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Commentary will watch the special called City Council meeting this morning on the tube on the red light camera issue.  Commentary got some questions yesterday from folks wanting to know the consultants that the red light camera company hired last year to fight to keep the cameras.  Here is what I said yesterday:

City Council maybe ought to look at passing an ordinance prohibiting their (red light camera company) consultants from working city elections for at least five years. 

I’m not going to put the list on my website but you can shoot me an email and if I have time, I’ll send you the list. 

Another slugfest continues at the H-Town City Hall as the Houston Police Officers Union filed a complaint on CM Jolanda Jones with the State Bar. 
Check out the Chron story here.  Trading blows so to speak so stay tuned!

Dante will be celebrating his 12th BD tomorrow.  Dante and I have been hanging out at The Yard now on Sundays for 5 seasons or so now and I still have more foul balls.  Happy Birthday tomorrow Dante!  Dante starts the seventh grade Monday and we will check out the ‘Stros and Giants in Pam-In-Charge’s seats this Sunday.  I’m proud that Dante and has already cast a few votes in key elections already – screw Voter IDs so take that!

Dante’s Great Grandpa – who he affectionately calls Tonio – turns 88 on Sunday and he also probably holds the records for most career votes cast among active voters in the area.  Happy Birthday this Sunday Dad!

Who was the first African American in MLB history to hit a World Serious dinger?

I caught CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s uncontrolled giggle the other night just as he started and I thought for a few seconds he was reacting to Guv Dude’s explanation of science curriculum in Texas schools.

Speaking of, the Chron’s Lisa Falkenberg talks about Dude today and his lack of understanding of what is being taught in our schools.  She mentions a like minded Dude ally on the State Board of Education:

Now, sure, there are plenty of people in Texas who would like this to be so. Don McLeroy, the former head of the State Board of mis-Education, for one. He also believes dinosaurs lived alongside humans. And he eventually lost his post in 2009 after leading an embarrassing, Kansas-style attack on science standards, attempting to weaken the teaching of evolution in Texas schools.

Cut him some slack Falkenberg.  He paid good money to see all those Jurassic Park flicks.  Here is Falkenberg’s piece.

Dude got a taste of being Mexicanized when he was told in New Hampshire yesterday to “go back to Texas!”  Pobrecito! 

MLB Hall of Fame great Larry Doby of course hit a dinger for the Cleveland Indians in Game 4 of the 1948 World Serious against the Boston Braves.  The U.S. Postal Service announced yesterday that Doby will get a stamp in his honor in the coming months – cool.

The defending World Serious champs Giants come in for the weekend.  Tonight is Longhorn Night as some fans will be wearing burnt orange ‘Stros lids.  Manana es noche de Los Astros and the team will be wearing Los Astros jerseys and the first 10,000 fans will get Los Astros T-Shirts.  There will also be comida Latina and live entertainment.  We’re lucky in that we don’t get to face “The Freak” this weekend – whew! – and my pal Drayton still owns the ‘Stros! 


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