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Lone Star State Dems can only stand on the sidelines and watch Guv Dude as he tries to get the GOP nomination.  State Dems are kind of scratching their heads asking themselves if they want Dude at the top of the ballot in 2012.   Will he help or hurt local Dem candidates.  Will he help or hurt local Dem candidates in other states.  Dude owns the arses of a lot of Dem leaders in the Lone Star State and he has owned the statewide ballot box since 1990, but does that mean he can beat The President.   What does this do to turnout?   Stay tuned!

I guess H-Town CM Jolanda Jones feels pretty good about her reelection campaign since she took time off to visit Ghana on city business.  I don’t know about that.  I’d rather be shaking hands here in H-Town.  You can go to Ghana after the election if you ask me.

This MLB Hall of Fame great had his Numero 44 retired by a team in each league.  He also hit 44 dingers in a season four different times.  Who am I talking about?

Here is what HISD Trustee candidate Davetta Daniels told Texas Watchdog yesterday:

“It seems like vendors in the city are shaping HISD policy.”

“It seems like the board and the district are cowing down to vendors.”

“I’m surprised more people aren’t angry.  When I hear about the wheeling and dealing, I think, ‘Is that what they’re using the school district for?’ I see a bully board. I see a lot of arrogance and greed.”
“I thought school board members should maintain a stellar image – these are the people we look up to.”

Did I say ouch!

Of course, there has to be an admission from HISD that they are off course of course. 

Henry Aaron of course had his Numero 44 retired by The ATL and the Brewers.

Our last roadie begins today in Wrigley then goes to Cinncy and my pal Drayton still owns the team while we still sit on 98 losses. 


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It was a great turnout last night for the campaign kick-off for Ramiro Fonseca, candidate for HISD Trustee, District III.  Lots of folks showed up.  You had to be impressed with the turnout.  Business leaders, activists, labor leaders, and educators were there.  FYI: Ramiro is Commentary’s client.

You are urged to drop by tonight at H-Town CM James Rodriguez’s reception at the new Embassy Suites Downtown.  The H-Town Mayor will be the Special Guest.  It starts at 5 pm and the hotel is located across the street from Discovery Green.  It’s the first political event ever at the new place.  It is a cool looking venue so be there.

I’m not going to say anything about who Jeff Bagwell is hanging with these days.  It is none of my business.

I’m not going to say anything about who Governor Palin used to hang around with.  It is none of my business.

This MLB Hall of Fame pitching great won the AL Cy Young Award as a Cleveland Indian and a NL Cy Young Award as a San Diego Padre and had his Numero 36 retired by the San Francisco Giants.  Who am I talking about?

I’m looking forward to seeing the Charlie Sheen interview tomorrow morning on the “Today Show.”

The Chron E-Board has weighed in on the Port mess and wants things fixed up over there.   Check out what they say.   Of course, the Port has to admit first that they have a problem.  Just like folks over at HISD have to admit that they have a problem.  I wonder if wither are listening?

We know we’re hurting when we are already talking about next year’s ‘Stro schedule.  Next year the Florida Marlins will be called the Miami Marlins.  We get to play the Royals, Indians, and White Sox which is A-Okay by me.   Again, we spend the holidays on the road.  I don’t know about that.

Hall of Fame great Gaylord Perry of course won the Cy Young Award as an Indian in 1972 and the NL Cy Young Award as a Padre in 1978 and had his Numero 36 retired by the Giants where he pitched from 1962-1971.  Gaylord Perry is celebrating his 73rd BD today.

Well, we lost yesterday but we could have won but we couldn’t come up with the clutch hit so now we’re sitting on 98 losses.


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CEWDEM put out a comment today or yesterday about a local Dem activist complaining about competing Dem fundraisers next month here in H-Town.  What a big yawn. Pick your poison I guess.   Which rat hole would you rather pi__ your money down?  Both of their efforts around election season have never impressed Commentary.

Janie Reyes says she got the HPOU mailer and so did My Best Friend who is of the Latino persuasion.  I still have not heard if it landed in African American mailboxes. I doubt it.  Commentary was reminded yesterday that HPOU did endorse an African American woman in that race.

The office of the Harris County Attorney delivered their Port Report to Commissioners Court.  Here is from the Chron:

County Attorney Vince Ryan had wanted to inform the court he would pursue Commissioner Jack Morman’s request to detail any violations of law at the port, which the report referenced only generally. Ryan decided to tell Morman individually after the meeting, the commissioner said.

