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First of all let me say that Commentary hasn’t been involved in the Harris County Commissioners’ precincts redistricting deal.  In reading today’s Chron story on the issue it looks like Commissioner Jerry Eversole has been in office way too long.  Check out what he says:

"So, I’m to give up my job to give you fair representation?" asked Commissioner Jerry Eversole, who would be drawn out of his precinct in the Guerra-Jara map.   Check out the article.

Eversole would have been better off keeping his pie hole zipped.  He sounds like a bitter old fella if you ask me.  He better hope he don’t have any Latinos on his next jury.

Well I guess Commentary was wrong when I predicted Guv Dude wouldn’t run.  At this point it would be a shock if he didn’t get in the race.  What do I know?

J.D. Martinez got his fourth dinger last night.  That’s right – four dingers in ten games.   Who leads the team in dingers this season?

Henry Sosa will make his major league debut tonight when he takes the mound for the ‘Stros.  That will make nine ‘Stros that have made their major league debuts this season – yikes!

In checking who has filed for office for City of H-Town races, so far there are no surprises.  Stay tuned!

Numero 45 of course has 11 dingers to lead the team and Hunter Pence of course had 11 when he left.  Commentary messed up a little yesterday when I said that J.D. Martinez had nine RBIs through nine games. He had 11 RBIs.  After last night, he now has 12 RBIs through 10 games.

It looked like we were going to win last night when we took a 7 to 1 lead.  We lost 11 to 9 as the wheels kind of fell off. 



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