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The stock market strongly rebounded yesterday as a spokesperson for Guv Dude confirmed that Dude would make it official this Saturday in South Carolina.  Go figure.

Well, the national media will now step up their coverage of Dude and will look to Lone Star State political reporters for their insight on Dude.  We have plenty of good political reporters and many have known Dude since his days as a Dem.  They’ll be in demand for sure.  It also looks like the travel budgets of some of the Lone Star State’s fish wraps just increased as many will send their political team to cover Dude.

A few weeks ago, The President’s campaign team had their sights set on Mitt Romney.  Now it looks like The President’s Team will start to study up on Dude.  The last thing Commentary wants to do is to tell The President’s Team how to run their campaign but I would stay away from relying a lot on folks in the Lone Star State whose arse Dude owns.  That is pretty much everyone that has been running the Lone Star State Dem Party for the last decade or so.  You can also throw in a whole lot of other Dem leaders and players throughout the state.

It is pretty clear that the only constituency in the Lone Star State that Dude fears is Latinos.  We saw how timid he was when he went to speak at NALEO a few weeks ago.  Dude also got out maneuvered by Latino leaders on sanctuary cities.  The President’s Team would be wise to bring in Latino leaders from the Lone Star State to get a feel on how they ought to deal with Dude if you ask me.  Of course, nobody ever asks me!

At age 22, he was the youngest MLBer ever to win the Triple Crown (highest league batting average, most league dingers, and most league RBIs in a season).  Who am I talking about?

After four days of filing for City of H-Town offices, there are no surprises.  CM James Rodriguez filed for reelection.  Business owner Rodrigo Cañedo filed for District J.

There have been a few stories lately about the left wing of the Dem Party being disenchanted with The President.   Get over it!  A lot of lefties went with The President back in 2007 and 2008 even though he had been on the national stage for a total of three years.  A lot of these lefties passed over Hillary who had over 15 years of national political experience.   Commentary was for Hillary back in 2008 but I am now with The President!

Last night on a proposal and motion by HISD Trustee Anna Eastman, HISD schools got $18.5 mil more for the coming school year.  Anna continues to lead!

If you want to know more about new ‘Stro left fielder J.D. Martinez,  check out what Alyson Footnotes has to say here.

Tigers great Ty Cobb of course at age 22 in 1909 is the youngest ever to win the Triple Crown with only nine dingers, 107 RBIs, and a .377 batting average.

What can I say about us leading 5 to 1 then losing 8-5 last night?  What can I say about leading 5-3 with two out in the bottom of the ninth with a man on base, two strikes on the batter then serving up a game tying two-run dinger that sent the game into extra innings?  I guess I can say that at least J.D. Martinez got him two more RBIs and now has 14 in 12 games.


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