What’s the hold-up?  Can’t they figure out if rules or laws were broken?  Don’t worry about hurting some feelings.   Check out the entire Chron piece here.

How many MLB teams have never lost 100 games in a season?

CEWDEM put out a Texas Watchdog piece on the HISD contracting mess. 
Check it out here.  The sad thing about this is that some folks over at HISD don’t think anything wrong is going on – huh!

Port Commissioner Kase Lawal was reappointed for another two-year term by City Council this morning.  In his remarks to Council after his reappointment, Commissioner Lawal announced this would be his last term on the Port.  Let the jockeying begin!

The Colorado Rockies, the Los Angeles Angels, and the ‘Stros of course are the only MLB teams to have never lost 100 games or more in a season.  Of course, the ‘Stros are sitting on 97 losses today.

Hunter Pence got his 20th dinger of the season last night against us but we still got another feel good win over Cole Hamels and the Phillies!


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White mailboxes only received the dreaded HPOU mailer that attacks H-Town CM Jolanda Jones.  Stuff happens.  Commentary hasn’t received the piece.  I wonder if the CJ Jones Camp will send folks to City Hall today to complain about the mailers and make this afternoon’s meeting last an extra couple of hours.   CM Jones versus HPOU could very well be the story of the 2011 city elections.  This is only going to get uglier and could even take on racial overtones.  That’s not a good thing if you ask me.

Let’s see.  We have a mess over at HISD on contracts and bids.  Ditto for HCC.  We got the mess that CM Jones is in over at City Hall.  Oh, I forgot.  We still got the Port mess and the Chron has a story about it here.  The Harris county Attorney issued their Port report on the mess last week and County Commissioner Jack Morman wants to know if laws were broken.   Here is what the Commissioner says:

"I want some concrete answers.  Saying it may be a violation doesn’t give me the answers that I want."

He has a good point.  Commentary would like to know too. 

Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard who is in town won the NL MVP Award in 2006 and was runner-up in 2008.  Who won the NL MVP Award in 2008 and who was runner-up in 2006?

I caught the highlights as well as the lowlights of last night’s debate and also started to watch the replay.  Of course, Guv Dude doesn’t need my advice but he needs to hit everyone back at the next debate.  He can’t afford to be doing the rope-a-dopes strategy from all sides.

Last night Pam-In-Charge made an appearance on El Grande to thank fans for being loyal this season or something like that because the audio was a little off so I couldn’t hear it all.  The El Grande HDTV was crisp and clear and of course Pam-In-Charge don’t need touching up and that’s for sure.

The Chron listed the ballot order for the city elections.  I really don’t think it matters except for maybe those races with a kazillion candidates like At-Large 2 and District B.  Check out the list/order here.

Here are B and 2:

Council Member, District B

Kenneth Perkins

James Joseph

Kathy Blueford-Daniels

Phillip “Paul” Bryant

Alvin Byrd

Jerry Davis

Charles A. Ingram

Bryan Smart

Council Member, At-Large Position 2

Kristi Thibaut

Elizabeth C. Perez

Andrew C. Burks, Jr.

Gordon R. Goss

Bolivar “Bo” Fraga

Eric B. Dick

Jenifer Rene Pool

Michael “Griff” Griffin

David W. Robinson

Roslyn “Rozzy” Shorter

San Luis first baseman Albert Pujols of course won the 2008 NL MVP Award and of course was runner-up in 2006.

There sure were a lot of Phillies fans at The Yard last night.  A bunch of them were even wearing Hunter Pence’s Numero 3 jersey.  That’s OK as we roughed up Roy O and ended up with a feel good win. 


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Not to be outdone by the mess over at HISD on contracts and bids and stuff, the Chron reported Saturday that the FBI was investigating a contract mess over at HCC.  Check out the story here.  It is never a good thing when the FBI is checking out your arse.  This one ought to get interesting.

Last Friday, Young Professionals hosted a reception/fundraiser for H-Town CM James Rodriguez at Hearsay in Downtown.  I was kind of a bit worried about holding a political event on a Friday evening but it turns out there was a great turnout.

The Houston Police Officers’ Union is putting out a mailer hitting CM Jolanda Jones. Check out the Chron.com piece here.  I wonder who gets the mailer.   It is kind of hard for CM Jones to hit back because you don’t want to look like you are hitting the police – interesting.  I wonder how many more mailers are coming?

