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The Chron E-Board still won’t show us an endorsement in At-Large 5.  They instead gave us a take on Prop 8.  What’s the hold up?

With Early Voting in Person six days away, most folks are thinking that we’re headed for another low turnout election this November.  They are right.  Two years ago, the candidates for mayor had already started showing me the TV ads by this time.  This time nobody is on the air but The Mayor is fixing to go up soon I hear.   A lot of folks don’t know that there is an election.  Commentary has only received two mail pieces – a post card from David Robinson and a mailer attacking Ellen Cohen from Brian Cweren.

I do think the turnout gap between the Latino vote and the non-Latino vote will narrow some this time around.  Both H-Town CMs James Rodriguez and Ed Gonzalez have opponents and both are running serious campaign efforts.  There is the race in HISD Trustee District 3 and HISD Trustee District 8 with Latino and Latina candidates running.  Then there is the race for City Council, District J that has a Latino and a Latina running.  All this campaign activity in the Latino community could kick the Latino voter turnout up a notch or two.  We will see.

On June 12, 1997, this “first” occurred in MLB.  What am I talking about?

On the special tax deal the City is fixing to hand over to Kroger for building a new store down the street from Commentary, here is what Serge emailed to some CMs:

Before voting on giving Kroger another tax credit, I suggest you talk to the local Kroger president about the mess of a store they have at Cullen at Polk that serves constituents from your respective districts.

Here is a brief history of complaints dating back some 15 years and Kroger refuses to listen.  Rick Noriega was very helpful back in 2007 and Kroger implemented some minimal cosmetic improvements.  I am sure CM Noriega can attest to condition of this store.

They will not listen until you three council members get involved.  We deserve better in terms of quality selection and appearance and this, by far, is the worst Kroger in the city. 

Here is what the Working Man Hero said:

At least Kroger employees are represented by a Union (UFCW, Local 455), with a contract and wages and benefits that they can negotiate.  Better than a break for Wal-Mart.  I hope that the store will be nice one and I also hope that Kroger’s makes sure that all of their stores are clean, well kept etc. in all parts of our City.

Not-ready-for-prime-time Guv Dude does another debate tonight. Hey, he asked for it!

The first ever MLB interleague games of course were played on June 12, 1997.

I sure hope we don’t end up in the AL.  Then our interleague games would against San Luis, Phillies, Cubbies – oh no!


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