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Some fella apparently made an open records request of emails and stuff from the office of H-Town CM Jolanda Jones.  When the fella went to City Hall to pick up the records, a Jones staffer greeted him by whipping out a camera and start taking his picture.   It is not against the law.  It probably isn’t even unethical.  It is stupid though.  What’s the point other than trying to be a little intimidating? 
Here is the Chron story on the incident and another complaint that was filed against CM Jones.

In the piece, the H-Town Mayor said:  "Clearly, it is not acceptable to in any way discourage a citizen from making a public information request.”

Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Here’s a little from the Chron today on HISD:

Houston school trustees, who now may accept campaign cash from anyone at any time, would face new restrictions under a proposal meant to curb improper influence in the school district’s business deals.

The new rules, slated for board consideration next week, would bar a trustee from taking contributions from vendors while the district is soliciting bids in their area of business.

Trustees also are considering banning themselves from calling meetings with prospective vendors and district staff – a practice that has come under scrutiny in recent months.

It is not going to hurt HISD to put a little “reform” in how they do business over there or how they accept campaign donations.  Congress has some restrictions.  So does the Texas Legislature.  So does the H-Town City Council.
Check out the entire Chron piece here.  Way to go HISD Trustee Anna Eastman for getting things started over there on “reform”!

From MSN yesterday:  Sarah Palin, former Alaska governor and Tea Party favorite, announced Wednesday that she is not running for president, saying, "my family comes first."

In other words, we’re still not through cashing in and a presidential campaign will only make it harder for the rest of her kids and hubby to get in upcoming reality TV projects like DWT.  Oh, well, “family comes first” – ca-ching!

Yankee reliever, the great Mariano Rivera leads the MLB in post season career saves with 42.  Name the pitcher that comes in at numero 2 in career post season saves?

In today’s Chron, my good pal Bill King starts out with this:

There are a good many things for which one might criticize Rick Perry. Over the last several weeks I have taken issue with his categorization of Social Security as a Ponzi scheme because I believe it suggests the wrong remedies for what ails that system.  However, I can tell you, based on his record and my personal experience, Rick Perry is no racist.

Check out all of Bill’s good piece here.

Albert Pujols was uncharacteristically complaining the other evening about the fact that the Yankees get all their games shown on prime time during the play-offs while San Luis get  late afternoon starts.  What else is new?  Quit complaining Albert, the ‘Stros used to start play-off games before we even finished brunch.  Of course, San Luis and the Phillies are on prime time tomorrow evening because the Yankees will play tonight.

“Lights Out” Lidge of course holds down the numero 2 spot on the career MLB post season saves list with 18.

The Chron’s E-Board gets into the issue of the ‘Stros purchase today. 
Check it out.

Here’s how it ends up:

Rather than leaving the Astros and Houston in limbo, Major League Baseball officials need to specify whatever objections they have to the deal. If Crane can’t win their approval, it’s time to say so.

As long as the Brewers are still in the play-offs, the MLB Commissioner is not going to be bothered, so the ‘Stros are still Drayton’s for now and that’s all I have from The Yard! 


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