Name the only two former MLB pitchers that have struck out 300 or more batters three years in a row?

I was checking out the September 11 events on the tube yesterday.  I watched the “Today Show” replay on MSNBC yesterday morning and that was kind of eerie.   CBS had a good documentary last night that I had never seen before.   The “Sounds of Silence” by Paul Simon was moving.   Yesterday’s front page of the Chron’s Star Section had the words that were kind of a product of September 11. 

Hall of Fame great Nolan Ryan of course struck out 300 or more batters from 1972-1974 and pitching great Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson of course struck out 300 or more batters from 1998-2002.

Commentary will miss Guv Dude’s debate performance tonight because I want to see the MLB team with the best record go up against the MLB team with the lousiest record.  Roy O pitches for the Phillies tonight and Hunter Pence will be in right field – yikes – and you can catch it al at The Yard!


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Commentary caught The President’s speech last night.  It was a good speech and he was tough.  Too bad GOP congressional leaders won’t cooperate.  Those guys are just as happy to keep the misery factor of 9.1% unemployment up for the next 14 months so they can increase the chances of more GOPers getting elected in 2012. It is what it is.

The Harris County Attorney released his review of the Port Authority’s handling of business. You can read about it in the Chron here.  Harris County Commissioner Jack Morman asked for the review.  Of course, it was all prompted by my good friend Port Commissioner Janiece Longoria and Port Commissioner Elyse Lanier.

Name some of the new traditions at MLB ballparks as a result of the events of September 11.

H-Town CM James Rodriguez had him a great turnout last night at a Glenbrook Valley area reception at a supporter’s home.  Nice job!

Young professionals will host a reception for James tonight at Hearsay on Travis in Downtown right after work so drop by if you can.

The fella that wants to buy the ‘Stros has thrown down the gauntlet so to speak at MLB Commissioner  Bud Selig’s feet and has taken his case to the front page of the Chron.  Check it out here. 

Here is what he is saying:

When you go to the personal side, it’s not a business deal anymore, and that’s what offended me.  We have a contract with Drayton.  When that expires, then it expires. The contract goes through November 30. You know, that’s a pretty standard process when you sign a deal like that.”

I don’t know about picking a fight with Bud when Bud holds most of the cards.

The Chron Sports Columnist also gets into the act:

There are a thousand reasons to question this guy’s character and to consider whether he’d embarrass the Astros if he became owner, and now it’s Jim Crane who wants baseball to hurry things along.

Did he not understand the process before he signed on? Is he so arrogant that he can’t see there are things in his background that are going to give people pause? He may be the victim he makes himself out to be, but there’s just so much there.

Selig himself uses the phrase “social conscience” in connection with his sport. When someone is accused of the things Crane is accused of, it’s going to take its good sweet time looking at them. Selig probably hasn’t forgotten that Drayton McLane himself despised the guy three years ago.

Here is the entire Columnist piece.

This is getting interesting to you better stay tuned!

The Houston Police Officers Union and the Houston Professional Firefighters didn’t endorse H-Town CM Jolanda Jones.  I wonder if they are going to wage an aggressive campaign against her.  I don’t know who drew the line in the sand on this one.   If they pick a campaign fight with her, how does she respond? 

We now sing “God Bless America” during the seventh inning stretch of course on Sundays and on holidays, the teams wear patriotic lids on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July of course, we honor First Responders and our military of course on holidays and Sundays, and we hand out U.S. of A. flags on holidays and special occasions. 

The team is in D.C. for the weekend and of course a lot of us will spend this Sunday remembering and remembering and remembering.  



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It looks like things will get a bit busier around here as H-Town CM James Rodriguez drew an opponent yesterday afternoon.  The “Seething Republicans” plopped down their $500 to get into the race in District I.  We will have more on the “Seething Republicans” as the campaign moves on. 

The only city incumbents without opponents are Controller Ron Green and CM Mike Sullivan.

The list of candidates on the City’s website differs from the list that was handed out that made it to the Chron.  I’m sure it will be cleared up today or so.

Over at HISD, there was a last minute switcheroo in one of the races – District II.  Some folks don’t like the switcheroo moves.  That’s why you have to have your arse down there at the filing locations at around the deadline hour to be able to respond to the old switcheroo.

