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The President is 50 today so I hope all Dems will wish him a good one today, even those Dems that are still steaming over the debt ceiling deal.

My good pal Bill King has a piece today in the Chron that is sure to upset the suspended METRO CEO supporters.  Here is how it ends:

(George) Greanias needs to do the right thing for Metro’s employees and customers, this community and, frankly, for himself. He needs to step down and pass this responsibility on to someone who can discharge it without this cloud over their head.

Here is the entire piece.

Here are today’s letters to the Chron on the matter.

Let the Bill King bashing begin! 

Guv Dude’s Prayer Caucus will only attract 10,000 folks in a football stadium that holds 70,000 plus folks.  Why didn’t they use the Reliant Arena next door or the Toyota Center?  Heck, more folks show up to watch the Texans practice in 100 degree weather.  I’m thinking that since it really hasn’t rained much since Dude asked everyone to pray for rain, folks might be thinking about saving their prayers for a rainy day – got it! 

Out of state GOPers give their take on Dude’s prospects in today’s Chron.com.
Check it out.   I kind of wish the Chron wouldn’t run these pieces because it might give Dude a reason not to run.

From the Bad Timing Dept:  Brett Wallace, who the ‘Stros sent down to Triple A this past Sunday, is on the cover of this month’s ‘Stros Magazine that hit the shelves at The Yard this past Monday.  I wonder if the team sent Brett a few copies.

Who was the last starting pitcher to win an MLB MVP Award?

Who shot Charlie Harper?  On September 19, folks will find out what happened to Charlie Harper when “Two and a Half Men” begins its ninth season on the air.  Charlie Harper will be replaced by Walden Schmidt.  I wonder if Walden gets to hook-up with Charlie’s exes.  I wonder if Walden will move into Charlie’s Malibu pad.  I wonder if Walden gets to meet Rose – yikes!

The Rocket of course won the AL MVP Award in 1986. The Rocket is celebrating his 49th BD today.

It was nice to see Jordan Lyles get his first MLB win last night even though McLovin called him Malcolm and still got a ball tossed to him.  Commentary also got a ball tossed his way.  That’s what happens when you get to sit in Pam-In-Charge’s seats.  We also got to witness J.D. Martinez’s first career dinger.  We took the series from the Reds and take tonight off before the Brewers visit for the weekend.  Los Astros are now 2-1 en agosto.


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