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Some folks think that Dude is taking some heat for calling out the Fed Chair on that “treasonous” shot.  The front page of the Chron has a story on this.  Trust me, Dude’s not taking heat.  Right now he doesn’t care what Dems think or what the blue blooded 41 and 43 associates say.  That’s why he’s sitting at the top in the latest Rasmussen poll after only a few days in the race.  Red meat sales are doing well among right wingers and Tea Baggers these days.

You see Dude is playing to the folks that wave those posters of The President that look like Heath  ”The Joker”  Ledger.  He’s playing to the folks that wave those posters that have The President wearing witch doctor gear.  Right now, I don’t think his fellow GOP opponents know how to stop Dude.  Come on.  You think they are going to score points coming out and defending the Fed Chair.  Dude’s doing what he has to do to get the GOP nomination.  Did we really expect anything different from Dude?

Dude is commanding the GOP stage these days.  Mitt Romney hasn’t figured out how to slow Dude down.  Michelle Bachman is so rattled that she forgot to leave Elvis some comp tickets to her next fundraiser.   Ron Paul is getting zero coverage these days.

Back to the red light camera mess, here is what The Mayor said to the Chron yesterday:

“As long as ATS was productively engaged with us, we were negotiating an end to the cameras, but ATS is not negotiating in good faith on an end to the cameras, so we’re just going to deal with them. We’re going to rescind the ordinance."


"I’m willing to roll the dice, and I believe that council members are, as well."

Check out the Chron story here.

Let’s hope she doesn’t crap out on the roll of the dice!

Pinch hitter Brian Bogusevic hit a walk off grand salami last night in the bottom of the ninth for a rare ‘Stro win.  Bogusevic of course was our top draft choice of the 2005 MLB Amateur Player Draft.  Who was taken first overall in the 2005 draft.

My pal H-Town Council Member Stephen Costello got some good run yesterday by the Chron E-Board on combating “food deserts”. 
Check out the editorial here.

Last night’s game started bad so Commentary had to be entertained by JD’s nice snag of a foul ball in the TV booth.  I also swore Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan was sitting in Diamond Level last night or at least it was her twin sister or a dead ringer for sure.   Of course, what would Carey Mulligan be doing at a ‘Stros game?

H-Town CM James Rodriguez will hand out Los Astros T-Shirts at the city council meeting today to promote Los Astros Night at The Yard this Saturday.

Justin Upton of course was the top pick of 2005 draft and was taken by the D-Backs and is their star right fielder.

I have to admit that I thought we were goners last night so I left the game early and caught Bogusevic’s game winning grand salami on the tube last night.  That’s OK.  At least we finally won a game.



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The Chron has another story today on the red light camera mess.  Some critics are claiming that The H-Town Mayor is making this whole deal political. 
Check out the story.

If someone wants to run against her by running on red lights – good luck!  I kind of find it refreshing that The Mayor is trying her best to accommodate the will of the voters.  What a novel concept!

There is more to a mayoral campaign in H-Town than running red lights.

One of her critics said that The Mayor was “running scared.”  I don’t know how you can be “running scared” when you have a couple of mil in the bank, have no serious opponent, and the filing deadline is three weeks away.

In Chron.com President Clinton had this to say about Guv Dude:

During comments today at a meeting of the International Association of Firefighters, the 42nd president described the newest Republican presidential candidate as “a good-looking rascal.” However, Clinton dismissed the Texas governor’s policies as “crazy.”

“I got tickled by watching Gov. Perry announce for president,” Clinton said. “He’s a good-looking rascal. He says, you know, I’m going to Washington to make sure the federal government stays as far away from you as possible.”

Who was the first MLBer from B’More to win the AL MVP Award?

He’ll never get mentioned again as a recycled Dem for a future statewide office.  This is from a Texas Tribune interview with former State Comptroller John Sharp:

TT: Do you have any plans to run for office again at any point down the line?

Sharp: No. I think the people have decided that question. Twice.

Hall of Fame great Brooks Robinson of course with 28 dingers and 118 RBIs and outstanding fielding of course won the AL MVP Award in 1964.

There is nothing I can say about last night at The Yard other than to say the sale of the team has been delayed for a few days and team can’t find a way to win. 


