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On this week’s H-Town City Council agenda is an item (a resolution) to maybe turn off the red light cameras.  Check out the story in the Chron.   Here is what the red light camera company lawyer says:

"Now because of politics, they (city officials) have changed their mind. Now I guess the noise from the vocal minority is so loud that they just want it to go away," (Andy) Taylor said.

Huh!  I don’t consider 53% of the vote a minority.  He’s an election lawyer so he ought to know better than to spin this doodoo.  Of course, I’ll say it again.  We wouldn’t be in this mess if the red light camera company hadn’t run such a lousy campaign last November.

Here is what the Mayor put out to the Chron this past weekend:

This resolution is a statement of facts that will have the weight of the Houston City Council behind it, and our legal team will fight until these cameras are gone for good.  I refuse to let ATS hold the City of Houston and its taxpayers hostage to an unreasonable demand for millions of dollars. ATS should now know that when they walked away from the negotiating table, they started a battle that they won’t win with the citizens of Houston.

Take that!  Way to go Mayor!

I watched Guv Dude’s announcement on the tube Saturday. He was Dude alright.   For those that don’t have something better to do,  here’s Guv Dude’s website.

Columnist George Will’s first candidate withdrew yesterday so now it looks like Dude will now be Will’s dude – got it.

With Dude’s blessing, it looks like former State Comptroller John Sharp will be the next A&M Chancellor.  Go figure.  

Speaking of, back in 2000, after 43 secured his party’s nomination for prez, there were a few Lone Star State Dems that campaigned for him throughout the country.  Should Dude get the nomination, I really don’t see any of our Dems campaigning for him. 

How many times has an opposing team thrown a no hitter against the Colt 45s/’Stros and when was the last time?

Some labor (building trades) folks are upset that the Democratic Party National Convention is being held in Charlotte, North Carolina and are skipping the event.  Here is from an article:

The International Association of Machinists, which is not part of the building trades, said it has also decided to skip the convention after participating for decades.  "This is the union that came up with the idea for Labor Day and this convention starts on Labor Day in a right to work state," said IAM spokesman Rick Sloan. "We see that as an affront to working men and women across this country."


The unions _ all part of the AFL-CIO’s building and construction trades unit _ told party officials this week they are gravely disappointed that labor was not consulted before Democrats settled on Charlotte, N.C., where there are no unionized hotels.

Check out the entire piece here.

Opposing teams have no hit the Colt 45s/’Stros four times of course and Carlos Zambrano and the Cubbies of course were the last to throw one against us back on September 14, 2008 in Milwaukee in the Ike Games.

Z by the way won’t be wearing a Cubbie uniform this evening at The Yard because he’s serving a 30 suspension for acting like an A-Hole and walking out on his team.  There is really nothing to say about the ‘Stros these days other than to say we’re not a good team these days.



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