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Commentary received a copy of a memo yesterday that details unspent council office funds for the fiscal year that just ended from members of the H-Town City Council.  All of the council members had surpluses ranging from $2,187 to $70,504.   Every member either transferred the surplus to the general fund or dedicated it to a department in need.  A way to go goes to the top three:  CM Stardig ($70,504) who is dedicating her surplus to fire stations, HPD, libraries, and community centers in her district, CM Rodriguez ($57,763) who is dedicating his surplus to a youth soccer league and Charlton Park, and CM Noriega ($49,460) who is dedicating her surplus seven community center.    The total surplus for all city council offices was $274,103.  Nice job!

Everybody has a take this morning on The Rockets and whether to set a retrial or not.  I don’t really give a rat’s arse right now.  I think everybody already has an opinion on The Rocket and the juice.  As for the reasons for calling or not calling a retrial, that’s about as easy as trying to figure out the balk rule.

In the 2004 MLB All Star Game that was played at The Yard, the NL sent to the mound four pitchers that are now former Cy Young Award Winners.  Name the four?

I’m not going to get into Hunker Down calling for the Harris County Budget Director to step down.   Check out the Chron piece.  That’s up to the Commissioners if you ask me.  Same goes for redistricting over there.  That’s not my fight.

The Chron today gives the “Winnie the Pooh” movie three stars and the Governor Palin flick two stars. 

The Rockets, The Big Unit, Tom Glavine, and Eric Gagne of course are all former Cy Young Award Winners and all pitched of the NL in the 2004 MLB All Star Game.

Hopefully the front office won’t trade away key players so head to The Yard this weekend to check them out because you never know!  The Pirates are a good team so you may get to see a few good games.



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Of course polls don’t really mean a whole lot when it comes to next year’s race for president.  In a national poll that was released yesterday, Guv Dude trails The President 50-37 or by 13 points.  Romney trails The President by 6 and Bachman trails The President by 10.   I think the big question going on in Dude’s camp these days as he ponders a race, can he even get close to raising the money The President will raise. 

From the God is His Co-Pilot Department, check out what Guv Dude said at a meeting a few weeks ago:

"God was dealing with me.  At 27 years old, I knew that I had been called to the ministry. I’ve just always been really stunned by how big a pulpit I was gonna have. I still am. I truly believe with all my heart that God has put me in this place at this time to do his will."


"And I think that it’s time for us to just hand it over to God and say, ‘God, you’re going to have to fix this.’”    Check out the entire article here.

I don’t believe in Kennedy. I don’t believe in Buddha.  I don’t believe in mantra. I don’t believe in Gita.  I don’t believe in yoga.  I don’t believe in kings.  I don’t believe in Elvis.  I don’t believe in Zimmerman.  I don’t believe in Beatles.  I just believe in Dude!

I’m going to stick to my earlier take and continue to say that Dude ends up at his current pulpit.  You see if Dude does run and doesn’t make it out of his own primary or does and then gets his arse handed to him by The President in the general election, folks may then start wondering about the power of prayer. 

The Rocket’s trial continues today.  Of course we remember when The Rockets started the 2004 All Game for the NL here at The Yard.  He only pitched the first inning and gave up six runs and five hits including two dingers.  Name the AL All Stars that smacked the dingers off of The Rocket?

There was a hearing at City Hall yesterday on expanding the “civility ordinance.”  It kind of has to do with dealing with homeless folks that do things in public that you shouldn’t be doing in public.  Some East Downtown residents attended the hearing and spoke in support of expanding the ordinance.  They were mostly of the Anglo persuasion.  An African American got up to speak and basically said that Downtown wasn’t really for White folks and that White folks shouldn’t expect the suburban experience or something like that when they move Downtown.  In other words, get used to it!  Ouch!

ManRam (Red Sox) and Alfonso Soriano (Rangers) of course smacked dingers in the first inning off of The Rocket in the 2004 All Star Game.

The 30-62 ‘Stros try to get back to respectability in the second half as they start a weekend series with the Pirates tomorrow.  The Pirates are having a good season so try to make it to The Yard this weekend.


