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That Herman Cain fella is on his 16th minute of fame so he is kind of overstaying his invitation if you ask me.  I didn’t know who this guy was up until a few weeks ago.  He’s against everything and not for much of anything and now he’s knocking on the door of the top tier of GOP wannabees. 

Meanwhile, Guv Dude takes his not-ready-for-prime-time campaign to another debate tonight and once again all eyes are on him.  The Chron has the lead front page story about Dude needing to put his jobs record and the economy at the forefront.  Good luck!  Check out the piece here.   Tonight he’s going to have to deal with that Mormonism cult stuff that his folks started up as well as paperless students.  I don’t know if he’ll be able to break out and set his own agenda.   Woe is Dude!

One of the articles yesterday asked the question – are Mormons Christians?  Hey, their Tabernacle Choir has been putting out Christmas tune albums, CDs, and concerts for decades now and nobody has ever complained.

Speaking of 15 minutes and wanting a 16th minute, that Joe the Plumber fella is now running for Congress in Ohio as a GOPer – oh, well! 

In 1980, former MLBer Darryl Strawberry, former Red Sox skipper Terry Francona, and A’s GM and “Moneyball” subject Billy Beane had what in common?

H-Town CM James Rodriguez received a solid endorsement from the Chron E-Board today.  Here it is:

District I is the cradle of Hispanic municipal political power in Houston, initially represented by Ben Reyes and since then by a string of Latino successors. It encompasses most of downtown as well as east and southeast neighborhoods.

The district has been ably represented for the past four years by native East End resident James Rodriguez, a graduate of Milby High School and the University of Houston. Rodriguez served as chief of staff for four years to former District I councilmember and current state Rep. Carol Alvarado.

In his two terms, Rodriguez has been a strong proponent of economic development within the district. He supports the Metro light rail line currently under construction along Harrisburg and worked to make sure a key segment includes an underpass to facilitate traffic flow.

Rodriguez also was heavily involved in the Dynamo soccer stadium project and expects a new hotel, to be built in the same area, will increase economic opportunities for local residents.

Rodriguez backed the Rebuild Houston drainage fee and pledges to make sure his constituents get their fair share of infrastructure improvements. "They’re looking forward to putting some projects in the queue that will help alleviate drainage issues," says the councilman, "and repairing streets and making sure our kids have safe sidewalks."

While Rodriguez has worked well with Mayor Annise Parker‘s administration, he has shown independence when he felt the interests of the district were at stake. He cites his opposition to the mayor’s unsuccessful effort to replace the lone Latina on the Port of Houston Commission, as well as to an initial redistricting plan that did not offer the opportunity to expand Hispanic representation on City Council. The city’s final plan addressed those concerns with the creation of District J.

We believe Rodriguez has successfully used his long experience in municipal governance for the benefit of the residents of District I. They will be well served by returning him to office for a final term.

Way to go James!  (Commentary’s client)

Speaking of, Kuffer said the E-Board might give the nod to Laurie Robinson over CM Jolanda Jones.  I kind of think they will go with the kind of middle of the road take they handed out a week or so ago on CM Jones and the investigation.  What do I know!

The dreaded Campaign and Expenditure Reports are due today for City of H-Town races.  Let the scrutiny begin!   I will say that Laurie Robinson raked in $80,000 that included some interesting donors/players.

Darryl Strawberry (1st), Terry Francona (22nd), and Billy Beane (23rd) of course were all taken in the first round of the 1980 MLB Amateur Player Draft.

Commentary forgot to mention that the Chron said the ‘Stros would go 12-13 in September and we went 9-16.  The Chron said we would end the season at 75-87 and we went 56-106.  All my game lids are boxed up and in a closet so that is that!


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