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If you are like Commentary and have to watch the H-Town City Council meetings on the tube, you know then that CM Jolanda Jones certainly gets her share of air time.  You have also noticed that for the last couple of months or so she has been wearing these long feathery things that dangle off of her ears.   It kind of reminds me of those feathery deals at the end of a stick that they sell at PetSmart for the kitties to chase.

At yesterday’s Council meeting, a few folks got up to speak on behalf of CM Jones on the ongoing investigation mess.  I kind of thought it was odd because I thought all this shifted to the DA’s office.  It turns out some of the pro CM Jones folks started to mention something the H-Town City Attorney did to diss CM Jones at some sort of office BD party at City Hall last week.

According to my pal KPRC news reporter Mary Benton’s blog, at the alleged office BD party, somebody gave the City Attorney as a gag gift a pair of long feathery ear deals and he allegedly hooked them to his ears, word got out, and this offended the CM Jones Team.  

The drama continues at City Hall for sure but I sure wish it would come to an end.  It’s getting old and it is starting to sound like a broken record.  Everybody needs to stand down if you ask me.

Name the MLB Hall of Fame great that won the AL Triple Crown in 1966?

A couple of weeks or so ago, Guv Dude said during his announcement speech that he was going to try to make Washington D.C. irrelevant in our everyday lives or something like that.  It was a good line that really got the tea baggers excited.  A couple of days ago, Dude sent Washington D.C. a letter asking to be reimbursed hundreds of millions of dollars for housing paperless folks or something like that.  Dude, you can’t be kicking Washington D.C. around with your shinny boots and at the same time pulling an Oliver Twist by sticking your mitt out and asking for “more.”   You keep doing that and your GOP prez primary opponents are going to use it to chip away at your lead in the polls.

Hall of Fame great Frank Robinson of course won the 1966 AL Triple Crown with 49 dingers, 122 RBIs, and a .316 batting average.  Frank Robinson is celebrating his 76th BD today!

The young ‘Stro players are doing A-Ok at The Yard these days as they won last night with a fine pitching performance by Henry Sosa.  J.D. Martinez now has 29 RBIs in 29 games – cool!



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