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I sure would hate to be in HISD Trustee Larry Marshall’s shoes this morning.  The Chron is reporting today that he forgot to list a $25,000 contribution on his 2009 Campaign and Expenditure Report during his re-election race.
Check out the Chron story here.  Marshall isn’t denying the omission.  I think his days at HISD might be numbered.

The donor is David Medford, the head of Fort Bend Mechanical, a company that has made millions off of HISD.  The omission came to light as a result of a lawsuit against Marshall and HISD by a fella, Gil Ramirez, who says he got screwed on a contract by HISD. 

You can’t help but think that the DA is going to be all over this one. Ditto for the Texas Ethics Commission.  Think about it.  If it hadn’t been for the lawsuit, Marshall probably would have gotten away with the omission.   That’s the problem with the current campaign contribution and expenditure reporting system.  How many other candidates and office holders are omitting stuff?

Commentary has been involved in HISD races over the years and I’ve never seen a $25,000 contribution.  HISD Trustees better hurry up and implement some campaign contribution and ethics reforms real soon.   They also should get rid of Fort Bend Mechanical. 

It looks like the Tea Party can’t make up their mind.  Herman Cain now has the top spot in the latest poll.  Now that he’s on top, Cain says he is suspending his book tour and is now going to add campaign staff.  That makes sense to me. 

The Milwaukee Brewers lost in San Luis last night.  This past season the Brewers won their first NL Central Division Title.  San Luis has the most NL Central Division titles.  How many do they have?

It looks like Texas Monthly reads Commentary.   I’ve said that Guv Dude might not be ready for the big leagues because he’s pretty much owned the Lone Star State Dem Party and their operatives/consultants.  They haven’t given Dude much of a fight.  Here is what Jason Embry of the Statesman says Mimi Schwartz of Texas Monthly put out:

She argues that one reason Perry is struggling on the national stage is that the weak Democratic Party in Texas has done little to prepare him for the competition.

“Perry had been so easily routing his opposition back home that he was out of practice. As King of Texas, he’d been able to avoid or ignore hostile audiences, nosy newspaper editorial boards, and anyone else who didn’t think he was such hot stuff, including the entire Texas Democratic party.

You can say that again! 

San Luis has won seven NL Central Division titles of course.  Eight if you count the time they tied us in 2001 but we had the better head-to-head record so we got the better seeding in the playoffs.  I only give them seven.  The ‘Stros come in second with four titles and the team released our 2012 Spring Training schedule yesterday. 


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