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HISD Trustee Anna Eastman says enough is enough and has called for HISD to look at its current contract bidding procedures.  (FYI:  Anna is Commentary’s client.)  Anna was responding to a bunch of bad publicity in the Chron and by Texas Watchdog on HISD bid contracts.  Here is from today’s Chron:

Houston school board vice president Anna Eastman called Thursday for a review of the district’s bidding procedures following recent revelations of close relationships between trustees and vendors.

Public scrutiny of the deals also prompted board president Paula Harris to pledge that she would start abstaining from votes involving her close friend, Nicole West, whose construction firm has received at least $1.9 million from the district.

"I am gravely concerned, and I hope my colleagues will join me in asking for a third-party audit of these processes," Eastman said, noting reports about Harris and board member Larry Marshall.   Here is the entire Chron piece.

Anna sent out a note to her friends and supporters this morning to let them know what she was doing.  Here is how she ended her note:

My hope is that the result will show there was no actual wrongdoing; and more importantly, will bring about an opportunity for recommendations of better standards and ethical practices to regain the public trust that I sense is waning.

I don’t know if anybody did anything wrong over at HISD but the bad publicity certainly warrants a third party review if you ask me.  Way to go Anna Eastman!  Thanks for showing great leadership!  We need more elected officials like Anna.

Name the former ‘Stro managers were also former ‘Stro players.

You have to hand it to Pam-In-Charge and her crew.  They took advantage of the Prayer Caucus by holding another “Praise-in-the-Park” night tomorrow evening just in case Guv Dude’s Prayer Caucus goers still feel like doing some extra praising at a professional sports venue.  At The Yard they can do some praying and also enjoy a cold St. Arnold and nachos – hallelujah!

Speaking of, here is some good news from today’s Chron:

Astros president of business operations Pam Gardner will stay with the organization after owner-in-waiting Jim Crane takes control of the team, a person with knowledge of the situation said.

Gardner is in her 23rd season with the Astros – her 11th in charge of business operations. She oversees the business and financial aspects of the team, with her responsibilities including customer service, building operations, sponsorship and ticket sales, marketing, public relations and special events.

Gardner, who played an instrumental role in the team’s move from the Astrodome to Minute Maid Park, is the first female executive inducted into the Texas Baseball Hall of Fame. She joined the organization as director of communications, overseeing advertising and marketing, in 1989 – three years before Drayton McLane purchased the team.

Way to go Pam-In-Charge!

Dave Clark, Larry Dierker, Phil Garner, Art Howe, and Bob Lillis all played with the ‘Stros of course and also managed the ‘Stros of course although Clark was just an interim skipper for 13 games.

The Brewers come in for three this weekend so head out to The Yard and catch Los Astros and pick up some natural tote bags tonight and replica jerseys manana!


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