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There are a number of Dems across the U.S. of A. disappointed this morning over the “Satan Sandwich” that we had to eat yesterday – ouch!  A lot of the Dems are not happy with The President.  Commentary is not one of them.

I think folks tend to underestimate the Tea Baggers.  Those guys don’t want to compromise.  They don’t want to make a deal.  You don’t want to play a game of chicken with them because they would just at soon let the economy fall off of a cliff to make a point.  The President knew that is was probably pointless to take this to the brink and put the economy further at risk.   He did what he had to do.

The Tea Baggers don’t read the daily talking points or spew the daily talking points.  They live the daily talking points.  They are a new breed that can’t be dealt with.  We’re still living with the consequences of the 2010 election.  We’re just going to have to do a whole lot better in 2012.   We’re going to have to beat these guys at the polls.

In a first for a ‘Stro, new ‘Stro Jimmy Paredes rapped a triple in his first ever MLB plate appearance last night in the second inning.  The three-bagger also resulted in two RBIs.  Paredes now wears the numero 38.  Name the Hall of Fame great that once wore the numero 38 for the ‘Stros?

On Sunday, August 21 at The Yard, the first 10,000 kids get a Hunter Pence T-shirt – Yiikes! 

Maybe they ought to give away the T-Shirts September 12-14 when the Phillies visit The Yard – double yikes!

Maybe the ‘Stros ought to just go on ahead and put on those Los Astros jerseys right now instead of waiting for August 20.  Last night there were six Latinos in the starting line-up:  Paredes (3B), Numero 45 (1B), Humberto Quintero (C), Luis Durango (CF), Jose Altuve (2B), and J.D. Martinez (LF).  Angel Sanchez (PH), Fernando Rodriguez (P), and Sergio Escalona (P) also saw action.   We won the game in extra innings.

Hall of Fame pitching great Robin Roberts of course wore the numero 38 as a ‘Stro in 1965-1966.

Wandy y Los Astros take on the Reds again this evening.



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