The slimy fella that makes a living putting out the campaign signs had a hand in recruiting candidates to run against the City Council District H and I incumbents.  He was at City Hall yesterday with one of the challengers.  Some folks will do anything to get campaign work.  Would Democratic candidates please stop paying this fella to put out your signs?  If he hasn’t already ripped you off or double dipped on you, you’ll soon get taken for a ride.  Commentary learned his lesson an election or two ago.

Numero 45 leads the team with 142 hits this season.  Name the ‘Stro player with the most hits last season?

Everybody is grading Guv Dude today over his performance last night.  Last night certainly was mostly about Dude so I’m going to go on ahead and say he held his own.  I’ll let others say if he won or lost or a tie goes to the runner.  I like that he gave a shout out to The President and he dissed W’s Brain. 

My pal Bill King has a good take today on immigration reform.   Check it out.

Commentary forgot to mention yesterday that my parents – Tony and Alicia – celebrated another wedding anniversary yesterday – wow!

Last season Hunter Pence of course led the team with 173 hits.

My pal Drayton still owns the team that hasn’t sold yet.  The Chron has a couple of pieces today on the pending sale and the moving the team to the AL factor.  I don’t know about that. We would be losing a whole lot of tradition.  I don’t want to go west because I’m not a young man anymore.   We’re now sitting on 95 losses – yikes!


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The Chron’s E-Board has a take today on the mess over at HISD involving contracts, bids and related stuff.  Here is what they say: 

Recently, HISD board member Anna Eastman called for a third-party review of HISD’s bidding and procurement. We think that’s a great idea.

FYI:  Anna Eastman is Commentary’s client and good friend.  She’s on the right track.  I think Anna would like for Texas Watchdog not have HISD on their list of ISDs to cover.   Anna doesn’t like the fact that a lot of bad stories have been written in the Chron and Houston Press that look terrible for HISD.  The smell is pretty rank.   It’s time to kick over all of the rocks over there. 

More from the E-Board:

But we don’t need just any review. Superintendent Terry Grier has asked the Council of Great City Schools to do an audit that’s expected to be free. That’s lovely – but hardly sufficient. The council has long-standing ties to both the district and its superintendent. And any serious investigation of cronyism needs an investigator that is utterly independent.

The investigation also needs to be tough and thorough. It should involve a law firm or forensic accounting group with impeccable credentials and experience in similar investigations; a group that has never done business with HISD and promises not to seek any in the future; and that has no significant ties to HISD, its board members, the superintendent, staff, contractors or other persons of interest.

Will a serious investigation make people uncomfortable? Of course.

And will it be expensive? Yes. (For a similar inquiry, Houston Community College, which is about a third the size of HISD, spent more than $335,000.) But given the extraordinary sums of money involved in HISD’s contracts, and the seriousness of questions about the way the district spends its money, the cost of a thorough investigation would be money well spent.

We need to know for sure: Has anything illegal or improper happened? HISD needs to restore our trust.

Keep charging Trustee Eastman.  Hang in there!   Some of us got your back covered on this.   Check out the entire E-Board take here.

‘Stros pitcher Brett Myers got a victory last night, his first since this past June.  He’s now 4-13 with a 4.66 ERA.  What was his won-loss record and ERA last season?

Today is the last day to file for City of H-Town offices.  So far it looks like a lot of traffic in At-Large 2 with 10 candidates.  District B has 7 candidates.   There are 5 candidates in District C.  Don’t forget, today is also the last to file for HISD and HCC trustee positions.   Don’t be surprised to see a surprise on this last day.  Two years ago we had that last minute switcheroo over at HCC.  Stay tuned today!

My pal H-Town CM Jarvis Johnson might make one of the surprise moves today.  He’s term limited and he might file for HISD Trustee. 
Check out this from Chron.com.

Commentary will watch the GOP prez debates tonight to see how Guv Dude handles being the frontrunner. 

Brett Myers of course was 14-8 with a 3.14 ERA last year (2010) as a ‘Stro.  What a difference a year makes.

The ‘Stros won last night and we’re still sitting on 94 losses.  This Sunday will be special.  The team will be playing in our nation’s capitol on September 11.  We will also be facing Stephen Strasburg.


