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Pence-sylvania is what a Phillies related website headlined Saturday morning.  I have to admit I was very stunned to see Hunter Pence trot off of the field in the fifth inning Friday night and hearing J.D. and Brownie say that Hunter was traded to the Phillies.

I was surprised to learn yesterday morning that we were shipping Michael Bourn to The ATL.  We just lost the two most exciting players.  So long to a two time Gold Glove Award Winner and adios to a two time All Star.

Then late last night, the front office sent first baseman Brett Wallace and third baseman Chris Johnson down to Triple A.

We have major infrastructure issues within the organization that have to be addressed, so we might as well get started right now.   The team has to do something drastic to get back to our competitive days.  I guess we kind of have to start all over.

The Chron’s Sports Columnist – you know – the one that knows more about stuff than all of us combined, says the team was fleeced on the Pence trade.  Not so fast.  Here is what bleacherreport.com says about the trade:

Jonathan Singleton, one of those top prospects, could be the best power hitter the Astros have had since Jeff Bagwell. Jarred Cosart, the other stud in the deal, is a 21-year-old starting pitcher with an electric arm. His appearance in the All-Star Futures Game had scouts and fans alike buzzing.

The Chron’s other columnist says we ought to cancel the rest of the season and maybe the next two.  Shut up!  

I am sure that there are a lot of fans in town that are not happy with the moves that are being made.  Some are not happy with how Numero 45 is playing.  Some are not happy with my pal Drayton or GM Ed Wade.  Some are not happy with what we pay Wandy and Brett Myers.  Some are not happy with the grub and beer prices at The Yard.  Some are not happy with Junction Jack or the hot sauce races.  Some are not happy with all the foul balls Commentary snags.  That’s the way it is.

I’m not going to let myself get unhappy.  I guess Numero 45 is our first baseman for now.  I want to see if J.D. Martinez in left field, Jose Altuve at second base, and Jimmy Paredes at third base are the future of the ‘Stros. 

The Chron E-Board had an interesting take this past Saturday on temporarily suspended Houston METRO CEO.  Here is how it ends:

Should George Greanias stay or go as head of Metro? That decision turns on two fundamental questions:

What Greanias did was stupid and indiscreet, but was it, in fact, illegal? If not, there’s a strong case to be made for keeping Greanias on as CEO. Keeping him on is certainly the Metro board’s inclination at this turn in the story.

But that decision necessarily turns on a second question: Has Greanias done something so far out of line that it renders him ineffective as a leader – before the Metro staff, before the Houston public and before Washington decision makers already suspicious of the credibility of the agency’s plans? We won’t know the answer to that until Greanias returns to the job on Aug. 8.

Clearly, many Metro board members have strong personal feelings and sympathies for George Greanias’ plight. As do we. But the board must never permit its feelings for Greanias to cloud its judgment on behalf of the taxpayers and the transit agency.

Here is the entire editorial.

The Chron editorial cartoonist also has a take on the suspended CEO. 
Check it out here.    Yikes!

This past weekend CEWDEM put out a few takes from folks supporting the suspended CEO.  I’m sure the H-Town Mayor will be asked some questions at her press availability this Wednesday after the city council meeting.    When the suspended CEO returns to work next week, he’ll have to sit down with all the media folks in town and sort of ‘splain things because that’s what folks expect.  Stay tuned!

Michael Bourn wore the numero 21 as a ‘Stro but he won’t in The ATL. Why not?

Commentary is usually hesitant to have campaign receptions on a Friday night.  A supporter of H-Town CM James Rodriguez held one for James this past Friday night and we had a really good crowd.  How about that?

Of the six players that are featured on this year’s season tickets, three won’t be wearing the brick red this evening:  Hunter Pence, Michael Bourn, and Chris Johnson. 

Hunter Pence was undoubtedly the most popular ‘Stro.  A lot of times before a game, he would saunter over by my seats to signs autographs and I would get smothered by kids wanting his John Hancock.  I’ll have to explain the trade to Dante later on this week when he returns from his vacation. 

Hall of Famed pitching great Warren Spahn wore the numero 21 for the Braves and his numero 21 was retired in 1965.

Oh yeah, the Reds are into own for three and then the Brewers come in this weekend so head out to The Yard and check out the refurbished new ‘Stros!


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