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After Evergoner pleaded guilty the other day to lying to the Feds, his lawyer Rusty Hardin had this to say, err spin outside of the courthouse:

“Every single count, every single allegation that has to do with the performance of his office were dismissed today, and they’re gone forever.  There is nothing in his statement of facts that says he ever did anything in his office in return for anything or was influenced in any way.”

Ok Rusty!  Anything you say!  That’s why his arse is out of a job today!

Part of Evergoner’s plea includes giving up his firearms.  Aw heck!  That means he can’t suit up in western gear and play cowboys and Native Americans anymore.

Hunker Down appears ready to name Judge “Cactus” Jack Cagle as Evergoner’s replacement.  That’s what folks have been telling Commentary the past week. 

List the former ‘Stros that got into an MLB ALDS or NLDS game yesterday?

Guv Dude is sticking with in-state college tuition for paperless students and he’s bleeding because of his stance.   This is the same Dude that declared sanctuary cites an emergency.   If Dude does go down in flames because he stuck with paperless students it could make it a lot more difficult for the GOP to get the Latino vote next year. 

Some in the GOP still aren’t satisfied with the current crop of candidates running for Prez.  It doesn’t help that Dude stumbled after the first lap around the track.  Now some want the governor of New Jersey to get in but a lot of folks are reluctant to discuss the new “W” word – weight.  Yesterday, the new “W” word got some run on the ABC morning talk show.  One of the talking heads finally said that presidential campaigning is a grueling process and that you have to be in shape for those 18 hour days.  He’s got a good point.   Stay tuned!

Former ‘Stros Jose Valverde, The Big Puma, Octavio Dotel, Hunter, Geoff Blum, and Lights Out of course all saw action yesterday in either the ALDS or NLDS.

Nothing to report from The Yard these days.



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