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Commentary picked up today’s Chron fully expecting to see who the E-Board endorsed in the City of H-Town At-Large 5 race and I was let down.  No endorsement today!   They have already endorsed in all 11 district races, the four other At-Large races, and yesterday they endorsed The Mayor.  What’s up with 5?  Maybe they are going to start rolling out the HISD and HCC Trustee races then the constitutional amendments.  How long will the drum roll go? 

Commentary was out and about on Saturday and saw quite a few campaign signs on the rights-of-way.  I wonder if the City’s Sign Patrol sent out warning notices.

In the City of H-Town’s November, 2009 election, 9,989 folks cast ballots by mail.  As of last Wednesday, 5,949 voters had requested mail ballots here in Harris County.  Just thought you might want to know.

In 1966, this former MLBer became the first catcher to lead the NL in number of triples hit in a season with 13.  Who am I talking about?

CNN has the next Prex debate this week from Las Vegas with AC360 serving as moderator.  That ought to be interesting.  I wonder if the First Lady of the Lone Star State will be there to watch the political brutalization of Guv Dude!  Oh, the carnage and gore!!

The H-Town City Council is going to vote on giving Kroger a tax break of sorts for a new store they are going to build down the street from Commentary.  I don’t know about that.  I already have two Krogers down the street from me.  Do we actually need another Kroger down the street?

Former MLBer Tim McCarver of course led the NL in number of triples hit with 13 in 1966 as a member of San Luis.  McCarver turned 70 yesterday and we will be seeing him for a few more nights this week and next. 

Well, I guess we also get to watch The Big Puma chase a World Serious ring.   Oh, well!



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