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The Chron E-Board finally made an endorsement in At-Large 5 today and the endorsee is CM Jolanda Jones. Check it out here.  It kind of looks like some on the E-Board wanted to endorse Laurie Robinson.  Check this from the piece:

In the current campaign, many of Jones’ critics are backing Laurie Robinson, an accomplished financial consultant specializing in health care and the public sector who has done audits for the city. She is a promising prospective council member; we hope she runs again for public office, whether for this position or another.

Here is some of what the E-Board says about CM Jones:

The Chronicle believes that on balance, Jones has served a valuable function on a City Council that has historically played a subservient role in Houston’s strong-mayor form of government. She speaks out frequently, questioning administration proposals and demanding more information. That lengthens council meeting times and often delays action, but it also provides additional scrutiny and the impetus to improve legislation.


After carefully examining the facts, the Chronicle endorses Jones for re-election and urges voters to return her to City Hall for a final term.

I’ve been told that some in Camp Jones are not happy with Commentary.  They say I’ve been rough on Jones – huh!  They didn’t like that I sent the Chron piece on the Former H-Town Mayor’s endorsement of GOPer Jack Christie yesterday to CEWDEM and some friends – huh! 

For a camp that loves to talk sh_t, they need to get a thicker skin.  I didn’t go after CM Jones when she badgered some supporters of my good friend Port Commissioner Janiece Longoria at City Council last year.  I didn’t go after CM Jones when one of her staffers was escorting CM James Rodriguez’s Tea Bagger opponent at a Dem Party meeting last month.  I didn’t serve with her on Council for two years then endorse GOPer Jack Christie like the Former Mayor did.  I haven’t filed any complaints on her with the OIG or DA’s office.  I’m not working for her Dem opponent like other Dem consultants in town.   I didn’t vote to throw her off of the island either.

Heck, they ought to send me a thank you note.  If I hadn’t been putting the pressure on the Chron E-Board the last few days, they might have waited until November 7 to put out the endorsement in At-Large 5.

Camp Jones needs to just chill and start focusing on getting re-elected.

‘Stros fans know that catcher Jason Castro was our pick (10th overall) in the First Round of the 2008 MLB Amateur Player Draft.  Who was our pick (38th overall) in the First Supplemental Round that year?

Commentary has no idea why the Former Mayor endorsed GOPer Jack Christie.  Dem activists in H-Town and throughout the state have every right to pounce all over him.  I’m thinking maybe he’s still punch drunk from the arse whipping Guv Dude put on him last year.

Commentary is not surprised that The Mayor only has 37% in the Channel 11 poll that came out yesterday. H-Town voters aren’t immune to the frustration and anger that has hit the nation.  The Mayor has had to deal with the red light camera mess.  She implemented Rebuild Houston. She has had to deal with budget cutbacks.  She has had to lead in very difficult times if you ask me.

The Chron also had a piece on the Kroger tax deal that they are fixing to get today. Check it out.

Dude took off the gloves last night and went after Mitt Romney for hiring paperless folks to mow his lawn.  Heck, Dude better watch out.  Half of his donor base here in the Lone Star State has done the same.

Commentary is keeping score of the hits on paperless folks during this Prez Primary by GOP candidates.  It will come in handy next year in the local Latino GOTV effort that we are fixing to roll out.

‘Stros pitcher Jordan Lyles of course was taken 38th overall in 2008.  Jordan Lyles is celebrating his 21st BD today!  ‘Stros pitcher J.A. Happ is celebrating his 29th BD today!  That’s all I have from The Yard today. 


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