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Here is what my pal Robert Miller put out this morning:

In my judgment, Mayor Parker needs to break 70% in her reelection on November 8 or the 2013 Mayoral election will immediately begin. Bill King is seriously contemplating a run in 2013, believing that it would be easier to beat Parker one on one than to wait for 2015 and plunge into a crowded field for an open seat. If Parker is perceived as vulnerable (i.e. <70%), that could attract other credible candidates in 2013 in addition to Mr. King.

However, let’s assume Mayor Parker is reelected in 2011 and 2013 — certainly history suggest that is what will happen. Candidates are already being discussed to run in 2015 when Parker is term limited. Names I see and hear today are City Controller Ronald Green; At-Large Council Members Brad Bradford, Steve Costello and Sue Lovell; District Council Members James Rodriguez and Ed Gonzalez; State Representative Carol Alvarado; Sheriff Adrian Garcia; Ben Hall and Bill King.

Robert mentions the reelection vote percentage that Mayor Lanier and White received.  Of course, they didn’t have to implement Rebuild Houston, deal with an anti red light camera vote, lay off hundreds of city employees, and make other major budget cuts.   Even if the Mayor doesn’t have major well funded opposition, a lot of folks are still going to vote against everything so the 70% number is just a number if you ask me. 

Robert also says:

History again suggests that the business establishment will lead a strong effort to seek to elect the first Hispanic Mayor of Houston in 2015. Houston is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the nation, and its business leadership values and supports diversity. It is simply a question of when, not if, Hispanics take the reins of power in Houston and Texas. Just as Houston business leadership rallied around and supported Mayor Brown to be the first African-American Mayor of Houston, I foresee a similar effort to support and elect the first Hispanic Mayor of Houston.

One name that has not been mentioned so far in the 2015 discussion is former Commissioner Sylvia Garcia. There has been much speculation, including some by this author, regarding what Commissioner Garcia will do next. She will not oppose Sen. Mario Gallegos, who is currently headed for reelection without opposition in the March 2012 Democratic primary. Some have speculated that she should run for Harris County Attorney or Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector next year.

In my judgment, Garcia should consider waiting and begin laying the groundwork to run for Mayor of Houston in 2015. She would have strong support in the Hispanic community, cross over appeal to both white moderates and progressives, and be viewed favorably by the business community. Just a thought.

Robert needs to make up his mind.  A couple of weeks ago he said there would be a race in SD 6.  Now he says there won’t.  Check out all that Robert has to say here.

The ‘Stros visit the D-Backs for four starting this evening.  When the D-Backs and Yankees met in the 2001 World Serious that the D-Backs took in seven, which team had the most Serious dingers?

Speaking of H-Town CM James Rodriguez, he’s the Rodriguez of Rodriguez v Harris County in the recently filed redistricting lawsuit.  The Chron E-Board put out a take on the lawsuit and ended with:

When Hispanic activists made similar complaints about the initial city redistricting map, Mayor Annise Parker’s administration took heed and acted to increase opportunities for Hispanics to elect representatives to City Council. We believe commissioners should follow that example and maintain Precinct 2’s current racial balance.

At the same time, Hispanic leaders in Harris County must take responsibility for improving the abysmal voter turnout in their communities. Until that happens, Latinos will continue to be woefully underrepresented in both city and county government.

You can say that again!   

Here is the entire piece.

Here is the Chron story.

I guess Guv Dude showed us something this past weekend.   He got 30,000 folks to his Prayer Caucus.  Never underestimate Dude.

The Yankees out dingered the D-Back 6 to 5 of course in the 2001 World Serious.

You know the team is in pain when they have to recall relievers Jeff Fulchino and Wesley Wright from the graveyard, err Triple A Oklahoma City – yikes!


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