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Burkablog has a good take on a story that was in Politico the other day about trial lawyers getting ready to dump on Guv Dude by creating a super Pac and funding it with millions of dollars.  Check out the Politico story here.

Burkablog thinks it is a real bad idea and here is what he says:

If the trial lawyers are serious about raising big money to defeat Perry, I think they’ve lost their minds. Don’t they realize that their scheme will just serve to validate Perry? It will push him straight into the arms of the Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable. It will make Perry more of a threat to the Trials, since he will acquire a business constituency (and with it buckets of money) he currently lacks.

This has the ring of something that was hatched in Texas by people who have been kicked up and down the halls of the Capitol by Perry, not by sober-minded, thoughtful folk who can see one or two moves ahead. Unwittingly, they have given aid and comfort to their biggest enemy. Tort reform is not a good issue for Democrats or trial lawyers. The more they try to make it an issue, the more Perry laughs about being thrown in the briar patch.

I kind of agree with Burkblog.  If the plan was hatched by Dem folks here in the Lone Star State whose arse Dude owns, it is money down the drain.  Let’s leave it up to the Dem grown-ups in Chicago or D.C. to handle Dude if he ends up being the GOP nominee for prez. If the trials want to invest wisely, give the money to Paul Begala’s PAC or hand it over to us Latinos here in Harris County so we can hold on to our countywide  elected officials.  I also agree with Burkablog in that Dude has owned the trials in a mano-a-mano PR fight in years past.

The City of H-Town and the red light camera company couldn’t come to an agreement during mediation this past weekend so things ought to get interesting this afternoon and tomorrow morning when the City Council meets.  I’ll be watching of course and watching between the lines if you know what I mean.

Now that speedster Michael Bourn is gone, Jason Bourgeois leads the team in stolen bases with 22.  Who is number two on the list? 

The city posted the latest filings for office and there is nothing unusual to report.

The Chron has a front page story about extending the Hardy Toll road all the way to Downtown.  Check it out here.   Of course, I wonder how the Northside residents feel about it since the extension will run right past their ‘hood.  I wonder who will be their spokesperson on this.  Stay tuned!

In looking at the team schedule the rest of the way it looks like the only team we can mess with is the Giants this Thursday through Sunday.  We have three left with the Phillies next month but they have a comfortable lead.  We also have three left with the Brewers but they are pulling away.  The last three games of the season are against the Cards but they seem to be fading.

Numero 45 and infielder Angel Sanchez of course are tied for second on the stolen base list with three apiece – yikes!

It is always tough to bounce back after giving up six runs in the first inning so we didn’t bounce back last night in Colorado – drats!


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