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Commentary thinks Hunker Down and Harris County Commissioners El Franco Lee and Steve Radack are pretty good politicians or else they wouldn’t be in their current powerful positions.  I’m kind of disappointed to hear though that they are crying over the county having to pay their fair share of Rebuild Houston fees. Check out today’s Chron.  Hey fellas!  We had an election on this last year in case you didn’t hear.  All of you guys have high paid political consultants and engineers.  They didn’t bother to tell you what Proposition 1 was all about?  Somebody over at the county should have pointed out that there would be a financial impact.   Last year’s election wasn’t an exclusive by-invitation-only affair.  Everyone had the opportunity to chime in so stop your whining!

Yesterday was the third day to Vote Early.  Here is a comparison after Day 3 in 2009.

West Gray (1362 in 2009/ 881 in 2011)

Moody Park (267 in 2009/ 157 in 2011)

Acres Homes (346 in 2009/ 248 in 2011)

Ripley (158 in 2009/ 166 in 2011)

HCCS (135 in 2009/ 204 in 2011)

Bayland (798 in 2009/ 504 in 2011)

Mendenhall (874 in 2009/ 525 in 2011)

Main Office on Preston (343 in 2009/ 229 in 2011)

HCCS and now Ripley are the only ones of the eight that is seeing an increase after Day 3. 

Most of the other City Early Voting locations are seeing decreases

If this keeps up, I think folks would be wise to step up and participate in “The Decisive Latino Force 2012” that CM James Rodriguez and SVREP are heading up.  “The Decisive Latino Force 2012” gathering is Wednesday, November 16.  Contact Commentary for details.

How many times has San Luis skipper Tony La Russa managed a team to the World Serious?

I don’t think the Harris County DA likes today’s front page headline in the hard copy of the Chron:  Grand Jury’s Target: DA’s Office.  Yikes! 
Check out the story here.   Now this one ought to get interesting. 

I have to hand it to Guv Dude for opposing the Johnny Reb license plates here in the Lone Star State.

Yesterday I received a CM Jolanda Jones with the female firefighter on it.

I received one from Ellen Cohen.

I received one from Houston GLBT PAC.

I also received one for Prop 2.

On the “Today Show” this morning, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel discussed how he is tackling food deserts.  I hope H-Town officials were watching.

Tony La Russa has managed teams to the World Serious six times now of course – San Luis in 2004, 2006, and 2011 and Oakland in 1988, 1989, and 1990.

I still don’t have anything to report from The Yard.


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