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It looks like the City of H-Town’s OIG folks are staying busy.  Another complaint has been filed against H-Town CM Jolanda Jones.  This time the complainer is a former staffer.  He says CM Jones cut his salary because he cooperated with OIG on its investigation of an earlier OIG complaint that was filed against CM Jones. Check out the Chron story here.  The complaint was actually filed in August but we’re just learning about it now.  I don’t see how this helps CM Jones as some folks are already casting mail ballots.  It appears that CM Jones is an OIG complaint magnet.

Meanwhile, City of H-Town candidates turned in their dreaded Campaign and Expenditure reports yesterday.   In District C, former State Rep. Ellen Cohen is blowing her opponents away in the fundraising and spending department – wow!  In At-Large 5, Laurie Robinson and Jack Christie might make the race very interesting.  Kuffer has some of the dollar amounts and you can also check some out on Commentary’s Political Page.  I’ll have the rest by the end of the day.

The Detroit Tiger won a game last night against the Rangers.   This past season was the first time the Tigers had ever won the AL Central Division title.  Name the team that has won the most AL Central Division titles?

Commentary couldn’t figure out where to find the debate on cable last night so I skipped it.  The reviews are in and Guv Dude didn’t rate.  He didn’t do himself any good or any bad according to most folks.  Some said he was there but in a no-show mood.   If Dude is going to score points with GOP voters, it is going to have to happen outside of the debate format.  Meanwhile, Mitt Romney scored a big endorsement of sorts yesterday.  Governor Chris Christie signed on yesterday prompting some pundits to say a Romney-Christie ticket would look good.  I don’t know about that.  A Massachusetts-New Jersey ticket might be a tough sell.  Romney is hoping the Christie endorsement helps him shake off the “weak” frontrunner status label.

Commentary is having a hard time picturing Guv Dude coming back to the Lone Star State as a defeated and bloodied candidate with his tail between his legs.  Life is tough in the big leagues I guess. 

The Cleveland Indians of course lead with 7 AL Central titles.  The Minnesota Twin comes in second with 6 titles. 

It is official. The entire ‘Stros coaching staff will be back next year.  I just hope the 56-106 record doesn’t accompany them – yikes!  


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