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This is part of what we sent out a few days ago:

“The Decisive Latino Force 2012” is an effort that will be led by Houston City Council Member James Rodriguez.  For close to a decade now, dismal Latino voter turnout in Harris County has been a recurring topic that we’re going to address starting today.  It is our goal to dramatically increase Latino voter turnout in the 2012 General Election to record setting levels.   The bashing of Latino immigrants on a daily basis in the today’s political debate reminds us that we need to do a better job of engaging the local Latino voter.  We ask that you review the following and consider participating.  Thank you.”

Dear Friends,

Join us in making Harris County’s Latino vote the decisive force in 2012!

On behalf of Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP), we request your participation and ask you to make a tax-deductible donation to support SVREP’s Latino Vote 2011 Houston Reception, “The Decisive Latino Force 2012” on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 at the Crowne Plaza Houston – Downtown, 1700 Smith Street. The Houston Reception is part of the LV12N12 Campaign, a national nonpartisan effort – 12 million Latino votes cast in 2012.

Focusing on the Harris County Latino vote will be a priority SVREP target in 2012.  With the opportunities resulting from the redistricting process, this is the time to expand the local Latino vote. Harris County could gain a new congressional seat, reclaim our county commissioner’s seat and elect a third district city council member. Latino voters will have an opportunity to elect candidates of their choice with these redistricting opportunities.  This in turn will position the Latino vote to be the decisive force in 2012.

In the 2008 general election, 1.7 million Latinos cast their vote. With your help we can expand and mobilize the Latino vote to make sure that 2 million Latinos cast their vote in Texas.  This would be a 300,000 vote increase, the highest ever for the Latino community.

SVREP is the oldest and largest 501(c) 3, nonprofit, nonpartisan, national organization with its main focus to expand the universe of Latino and other ethnic voters. Since its inception, SVREP has registered 2.5 million Latino voters throughout the southwest and southeast, and trained over 100,000 Latino leaders many of whom currently serve as members of congress, in statewide offices, mayors, city council and school boards. SVREP changed the political landscape in the southwest with its victory in over 80 voting rights lawsuits, making sure that Latinos and other communities of color have political representation.

We intend to outline Harris County “The Decisive Latino Force 2012” at the November 16 reception.  If you have any questions, please call us (James at 713-861-2244 and Lydia Camarillo, SVREP Vice President, responsible for Texas, at 210-922-0225) to discuss your participation.

We’re working on it!

This MLB Hall of Fame great’s Numero 16 was retired by the Yankees in 1974.  Who am I talking about?

State Rep. Garnet Coleman sent this out a couple of days ago:

"Who is Laurie Robinson and what has she done for this city?"

Now how do you define that?  It certainly isn’t by just holding office because then a whole bunch of us that have never served in office haven’t done anything for the City.  According to Robinson’s mailer and bio, she’s done something. Who is the decider-in-chief on whether you’ve done something for the city?  Better yet, who can answer Garnet’s question.  Maybe Laurie Robinson herself can shoot him an email. 

Let’s see now, the fella (who votes in H-Town) that led the Dem ticket in 2006 and ran and lost for Guv has endorsed H-Town CM Jolanda Jones in At-Large 5.

The fella (who also votes in H-Town) that led the Dem ticket in 2010 and ran and lost for Guv has endorsed GOPer Jack Christie in At-Large 5.

The fella, err my old boss, err former Guv Mark White (who also votes in H-Town) who actually won a race for Guv, I wonder who he is supporting in At-Large 5.

Yesterday I got the Former H-Town Mayor letter for GOPer Jack Christie.

McLovin also got his.

I’m thinking it was mailed to non-African American Ds.

I also got a mailer from Laurie Robinson for At-Large 5.

You can watch Commentary and my pals Sue Schechter and Bill King along with David Jones tonight on “Red, White, and Blue” at 7:30pm on Channel 8.

You can also catch Commentary and my pal Orlando Sanchez along with Erik Barajas on “Viva Houston”, this Sunday at 11:30 am on Channel 13.

Hall of Fame great and Yankee great Whitey Ford of course had his Numero 16 retired in 1974. Whitey is celebrating his 83rd BD today!

My pal Drayton qualifies as doing something for H-Town if you ask me.  Pam-in-Charge also qualifies and that’s all I have from The Yard!


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