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On this week’s H-Town City Council agenda is an item (a resolution) to maybe turn off the red light cameras.  Check out the story in the Chron.   Here is what the red light camera company lawyer says:

"Now because of politics, they (city officials) have changed their mind. Now I guess the noise from the vocal minority is so loud that they just want it to go away," (Andy) Taylor said.

Huh!  I don’t consider 53% of the vote a minority.  He’s an election lawyer so he ought to know better than to spin this doodoo.  Of course, I’ll say it again.  We wouldn’t be in this mess if the red light camera company hadn’t run such a lousy campaign last November.

Here is what the Mayor put out to the Chron this past weekend:

This resolution is a statement of facts that will have the weight of the Houston City Council behind it, and our legal team will fight until these cameras are gone for good.  I refuse to let ATS hold the City of Houston and its taxpayers hostage to an unreasonable demand for millions of dollars. ATS should now know that when they walked away from the negotiating table, they started a battle that they won’t win with the citizens of Houston.

Take that!  Way to go Mayor!

I watched Guv Dude’s announcement on the tube Saturday. He was Dude alright.   For those that don’t have something better to do,  here’s Guv Dude’s website.

Columnist George Will’s first candidate withdrew yesterday so now it looks like Dude will now be Will’s dude – got it.

With Dude’s blessing, it looks like former State Comptroller John Sharp will be the next A&M Chancellor.  Go figure.  

Speaking of, back in 2000, after 43 secured his party’s nomination for prez, there were a few Lone Star State Dems that campaigned for him throughout the country.  Should Dude get the nomination, I really don’t see any of our Dems campaigning for him. 

How many times has an opposing team thrown a no hitter against the Colt 45s/’Stros and when was the last time?

Some labor (building trades) folks are upset that the Democratic Party National Convention is being held in Charlotte, North Carolina and are skipping the event.  Here is from an article:

The International Association of Machinists, which is not part of the building trades, said it has also decided to skip the convention after participating for decades.  "This is the union that came up with the idea for Labor Day and this convention starts on Labor Day in a right to work state," said IAM spokesman Rick Sloan. "We see that as an affront to working men and women across this country."


The unions _ all part of the AFL-CIO’s building and construction trades unit _ told party officials this week they are gravely disappointed that labor was not consulted before Democrats settled on Charlotte, N.C., where there are no unionized hotels.

Check out the entire piece here.

Opposing teams have no hit the Colt 45s/’Stros four times of course and Carlos Zambrano and the Cubbies of course were the last to throw one against us back on September 14, 2008 in Milwaukee in the Ike Games.

Z by the way won’t be wearing a Cubbie uniform this evening at The Yard because he’s serving a 30 suspension for acting like an A-Hole and walking out on his team.  There is really nothing to say about the ‘Stros these days other than to say we’re not a good team these days.



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The stock market strongly rebounded yesterday as a spokesperson for Guv Dude confirmed that Dude would make it official this Saturday in South Carolina.  Go figure.

Well, the national media will now step up their coverage of Dude and will look to Lone Star State political reporters for their insight on Dude.  We have plenty of good political reporters and many have known Dude since his days as a Dem.  They’ll be in demand for sure.  It also looks like the travel budgets of some of the Lone Star State’s fish wraps just increased as many will send their political team to cover Dude.

A few weeks ago, The President’s campaign team had their sights set on Mitt Romney.  Now it looks like The President’s Team will start to study up on Dude.  The last thing Commentary wants to do is to tell The President’s Team how to run their campaign but I would stay away from relying a lot on folks in the Lone Star State whose arse Dude owns.  That is pretty much everyone that has been running the Lone Star State Dem Party for the last decade or so.  You can also throw in a whole lot of other Dem leaders and players throughout the state.

It is pretty clear that the only constituency in the Lone Star State that Dude fears is Latinos.  We saw how timid he was when he went to speak at NALEO a few weeks ago.  Dude also got out maneuvered by Latino leaders on sanctuary cities.  The President’s Team would be wise to bring in Latino leaders from the Lone Star State to get a feel on how they ought to deal with Dude if you ask me.  Of course, nobody ever asks me!

