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The H-Town City Council will meet in a special called meeting tomorrow to try to end this red light camera mess while the City Attorney and the red light camera company try to resolve the issue through mediation. 
Check out the Chron story here.

The Chron’s E-Board also weighed in today on the mess. 
Check out what they have to say.

It looks like The Mayor still finds time to read Commentary.  Here is what the E-Board says about what The Mayor has to say about the red light camera vote last November:

Mayor Parker blames the defeat on an "inept campaign" by the pro-camera forces.
The red light camera company submitted the money it claims the City owes them.  Check this out from the Chron on what they included:

The figure also includes reimbursement for the money the company spent trying to keep Proposition 3 off the ballot and then campaigning against it.

You gotta be kidding!  A red right camera company bailout!   TARP funds for the red light camera company!  Paying them taxpayer dollars for running one of the most “inept” campaigns this city has seen in a while?  We have to check to see what is in their cans of Arizona tea.   No wonder The Mayor broke off talks for a while this past weekend.  That claim itself says they aren’t serious. City Council maybe ought to look at passing an ordinance prohibiting their consultants from working city elections for at least five years.  Stay tuned for sure!

Who is the only MLBer to play at least 500 games with each of four MLB teams?  Hint:  He played here.

A Happy Birthday goes out to Jake Rodriguez this morning.  He’s celebrating his numero dos today and his parents still won’t let him log on to Commentary.  Happy Birthday Jake!

HISD gets a little bit of run they don’t want today in the Chron.  The piece centers on HISD Trustee Larry Marshall, kickbacks, and lawsuits, oh my! 
Check it out.  

The real sad thing about this is that I don’t think Trustee Marshall gives a rat’s arse what the public perception is on this.

Marshall doesn’t think there is a problem at HISD and Guv Dude doesn’t think there is global warming.  I don’t know about that.  Meanwhile the Chron has the lead front page story today on agriculture losses in the billions of dollars in the Lone Star State due to Dude’s prayers not being answered on the rain front.  On the front page of the City State section, there is another drought related story on trees that are dying in the H-Town area.

In checking out the latest City of H-Town election filings, there is nothing out of the ordinary other than the Glavanizer filing in At-Large 1. 

In case you hadn’t noticed, if you swing by La Mexicana, the tacos just got smaller but not the prices. 

Rusty “Le Grand Orange” Staub of course played 500 games plus for the Colt 45s/’Stros, Mets, Expos, and Tigers.

We pulled one out yesterday and became the last team in the MLB to reach the 40 games win mark – congrats to us, I guess.  We take the day off and then welcome the defending World Serious Champs this weekend.


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