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Guv Dude’s handlers would be wise to take the First Lady of the Lone Star State off the campaign trail and give her a few days off.  Her saying that Dude has been “brutalized” by some in the media and some GOPers is getting laughs not sympathy.   She also said that God called Dude and told him to run for Prez.  Oh yeah!  I’m thinking that either God got an incomplete briefing on Dude being ready for the big leagues or God dialed the wrong number.

Leave it up to The Dean to clean up some of the mess over at the courthouse.   In Lisa Falkenberg’s column today (that you can only read in the hard copy for now), The Dean made a few phone calls and chewed out a few folks about that Judge Shelton still getting to sit on the bench on occasion.  Here is what The Dean said:

“It just boils down to the buddy system, the good ‘ol boy system.  I’m going to stop it.  We need some accountability.  I personally think Shelton based on his record, has some serious conflicts of interest.”

Way to go The Dean!   I’m glad somebody is out there trying to clean up the mess.  It looks like The Dean is doing the job that others should have been doing if you know what I mean.

On September 20, 2007, this ‘Stro had 8 RBIs in an 18-1 route of San Luis in San Luis.  Who am I talking about?

HISD Trustees finally got around to passing some better ethics rules.  It is about time.  Let’s hope it works.  Check out the Chron.com piece here.
I’m thinking that maybe one or two of the Trustees over there will figure out how to get around the new rules.

Commentary will be doing Commentary three times next week.  I’ll do a “Viva Houston” taping on Monday for a show on the H-Town elections that will air next Sunday, Oct. 23.   I’ll do a panel on Tuesday on the H-Town elections for one of the Greater Houston Partnership’s committees.  Then I’ll do a taping for “Red, White, and Blue” on – you guessed it – the H-Town elections that will air the following evening.  How about that!   So if any candidates out there want some positive run from Commentary, St. Arnold Amber is nice, so is the Edwards Cinema, ZD Cabernet, Shade in the Heights, if you know what I mean. 

Former ‘Stro J.R. Towles of course had 8 RBIs in San Luis back in 2007 and I say former because the ‘Stros sent him packing yesterday.  The ‘Stros gave him plenty of opportunities but he just couldn’t hit.  Oh well!


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