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We’re the greatest nation on the Earth.  At least that was what I always thought.  We have the greatest military.  We have a lot of great things in the U.S. of A.  Sure we’re going through a tough time but we’re still the greatest.  Then how come super lobbyist Mike Toomey has put together a PAC to support Guv Dude’s quest for the presidency called “Make Us Great Again”?  I wonder if Dude thinks we’re still great.

Last week, there was a story somewhere (maybe the Texas Tribune) that listed Dude’s brain trust or inner circle or kitchen cabinet or something like that and Toomey was listed.  You have to wonder how independent his PAC will be.

H-Town may get into the prez race next week.  Check this from Chron.com:

And the Associated Press reports that “a Republican close to Perry, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity, said a formal announcement is tentatively planned for the middle of next week in Houston.”

I wonder where he would make the announcement.  They would be crazy to hold it outdoors because folks would be passing out in the heat so look for an indoor venue.  They won’t do a church because they just got through praying.  They won’t do any public schools because Dude just slashed school spending.   They will probably find a business that has been thriving and creating jobs so Dude can take credit. Stay tuned!

The far right wing bloggers are mad at “Newsweek” for making GOP Cong. Michelle Bachman look like a nut on their cover this week.   Let’s see now – getting mad for making a nut look like a nut – now that’s nuts!

‘Stros rookie J.D. Martinez hit his third dinger of the season last night.  In just nine games played, J.D. already has nine RBIs.  Who leads the team in RBIs?

Filing for H-Town city offices began yesterday.  Thanks to the Mayor’s staff, for the first time ever you can go to the following link to get the latest list of those candidates that have filed over at the City: http://www.houstontx.gov/2011candidates.html.

Check this out from yesterday’s Chron.com:

Saint Arnold’s newest brew will be its first to not feature the iconic patron saint of beer in a tall bishop’s hat anywhere on the bottle label, six-pack carton or cardboard case packaging.

In its place will be a crowned and grinning skull in a field of red and gold, a design by Carlos Hernandez, the Houston artist known for his distinctive “Day of the Dead Rock Stars” series.

“We didn’t want to make it too safe,” Hernandez said last week. “We intended it to be raw. We intended it to be full-on folk art.”

The beer itself, which goes on sale Sept. 1, marks another break from the past for Houston-based Saint Arnold Brewing Co. It’s called Santo and is described as a “black Kölsch,” a relatively light brew that is similar to the best-selling Fancy Lawnmower, but changed in appearance and flavor by the addition of dark malt during the brewing process.

Santo, (Brewer) Wagner suggested, would pair well with enchiladas verdes.

Numero 45 of course has 63 RBIs in 110 games.

2009 20th Round MLB Draft pick J.D. Martinez led the team last night over the D-Backs so just stay on board and watch the development of the new Young Guns that are now wearing the brick red!


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