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Now that Burkablog has gone out on a limb and predicted that Guv Dude will be the 2012 GOP nominee for prez, one would think that maybe Dems here in Harris County would maybe put together a working group to start figuring out how Dude’s place on the top of the ballot would impact the vote here locally.   Maybe the current Dem Chair could put something in place before he leaves.  Maybe the competing Dem groups that do the funding should start meeting and putting their heads together to figure out a strategy.   Here’s a novel idea!  Maybe the Chairs from the Dem County Parties in the Houston media market ought to start meeting to toss around message strategies. 

One thing is a certainty.  Look for Latino Dem leaders in the region to step forward and do their own thing.  The buzz in certain Latino circles is that they are tired of waiting for the non Latino Dem leadership to provide – what else – leadership.  Enough is enough!  You won’t see Latino leaders waiting for manana for a 2012 Dem strategy.   Some Latinos leaders (not all) are tired of the embarrassing low Latino voter turnouts in these parts and are fixing to step up.

Stay tuned on all of the above!

The New York Yankees set a MLB record yesterday by hitting three grand salamis in a game.  A bunch of teams had the MLB record of hitting two grand salamis in a game including the ‘Stros.   When was this grand salami feat accomplished by the ‘Stros and name the players?

Commentary will do an interview this afternoon with a nationally respected journalist today for a nationally respected publication today on – you guessed it – Guv Dude!

Commentary had Sunday all planned out which included watching the dedication of the MLK Memorial on CNN.  Now it looks as though I’ll be watching nervous New Yorkers deal with a hurricane – yikes!  Key MLB games in Boston, Philly, B’More, and New York figure to be washed out this weekend – yikes again!

The Chron has a front page story about H-Town getting snubbed on getting one of those retired shuttles.  We’re just not going to let it go are we? 

In checking out the latest City of H-Town filings, not much to report other than CM Brenda Stardig has two opponents.

In the top of the ninth inning at Shea on July 30, 1969, Denis Menke and Jimmy Wynn of course hit grand salamis for the ‘Stros.

J.D. Martinez has 24 RBIs in 24 games so you really need to head out to The Yard next week to check him out. 

Bonus:  J.D. wears the number 14.  Name the former “Stro that wore the numero 14 from 2002-2007?

From Alyson’s Footnotes:  * Melting pot: Your Astros currently have 14 players from the USA, two from Venezuela, five from the Dominican Republic, two from Puerto Rico, one from Nicaragua and one from Panama on the active roster.

No wonder we’re having another Latino Celebration at The Yard on Saturday, September 3.

Oh yeah, we did a little spoiling last night by taking Los Gigantes 3-1.

Former ‘Stro Morgan Ensberg of course wore the numero 14 from 2002-2007 and Ensberg is celebrating his 36th BD today and he is no longer playing baseball – go figure!



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