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You have to hand it to Team Dude for their discipline these days.  He’s supposed to announce next week for president and we still don’t know where.  There was a report earlier this week that Guv Dude would announce in H-Town but apparently that’s not the case.  Check this from Chron.com today:

The Associated Press reported earlier this week that, according to a Republican operative close to Perry, he was tentatively scheduled to make his formal announcement next week in Houston.

When that was recycled today, a colleague who embarked on the chase got this from a Perry insider: “Don’t know where that is coming from. Totally wrong … Is there a Houston, Iowa?”

When the President announced back in 2007, he did so in his home state of Illinois.  When 43 announced, he did so in Iowa.    I’m thinking that since Dude is getting in later than most, he’ll announce in Iowa to help make up some ground.   Check out the entire Chron piece here.  Stay tuned!

It looks like H-Town will have mandatory water restrictions next week.
Check out the Chron article on this.  I don’t have a problem with this but the City of H-Town needs to ‘splain this better to all the water users in town.  Spell out the specifics. What are the penalties if there are any?  How does one get a citation?  Are we supposed to rat out our neighbors?  They say you can’t wash your car, how about the dog?  How is the City going to get the info to water users since not everybody gets the Chron, watches TV, or goes online?  Show me the info!

Numero 45 got his 1,258th career RBI last night against the D-Backs.  Where does Numero 45 rank in career RBIs among active MLBers.

After three days of filing for City of H-Town offices, there are no surprises to report.

Somebody has to tell the local Dem Party that they need to do a little updating on their website.  They still have former State Rep. Al Edwards’ photo up as a current elected official.  There are also a few others on the website that are no longer in office.

Speaking of, H-Town CM James Rodriguez will file today for reelection. 

According to MLB.com, Numero 45 ranks 13th in career RBIs among current active players.  Well he is actually in the 11th spots because ManRam and Carlos Delgado are still listed but are out of the game.  A-Roid tops the list with 1,883 career RBIs.

Henry Sosa made his major league debut for the ‘Stros last night and had a rocky first inning then settled down but we still lost again and last year’s starting shortstop Tommy Manzella is fixing to get his outright release from the organization as he has been languishing at the graveyard, err Oklahoma City – yikes!


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