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Yesterday’s H-Town City Council meeting was must see TV for sure.  My old pal George Hittner (the red light camera company’s – ATS – lawyer) got up to call out the H-Town City Attorney.  George claimed that the City Attorney tried to snooker him during the negotiations.   The City Attorney denied George’s claim.  George kept mentioning that the federal judge ruled earlier that last November’s red light camera vote was invalid.  Of course, George forgot to mention that his company – ATS – helped validate that election by pouring in a million dollars plus into a losing effort.

George put out a settlement offer to keep the cameras on for another 28 months  and the City can forget about paying up for the time the cameras were turned off.   Of course, George doesn’t have to explain this action to the 53% of the voters that wanted them off.   George was pretty tough yesterday.  It will get interesting today.

Here is from Chron.com:

Councilman Al Hoang told Hittner: “As a city, we cannot let a company bully us!”   Here is the entire Chron piece.

Meanwhile, my old pal Gary Polland in his Texas Conservative Review put out this a day or so ago:

Houston’s Red Light Debacle:  We are now full circle on this issue. A few facts; Mayor White is responsible for red light cameras without a vote of the people. Mayor Parker did the right thing to allow it to be voted on, but it was backwards.

While TCR believes there is a case to be made for the cameras, they should never be put on without an affirmative vote of the people. What a mess.

I’m scratching my head on this one since a month or so (9/30/2010) before last November’s election, Polland and Associates got a nice $25,000 check from the pro red light camera campaign PAC for legal services – huh! 

Of course on page 5 of last November’s Texas Conservative Review Houston Voters Guide, the Review endorsed keeping the red light cameras. 
Check it out here.

The Chron has a good Q&A about the cameras here.

Name the Hall of Fame great that holds the MLB career record for hitting into double plays?

Dougie did a story yesterday on Channel 11 on H-Town City Council, At-Large candidate Eric Dick’s illegal campaign signs.  Those are the signs that are about 25 feet up the telephone poles throughout the city.  I wonder what kind of gizmo is used to stick them up there.  CenterPoint and the City say they don’t have the time or crews to remove them so they are staying up for now. 
Check out Dougie’s story here.

Hall of Fame great Cal Ripken, Jr., of course holds the MLB career record for grounding into 350 double plays.  Ripken is celebrating his 51st BD today.

In Libya, the search is on for finding Gadhafi.  That ought to be easy.  Just put a tail on his make-up artist.

What a season!   The Rockies claimed Wandy off of waivers.   Now let’s see if the ‘Stros and Rockies can make a deal.   It is a stretch, but Wandy could be on the mound against us this afternoon – yikes!



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