At age 22, he was the youngest MLBer ever to win the Triple Crown (highest league batting average, most league dingers, and most league RBIs in a season).  Who am I talking about?

After four days of filing for City of H-Town offices, there are no surprises.  CM James Rodriguez filed for reelection.  Business owner Rodrigo Cañedo filed for District J.

There have been a few stories lately about the left wing of the Dem Party being disenchanted with The President.   Get over it!  A lot of lefties went with The President back in 2007 and 2008 even though he had been on the national stage for a total of three years.  A lot of these lefties passed over Hillary who had over 15 years of national political experience.   Commentary was for Hillary back in 2008 but I am now with The President!

Last night on a proposal and motion by HISD Trustee Anna Eastman, HISD schools got $18.5 mil more for the coming school year.  Anna continues to lead!

If you want to know more about new ‘Stro left fielder J.D. Martinez,  check out what Alyson Footnotes has to say here.

Tigers great Ty Cobb of course at age 22 in 1909 is the youngest ever to win the Triple Crown with only nine dingers, 107 RBIs, and a .377 batting average.

What can I say about us leading 5 to 1 then losing 8-5 last night?  What can I say about leading 5-3 with two out in the bottom of the ninth with a man on base, two strikes on the batter then serving up a game tying two-run dinger that sent the game into extra innings?  I guess I can say that at least J.D. Martinez got him two more RBIs and now has 14 in 12 games.


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You have to hand it to Team Dude for their discipline these days.  He’s supposed to announce next week for president and we still don’t know where.  There was a report earlier this week that Guv Dude would announce in H-Town but apparently that’s not the case.  Check this from Chron.com today:

The Associated Press reported earlier this week that, according to a Republican operative close to Perry, he was tentatively scheduled to make his formal announcement next week in Houston.

When that was recycled today, a colleague who embarked on the chase got this from a Perry insider: “Don’t know where that is coming from. Totally wrong … Is there a Houston, Iowa?”

When the President announced back in 2007, he did so in his home state of Illinois.  When 43 announced, he did so in Iowa.    I’m thinking that since Dude is getting in later than most, he’ll announce in Iowa to help make up some ground.   Check out the entire Chron piece here.  Stay tuned!

It looks like H-Town will have mandatory water restrictions next week.
Check out the Chron article on this.  I don’t have a problem with this but the City of H-Town needs to ‘splain this better to all the water users in town.  Spell out the specifics. What are the penalties if there are any?  How does one get a citation?  Are we supposed to rat out our neighbors?  They say you can’t wash your car, how about the dog?  How is the City going to get the info to water users since not everybody gets the Chron, watches TV, or goes online?  Show me the info!

Numero 45 got his 1,258th career RBI last night against the D-Backs.  Where does Numero 45 rank in career RBIs among active MLBers.

After three days of filing for City of H-Town offices, there are no surprises to report.

Somebody has to tell the local Dem Party that they need to do a little updating on their website.  They still have former State Rep. Al Edwards’ photo up as a current elected official.  There are also a few others on the website that are no longer in office.

Speaking of, H-Town CM James Rodriguez will file today for reelection. 

According to MLB.com, Numero 45 ranks 13th in career RBIs among current active players.  Well he is actually in the 11th spots because ManRam and Carlos Delgado are still listed but are out of the game.  A-Roid tops the list with 1,883 career RBIs.

Henry Sosa made his major league debut for the ‘Stros last night and had a rocky first inning then settled down but we still lost again and last year’s starting shortstop Tommy Manzella is fixing to get his outright release from the organization as he has been languishing at the graveyard, err Oklahoma City – yikes!


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First of all let me say that Commentary hasn’t been involved in the Harris County Commissioners’ precincts redistricting deal.  In reading today’s Chron story on the issue it looks like Commissioner Jerry Eversole has been in office way too long.  Check out what he says:

"So, I’m to give up my job to give you fair representation?" asked Commissioner Jerry Eversole, who would be drawn out of his precinct in the Guerra-Jara map.   Check out the article.

Eversole would have been better off keeping his pie hole zipped.  He sounds like a bitter old fella if you ask me.  He better hope he don’t have any Latinos on his next jury.

