them all day and night. I do enjoy kind of a weird cult following. I guess that’s from the oddity of my name,” Dick said. “For all I know it’s another campaign.”

Heck, this fella is full of BS!  I’ve never heard of an “Eric” cult following!

I wonder how long he’ll be able to keep it up – awwww!

The top three leaders in career MLB post season games played all wore the Yankee pinstripes.  Name the three players?

Letterman was brutal to Gov. Chris Christie last night.  He compared him to  Jabba the Hut and in his Top Ten List said that Christie couldn’t be Prez because a constitutional amendment said in order to qualify for Prez, you had to be able to see your feet – awww!

The fella that wants to buy the ‘Stros took his case to the Chron E-Board and landed him the lead front page story in today’s Chron.  Check it out. 

Of course MLB Commissioner Bud Selig is busy rooting for his former team the Brewers take on the D-Backs so he don’t have time for us right now.

Commentary doesn’t know what is going on because I don’t ask the front office what is going on because I just don’t think it is any of my business.   I just hope we don’t move into the AL and have to use the dreaded DH because the games would last longer.  I also don’t like some of the stuff that he airs in the piece. 

One of the new TV shows is “Unforgettable” but it isn’t.  In fact it is a pretty cool cop show so check it out.

Check out what happened yesterday with the ‘Stros:

Astros outfielder Jordan Schafer was arrested early Tuesday morning by Tampa, Fla. police and charged with one count of felony possession of marijuana.

The Astros declined comment on the arrest.

According to a police report, Schafer was pulled over in a 2008 Land Rover with an expired Mississippi license plate after pulling up next to an unmarked police vehicle. (Schafer played in the Braves’ minor league system in Mississippi.)

The report said the driver’s and passenger’s side windows were partially down with a “strong odor of marijuana” coming from the vehicle. Schafer was also said in the report to have a joint in his hand. The police conducted a traffic stop for the expired plate and found a clear plastic bag with a leafy substance that tested positive as marijuana.

The 25.9 grams that the police report claims were in the bag exceed the 20-gram cutoff for felony charges rather than misdemeanor. Schafer also, according to the report, had three marijuana peanut butter cups in the car and claimed ownership of all the drugs.

Earlier in the night, Schafer, under his Twitter handle @jordanschafer, tweeted that he was tailgating before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Monday Night Football game against the Indianapolis Colts.

He should have been at home watching the MLB play-offs to see how it is done.

Derek Jeter (151 games), Jorge Posada (124), and Bernie Williams (121) of course lead the MLB in career post season games played.

Here is the news you never want to hear:

Caney Creek alumnus and Houston Astros prospect Dustin Kellogg died in a car accident early Tuesday morning.

Kellogg, 18, died in a collision with a Walmart 18-wheeler in Conroe.

“He was a Texas kid,” (‘Stros Assistant GM Bobby) Heck said. “He made no bones about wanting to pitch for his hometown team. He was a confident kid. He had no fear about facing hitters who were a cut above what he had faced in high school.”

What else can you say? 


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Guv Dude’s dropping fast in a lot of polls.  His poor debate performances, his defense of paperless college students, and his N-wordhead hunting season hangout in an earlier time has him on the ropes.  He needs a comeback strategy.  Here’s what I lifted from Jason Embry of the Statesman today:

(Jay) Leno: “Rick Perry, apparently he’s serious about running for president. Today he freed all the slaves on his ranch…. He came under fire this week because his hunting camp has a racially charged name. Apparently this is the most embarrassing thing for the people of Texas since yesterday’s performance by Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys… . Earlier today, Herman Cain said he’d rather go hunting with Dick Cheney than Rick Perry.”

I would suggest killing the Johnny Reb license plates here in the Lone Star State but that will probably hurt him in South Carolina – yikes! 

Hank Williams, Jr. learned yesterday that the NFL doesn’t belong to the Tea Baggers.  You can’t be throwing red rotten meat around and dissing The President with Hitler comparisons and expect your tune to lead-off Monday Night Football.  The Gods of Sports, err ESPN don’t take kindly to that you dumbarse!

Lordy, I have loved some ladies and I have loved Jim Beam and they both tried to kill me in 1973.  When that doctor asked me, son how did you get in this condition? 

Name the top three all time MLB skippers with career wins?

Texas Watchdog has a piece today about HISD Trustees who are also candidates that have their own TV shows on the HISD Network.
Check out the piece.   Who cares?  Nobody watches the HISD Network anyway! 

Candidates will be out in full gear this evening hitting all the National Night Out locations. 

The City just got into the bandit sign enforcement business.  Check out part of what candidates got yesterday:

This year each of the campaigns for City elective offices will be reminded by letter and email using their contact information from their ballot application that it is illegal to place political signs in the City rights-of-way or on City property and that the candidates will be held responsible for the actions of their supporters with regard to the placement of their signs.

Similar notice will be provided to all Sign Companies for which the City has contact information reminding them of the prohibitions against placing signs in the City rights-of-way or on City property.

If the City finds a political sign in the City rights-of-way or on City property, or receives a complaint verified by the City of such a sign, the City will contact the candidate whose sign is in the City rights-of-way or on City property advising the candidate the sign must be removed within 24 hours, or else the City will (1) remove the sign; (2) issue a citation to and prosecute in municipal court, the candidate and where possible the Sign Company or any individual directly involved in placing the sign illegally; (3) file suit under state law to recover civil penalties in an effort to recoup the City’s cost of removing the sign.

How about similar notices to those that run in the upcoming primaries?

I would hope that the City posts the names on their website of those that don’t comply after they get their first notice.  Stay tuned!

Connie Mack (3,731), John McGraw (2,763) and Tony La Russa (2,728) of course are the top three in career wins as skippers in MLB.  La Russa is celebrating his 67th BD today as San Luis hosts the Phillies.  Mack and McGraw are no longer with us.

It is a full slate of MLB ALDS and NLDS action today. 

Meanwhile, this is from the ‘Stros website today:

Show off your Astros team spirit by carving the coolest pumpkin in town. Houston Astros pumpkin templates are available for you to download. We have two different designs for you to choose from.

Pumpkins instead of play-offs, oh well!


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