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This is what Teamsters President Jim Hoffa said yesterday at a Labor Day Rally that The President attended that has the Tea Baggers crying in their tea cups:

"And you see it everywhere, it is the tea party. And you know, there is only one way to beat and win that war. The one thing about working people is we like a good fight. And you know what? They’ve got a war, they got a war with us and there’s only going to be one winner. It’s going to be the workers of Michigan, and America. We’re going to win that war.  President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these son of a bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong."

Organized labor and the collective bargaining rights of workers are under assault and attack throughout the country by Tea Baggers and their leaders.  There is certainly nothing wrong with fighting back.  Get used to your mamma getting called out and shut up!

Filing for City of H-Town offices ends tomorrow at 5 pm and my pal Robert Miller is already making his predictions.  Check it out here.

Here is a taste of what he says: Annise Parker will be easily reelected to her second term.”

Of course, Robert forgot to define “easily”.  Is it more than 70% or less than 70%?

Commentary is not going to get into the prediction business – at least not now other than to say that those that end up running unopposed will easily get reelected. 

Numero 45 leads the team in dingers this season with 14.  When was the last time the team season leader in dingers hit less than 20?  Also name the ‘Stro who did the leading.

There is an interesting story on the Toomey/Dude Super PAC that plans to spend around $55 million to get Dude the GOP nomination.  Check it out.
Of course, how truly is it independent if Toomey is heading the Super PAC?   How can we verify its independence?  Can we look at their emails? Can we check their cell phones?  Do we need to get a former MLBer who was good at stealing signs?

In 1992 of course Eric Anthony led the ‘Stros with 19 dingers.

‘Stros shortstop Clint Barmes would like to come back to play for the team next year.  Here is from the ‘Stros website:

“I definitely would like to be a part of what they have going on. It’s going to be an interesting offseason, and I’m excited about that."

I certainly haven’t been excited watching the last four games – that’s for sure!



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A whole lot of the state’s fish wraps are writing about Guv Dude and how he might do in Wednesday’s debate.  Since he has surged to the top in just about all the national polls the past couple of weeks or so, he really has the most to lose – I think.  Expectations are usually higher for a front runner at this point in the game. 

We still haven’t seen Dude do the Sunday talk show circuit or go one-on-one with the best national TV political reporters.  We still don’t know who the Team Dude spokesperson will be – you know the Robert Gibbs role when The President was running.  

From a story yesterday Dude was asked about supporting a border fence:

Speaking to hundreds of Granite State voters at a private reception, the Texas governor was asked whether he supported a fence along the Mexican border.

"No, I don’t support a fence on the border," he said, while referring to the long border in Texas alone. "The fact is, it’s 1,200 miles from Brownsville to El Paso. Two things: How long you think it would take to build that? And then if you build a 30-foot wall from El Paso to Brownsville, the 35-foot ladder business gets real good."

Looks like Dude stole Da Bell’s border fence ladder line from five years ago.

This MLB team was outscored in a World Serious 55-27 but still managed to win the Serious in seven games.  Who am I talking about? 

Team Dude was officially unveiled last week and aside from that Carney fella who is the Team Leader, most of the folks are from the Lone Star State.  No wonder most of the usual national GOP consultants tend to diss Team Dude.

I’m sure a lot of Lone Star State Dems will tune in to the debate to watch Dude and then email like crazy about all the stuff Dude is saying about things here at home that is not true.

I picked up my copy of the ‘Stros September Magazine at The Yard this past weekend and my pal Drayton’s page/bio was missing.  Pam-In-Charge’s page/bio is still in the magazine.  What’s up with that? 

Brewer fans were out in force at The Yard this past weekend.  Some had on cheese head gear.  Speaking of, yesterday was Dog Day at The Yard and folks brought their dogs.  Bandit sign fella Eric Dick was also there with his supporters wearing Dick law firm and Dick for city council T-shirts but I not going to say they were Dick___ds – got it.

The 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates of course were outscored in the World Serious that fall by the Yankees 55-27 but still prevailed in seven on Bill Mazeroski’s dramatic dinger in the bottom of the ninth.  Maz is celebrating his 75 BD today.

It was a miserable weekend at The Yard as we were swept.  The only good things was Commentary picking up foul ball numero six and giving it to a kid on TV might I add.  Yesterday, Lucas went with us for the first time and his older brother Dante had a ball tossed to him and he gave it to his little brother.

The team is in Pittsburgh today and I wonder if Maz will share some birthday cake with the young players?



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