Well I guess Commentary was wrong when I predicted Guv Dude wouldn’t run.  At this point it would be a shock if he didn’t get in the race.  What do I know?

J.D. Martinez got his fourth dinger last night.  That’s right – four dingers in ten games.   Who leads the team in dingers this season?

Henry Sosa will make his major league debut tonight when he takes the mound for the ‘Stros.  That will make nine ‘Stros that have made their major league debuts this season – yikes!

In checking who has filed for office for City of H-Town races, so far there are no surprises.  Stay tuned!

Numero 45 of course has 11 dingers to lead the team and Hunter Pence of course had 11 when he left.  Commentary messed up a little yesterday when I said that J.D. Martinez had nine RBIs through nine games. He had 11 RBIs.  After last night, he now has 12 RBIs through 10 games.

It looked like we were going to win last night when we took a 7 to 1 lead.  We lost 11 to 9 as the wheels kind of fell off. 



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We’re the greatest nation on the Earth.  At least that was what I always thought.  We have the greatest military.  We have a lot of great things in the U.S. of A.  Sure we’re going through a tough time but we’re still the greatest.  Then how come super lobbyist Mike Toomey has put together a PAC to support Guv Dude’s quest for the presidency called “Make Us Great Again”?  I wonder if Dude thinks we’re still great.

Last week, there was a story somewhere (maybe the Texas Tribune) that listed Dude’s brain trust or inner circle or kitchen cabinet or something like that and Toomey was listed.  You have to wonder how independent his PAC will be.

H-Town may get into the prez race next week.  Check this from Chron.com:

And the Associated Press reports that “a Republican close to Perry, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity, said a formal announcement is tentatively planned for the middle of next week in Houston.”

I wonder where he would make the announcement.  They would be crazy to hold it outdoors because folks would be passing out in the heat so look for an indoor venue.  They won’t do a church because they just got through praying.  They won’t do any public schools because Dude just slashed school spending.   They will probably find a business that has been thriving and creating jobs so Dude can take credit. Stay tuned!

The far right wing bloggers are mad at “Newsweek” for making GOP Cong. Michelle Bachman look like a nut on their cover this week.   Let’s see now – getting mad for making a nut look like a nut – now that’s nuts!

‘Stros rookie J.D. Martinez hit his third dinger of the season last night.  In just nine games played, J.D. already has nine RBIs.  Who leads the team in RBIs?

Filing for H-Town city offices began yesterday.  Thanks to the Mayor’s staff, for the first time ever you can go to the following link to get the latest list of those candidates that have filed over at the City: http://www.houstontx.gov/2011candidates.html.

Check this out from yesterday’s Chron.com:

Saint Arnold’s newest brew will be its first to not feature the iconic patron saint of beer in a tall bishop’s hat anywhere on the bottle label, six-pack carton or cardboard case packaging.

In its place will be a crowned and grinning skull in a field of red and gold, a design by Carlos Hernandez, the Houston artist known for his distinctive “Day of the Dead Rock Stars” series.

“We didn’t want to make it too safe,” Hernandez said last week. “We intended it to be raw. We intended it to be full-on folk art.”

The beer itself, which goes on sale Sept. 1, marks another break from the past for Houston-based Saint Arnold Brewing Co. It’s called Santo and is described as a “black Kölsch,” a relatively light brew that is similar to the best-selling Fancy Lawnmower, but changed in appearance and flavor by the addition of dark malt during the brewing process.

Santo, (Brewer) Wagner suggested, would pair well with enchiladas verdes.

Numero 45 of course has 63 RBIs in 110 games.

2009 20th Round MLB Draft pick J.D. Martinez led the team last night over the D-Backs so just stay on board and watch the development of the new Young Guns that are now wearing the brick red!


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Here is what my pal Robert Miller put out this morning:

In my judgment, Mayor Parker needs to break 70% in her reelection on November 8 or the 2013 Mayoral election will immediately begin. Bill King is seriously contemplating a run in 2013, believing that it would be easier to beat Parker one on one than to wait for 2015 and plunge into a crowded field for an open seat. If Parker is perceived as vulnerable (i.e. <70%), that could attract other credible candidates in 2013 in addition to Mr. King.

