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Some folks including Commentary thought Guv Dude’s handlers might have had a hand in having that Dallas pastor fella do that drive-by on Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith this past Friday.  Here’s what burkablog said yesterday:

I had exactly the same reaction to Rev. Jeffress’s statements: The Perry campaign put him up to it. It’s straight from the Perry playbook. Get someone else to disseminate an insidious comment about your opponent and then distance yourself from the comment. In this case, Perry spokesman Mark Miner said, “The governor does not believe Mormonism is a cult.”

There is a simple way to avoid the impression that you are attacking someone’s religion: You disavow the initial statement by Rev. Jeffress, who is  Perry supporter. There was no disavowal.

If you are a fan of religious intolerance, then you gotta say “Nice move, Dude!”  Of course, Commentary is not a fan of religious intolerance.

The Chron has a not-so-good piece today on H-Town CM Al Hoang and the race in District F.  There is a lot of intrigue and charges and counter charges. 
Check it out.

The Chron E-Board also endorsed one of Hoang’s opponents. Check it out.

This is what Kuffer said after the Chron endorsement in District F:  I’m going to step out on a limb here and infer that the Chron is telegraphing its forthcoming endorsement in At Large #5 for Laurie Robinson. Who disagrees with me about that?

I don’t know about that.  If the Chron E-Board didn’t endorse CM Jolanda Jones, Jones would declare war on the E-Board and I don’t know if the Chron would want that.  They got better things to do.  Stay tuned!

Who is the only MLB player to hit at 200 or more base hits in ten consecutive seasons?

The courthouse shenanigans Commentary talked about last Friday from Lisa Falkenberg’s column is online in Chron.com.  Here is the headline: Juvenile court case appears to turn juvenile. Here is Lisa Falkenberg’s column.  We gotta have some reforms over there at the courthouse if you ask me.

Commentary checked out Brad Pitt and “Moneyball” this past weekend.  It’s a great flick.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the flick landed Pitt a Best Actor nomination.   It is a love story of sorts.  It’s about the love of the game.   Check it out.

The Christmas tune season will be upon us before you know it.  On my Best of Christmas Tunes CDs are a couple of tunes from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.   I wonder if Guv Dude’s folks would consider me a seasonal cult follower.

Sir Paul got married yesterday to Nancy Shevell.  Nancy Shevell was only eight years old when the “White Album” was released and only ten when The Beatles broke up.  I don’t have a problem with that.

John Lennon would have been 71 yesterday. 

The Mariners’ Ichiro Suzuki of course had 200 plus hits from 2001-2010.

GM Ed Wade gets a couple of mentions in “Moneyball” and that’s all there is from The Yard!


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