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Some folks think that Dude is taking some heat for calling out the Fed Chair on that “treasonous” shot.  The front page of the Chron has a story on this.  Trust me, Dude’s not taking heat.  Right now he doesn’t care what Dems think or what the blue blooded 41 and 43 associates say.  That’s why he’s sitting at the top in the latest Rasmussen poll after only a few days in the race.  Red meat sales are doing well among right wingers and Tea Baggers these days.

You see Dude is playing to the folks that wave those posters of The President that look like Heath  ”The Joker”  Ledger.  He’s playing to the folks that wave those posters that have The President wearing witch doctor gear.  Right now, I don’t think his fellow GOP opponents know how to stop Dude.  Come on.  You think they are going to score points coming out and defending the Fed Chair.  Dude’s doing what he has to do to get the GOP nomination.  Did we really expect anything different from Dude?

Dude is commanding the GOP stage these days.  Mitt Romney hasn’t figured out how to slow Dude down.  Michelle Bachman is so rattled that she forgot to leave Elvis some comp tickets to her next fundraiser.   Ron Paul is getting zero coverage these days.

Back to the red light camera mess, here is what The Mayor said to the Chron yesterday:

“As long as ATS was productively engaged with us, we were negotiating an end to the cameras, but ATS is not negotiating in good faith on an end to the cameras, so we’re just going to deal with them. We’re going to rescind the ordinance."


"I’m willing to roll the dice, and I believe that council members are, as well."

Check out the Chron story here.

Let’s hope she doesn’t crap out on the roll of the dice!

Pinch hitter Brian Bogusevic hit a walk off grand salami last night in the bottom of the ninth for a rare ‘Stro win.  Bogusevic of course was our top draft choice of the 2005 MLB Amateur Player Draft.  Who was taken first overall in the 2005 draft.

My pal H-Town Council Member Stephen Costello got some good run yesterday by the Chron E-Board on combating “food deserts”. 
Check out the editorial here.

Last night’s game started bad so Commentary had to be entertained by JD’s nice snag of a foul ball in the TV booth.  I also swore Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan was sitting in Diamond Level last night or at least it was her twin sister or a dead ringer for sure.   Of course, what would Carey Mulligan be doing at a ‘Stros game?

H-Town CM James Rodriguez will hand out Los Astros T-Shirts at the city council meeting today to promote Los Astros Night at The Yard this Saturday.

Justin Upton of course was the top pick of 2005 draft and was taken by the D-Backs and is their star right fielder.

I have to admit that I thought we were goners last night so I left the game early and caught Bogusevic’s game winning grand salami on the tube last night.  That’s OK.  At least we finally won a game.



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