However, let’s assume Mayor Parker is reelected in 2011 and 2013 — certainly history suggest that is what will happen. Candidates are already being discussed to run in 2015 when Parker is term limited. Names I see and hear today are City Controller Ronald Green; At-Large Council Members Brad Bradford, Steve Costello and Sue Lovell; District Council Members James Rodriguez and Ed Gonzalez; State Representative Carol Alvarado; Sheriff Adrian Garcia; Ben Hall and Bill King.

Robert mentions the reelection vote percentage that Mayor Lanier and White received.  Of course, they didn’t have to implement Rebuild Houston, deal with an anti red light camera vote, lay off hundreds of city employees, and make other major budget cuts.   Even if the Mayor doesn’t have major well funded opposition, a lot of folks are still going to vote against everything so the 70% number is just a number if you ask me. 

Robert also says:

History again suggests that the business establishment will lead a strong effort to seek to elect the first Hispanic Mayor of Houston in 2015. Houston is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the nation, and its business leadership values and supports diversity. It is simply a question of when, not if, Hispanics take the reins of power in Houston and Texas. Just as Houston business leadership rallied around and supported Mayor Brown to be the first African-American Mayor of Houston, I foresee a similar effort to support and elect the first Hispanic Mayor of Houston.

One name that has not been mentioned so far in the 2015 discussion is former Commissioner Sylvia Garcia. There has been much speculation, including some by this author, regarding what Commissioner Garcia will do next. She will not oppose Sen. Mario Gallegos, who is currently headed for reelection without opposition in the March 2012 Democratic primary. Some have speculated that she should run for Harris County Attorney or Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector next year.

In my judgment, Garcia should consider waiting and begin laying the groundwork to run for Mayor of Houston in 2015. She would have strong support in the Hispanic community, cross over appeal to both white moderates and progressives, and be viewed favorably by the business community. Just a thought.

Robert needs to make up his mind.  A couple of weeks ago he said there would be a race in SD 6.  Now he says there won’t.  Check out all that Robert has to say here.

The ‘Stros visit the D-Backs for four starting this evening.  When the D-Backs and Yankees met in the 2001 World Serious that the D-Backs took in seven, which team had the most Serious dingers?

Speaking of H-Town CM James Rodriguez, he’s the Rodriguez of Rodriguez v Harris County in the recently filed redistricting lawsuit.  The Chron E-Board put out a take on the lawsuit and ended with:

When Hispanic activists made similar complaints about the initial city redistricting map, Mayor Annise Parker’s administration took heed and acted to increase opportunities for Hispanics to elect representatives to City Council. We believe commissioners should follow that example and maintain Precinct 2’s current racial balance.

At the same time, Hispanic leaders in Harris County must take responsibility for improving the abysmal voter turnout in their communities. Until that happens, Latinos will continue to be woefully underrepresented in both city and county government.

You can say that again!   

Here is the entire piece.

Here is the Chron story.

I guess Guv Dude showed us something this past weekend.   He got 30,000 folks to his Prayer Caucus.  Never underestimate Dude.

The Yankees out dingered the D-Back 6 to 5 of course in the 2001 World Serious.

You know the team is in pain when they have to recall relievers Jeff Fulchino and Wesley Wright from the graveyard, err Triple A Oklahoma City – yikes!


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HISD Trustee Anna Eastman says enough is enough and has called for HISD to look at its current contract bidding procedures.  (FYI:  Anna is Commentary’s client.)  Anna was responding to a bunch of bad publicity in the Chron and by Texas Watchdog on HISD bid contracts.  Here is from today’s Chron:

Houston school board vice president Anna Eastman called Thursday for a review of the district’s bidding procedures following recent revelations of close relationships between trustees and vendors.

Public scrutiny of the deals also prompted board president Paula Harris to pledge that she would start abstaining from votes involving her close friend, Nicole West, whose construction firm has received at least $1.9 million from the district.

"I am gravely concerned, and I hope my colleagues will join me in asking for a third-party audit of these processes," Eastman said, noting reports about Harris and board member Larry Marshall.   Here is the entire Chron piece.

