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Guv Dude’s dropping fast in a lot of polls.  His poor debate performances, his defense of paperless college students, and his N-wordhead hunting season hangout in an earlier time has him on the ropes.  He needs a comeback strategy.  Here’s what I lifted from Jason Embry of the Statesman today:

(Jay) Leno: “Rick Perry, apparently he’s serious about running for president. Today he freed all the slaves on his ranch…. He came under fire this week because his hunting camp has a racially charged name. Apparently this is the most embarrassing thing for the people of Texas since yesterday’s performance by Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys… . Earlier today, Herman Cain said he’d rather go hunting with Dick Cheney than Rick Perry.”

I would suggest killing the Johnny Reb license plates here in the Lone Star State but that will probably hurt him in South Carolina – yikes! 

Hank Williams, Jr. learned yesterday that the NFL doesn’t belong to the Tea Baggers.  You can’t be throwing red rotten meat around and dissing The President with Hitler comparisons and expect your tune to lead-off Monday Night Football.  The Gods of Sports, err ESPN don’t take kindly to that you dumbarse!

Lordy, I have loved some ladies and I have loved Jim Beam and they both tried to kill me in 1973.  When that doctor asked me, son how did you get in this condition? 

Name the top three all time MLB skippers with career wins?

Texas Watchdog has a piece today about HISD Trustees who are also candidates that have their own TV shows on the HISD Network.
Check out the piece.   Who cares?  Nobody watches the HISD Network anyway! 

Candidates will be out in full gear this evening hitting all the National Night Out locations. 

The City just got into the bandit sign enforcement business.  Check out part of what candidates got yesterday:

This year each of the campaigns for City elective offices will be reminded by letter and email using their contact information from their ballot application that it is illegal to place political signs in the City rights-of-way or on City property and that the candidates will be held responsible for the actions of their supporters with regard to the placement of their signs.

Similar notice will be provided to all Sign Companies for which the City has contact information reminding them of the prohibitions against placing signs in the City rights-of-way or on City property.

If the City finds a political sign in the City rights-of-way or on City property, or receives a complaint verified by the City of such a sign, the City will contact the candidate whose sign is in the City rights-of-way or on City property advising the candidate the sign must be removed within 24 hours, or else the City will (1) remove the sign; (2) issue a citation to and prosecute in municipal court, the candidate and where possible the Sign Company or any individual directly involved in placing the sign illegally; (3) file suit under state law to recover civil penalties in an effort to recoup the City’s cost of removing the sign.

How about similar notices to those that run in the upcoming primaries?

I would hope that the City posts the names on their website of those that don’t comply after they get their first notice.  Stay tuned!

Connie Mack (3,731), John McGraw (2,763) and Tony La Russa (2,728) of course are the top three in career wins as skippers in MLB.  La Russa is celebrating his 67th BD today as San Luis hosts the Phillies.  Mack and McGraw are no longer with us.

It is a full slate of MLB ALDS and NLDS action today. 

Meanwhile, this is from the ‘Stros website today:

Show off your Astros team spirit by carving the coolest pumpkin in town. Houston Astros pumpkin templates are available for you to download. We have two different designs for you to choose from.

Pumpkins instead of play-offs, oh well!


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