Anna sent out a note to her friends and supporters this morning to let them know what she was doing.  Here is how she ended her note:

My hope is that the result will show there was no actual wrongdoing; and more importantly, will bring about an opportunity for recommendations of better standards and ethical practices to regain the public trust that I sense is waning.

I don’t know if anybody did anything wrong over at HISD but the bad publicity certainly warrants a third party review if you ask me.  Way to go Anna Eastman!  Thanks for showing great leadership!  We need more elected officials like Anna.

Name the former ‘Stro managers were also former ‘Stro players.

You have to hand it to Pam-In-Charge and her crew.  They took advantage of the Prayer Caucus by holding another “Praise-in-the-Park” night tomorrow evening just in case Guv Dude’s Prayer Caucus goers still feel like doing some extra praising at a professional sports venue.  At The Yard they can do some praying and also enjoy a cold St. Arnold and nachos – hallelujah!

Speaking of, here is some good news from today’s Chron:

Astros president of business operations Pam Gardner will stay with the organization after owner-in-waiting Jim Crane takes control of the team, a person with knowledge of the situation said.

Gardner is in her 23rd season with the Astros – her 11th in charge of business operations. She oversees the business and financial aspects of the team, with her responsibilities including customer service, building operations, sponsorship and ticket sales, marketing, public relations and special events.

Gardner, who played an instrumental role in the team’s move from the Astrodome to Minute Maid Park, is the first female executive inducted into the Texas Baseball Hall of Fame. She joined the organization as director of communications, overseeing advertising and marketing, in 1989 – three years before Drayton McLane purchased the team.

Way to go Pam-In-Charge!

Dave Clark, Larry Dierker, Phil Garner, Art Howe, and Bob Lillis all played with the ‘Stros of course and also managed the ‘Stros of course although Clark was just an interim skipper for 13 games.

The Brewers come in for three this weekend so head out to The Yard and catch Los Astros and pick up some natural tote bags tonight and replica jerseys manana!


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The President is 50 today so I hope all Dems will wish him a good one today, even those Dems that are still steaming over the debt ceiling deal.

My good pal Bill King has a piece today in the Chron that is sure to upset the suspended METRO CEO supporters.  Here is how it ends:

(George) Greanias needs to do the right thing for Metro’s employees and customers, this community and, frankly, for himself. He needs to step down and pass this responsibility on to someone who can discharge it without this cloud over their head.

Here is the entire piece.

Here are today’s letters to the Chron on the matter.

Let the Bill King bashing begin! 

Guv Dude’s Prayer Caucus will only attract 10,000 folks in a football stadium that holds 70,000 plus folks.  Why didn’t they use the Reliant Arena next door or the Toyota Center?  Heck, more folks show up to watch the Texans practice in 100 degree weather.  I’m thinking that since it really hasn’t rained much since Dude asked everyone to pray for rain, folks might be thinking about saving their prayers for a rainy day – got it! 

Out of state GOPers give their take on Dude’s prospects in today’s Chron.com.
Check it out.   I kind of wish the Chron wouldn’t run these pieces because it might give Dude a reason not to run.

From the Bad Timing Dept:  Brett Wallace, who the ‘Stros sent down to Triple A this past Sunday, is on the cover of this month’s ‘Stros Magazine that hit the shelves at The Yard this past Monday.  I wonder if the team sent Brett a few copies.

Who was the last starting pitcher to win an MLB MVP Award?

Who shot Charlie Harper?  On September 19, folks will find out what happened to Charlie Harper when “Two and a Half Men” begins its ninth season on the air.  Charlie Harper will be replaced by Walden Schmidt.  I wonder if Walden gets to hook-up with Charlie’s exes.  I wonder if Walden will move into Charlie’s Malibu pad.  I wonder if Walden gets to meet Rose – yikes!

The Rocket of course won the AL MVP Award in 1986. The Rocket is celebrating his 49th BD today.

It was nice to see Jordan Lyles get his first MLB win last night even though McLovin called him Malcolm and still got a ball tossed to him.  Commentary also got a ball tossed his way.  That’s what happens when you get to sit in Pam-In-Charge’s seats.  We also got to witness J.D. Martinez’s first career dinger.  We took the series from the Reds and take tonight off before the Brewers visit for the weekend.  Los Astros are now 2-1 en agosto.


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