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Commentary was checking out the H-Town City Council meeting on the tube yesterday and a couple of fellas came up to speak against turning on the red light cameras.  CM Jolanda Jones chimed in and started asking an assistant city attorney some questions about the courthouse legal maneuverings on the red light cameras.   It appeared as though the assistant city attorney really didn’t want to provide a whole lot of details as CJ Jones kept peppering him with questions.  Then in flew the City Attorney, her current nemesis, sans suit jacket a la Superman, to take the questions from CM Jones.  If you ask me – and nobody ever asks me – he fell into her trap because she asked him a few questions in a very hostile tone and wanted simple yes or no responses.  He didn’t look too comfortable taking her questions.

I point out yesterday’s incident because it appears that she is letting everyone know that taking her on comes at a price.  If her colleagues on council are thinking about any form of public rebuke, reprimand, or censure, it is going to cost them.  She has already signaled that she will fill the Council Chamber with community leaders and activists that support her.  I couldn’t imagine any community leaders coming to council to speak against her.    If it is only going to be left up to the City Attorney to level or present he charges, she’s making it very clear that he should expect incoming and she isn’t going down without a very bruising fight.

I don’t think members of the City Council want to be part of a spectacle that CM Jones will surely turn into a public trial.   She is letting everyone know that she has an arsenal and won’t hesitate to use every weapon at her disposal.    I’d like to know how they are going to figure this one out.

Who was the first position player (non pitcher) to make the NL All Star Team as a ‘Stro?

The Texas Education Commissioner says North Forest ISD is a goner and he wants HISD to take them in.  State Rep. Harold Dutton says no but The Dean agrees.  North Forest has been a beleaguered district for years.  Maybe it is time to put them under somebody else’s umbrella.

The best of last night’s MLB All Star Game telecast was Hunter Pence gunning down Jose Bautista at home plate in the fourth inning.  I also liked Hunter Pence scoring a key run in the seventh inning.  I also loved the Justin Timberlake interview by Mark Grace.

Best Justin Timberlake Line: “Beer’s perfect. Beer never got mad at me because I didn’t call beer back.”

I was waiting for Timberlake to ask Gracie about slumpbusters.

Hall of Fame great Joe Morgan of course was the first position player from the ‘Stros selected to the NL All Star Team when he was selected to start second base in 1966.  He was injured and didn’t get to play though.

Since the NL won last night, the NL Pennant winner will have the home field advantage during this year’s World Serious.  It’s too bad we’re 30-62 and out of contention.


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Commentary doesn’t run red lights.  I don’t even try to speed up when the light turns yellow.   Unfortunately a lot of folks do. The Kubosh fella is now accusing the City of H-Town of taking a dive of sorts on the legal maneuverings on the red light cameras.  Meanwhile the cameras have been turned back on.  While this thing is played out in court, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see Kubosh reach out to the anti Rebuild Houston folks and create an unholy alliance to take on the H-Town Mayor in the November election.  I don’t think Kubosh will let her have a free ride this election season.   On a related note, check out the anti red light camera bumper stickers in the Houston Press.

The MLB All Star game is being played tonight.  Hunter Pence is our only All Star.  What is the most number of ‘Stros to have ever been in the starting line-up for the NL in an All Star Game?   Bonus:  How many ‘Stros pitchers have ever been in the starting line-up for the NL in an All Star Game?

A NY Times article today says The President told the GOP to “eat your peas” when it comes to doing the debt limit deal.  He didn’t say that.  I was watching The President yesterday and he said “eat our peas” which meant he wanted everyone to make sacrifices.  I think The President has the ability to bring Dems in Congress to buy into a deal even though they will be kicking and screaming and moaning.  I don’t think the Tea Baggers will let Speaker Boehmer make a deal.  Stay tuned!

The GOP Iowa prez primary is where Guv Dude will have to make his bones.  A poll released yesterday in Iowa has Cong. Bachman ahead with 25%.  Romney is at 20% and he says he’s not going to compete in Iowa so Dude would have to come in there and catch on fire with a strategy to knock off Bachman.  The more Bachman campaigns in Iowa while Dude makes phone calls and goes to Colorado and says his prayers, the more difficult it is to make the race.  What do I know?

At the 2004 MLB All Star Game played at The Yard, three ‘Stros of course were in the starting line-up:  The Big Puma (CF), Jeff Kent (2B), and The Rocket (P). 

Two ‘Stros pitchers of course have started All Star Games:  J.R. Richard (1980) and The Rocket (2004).

I admit I watched the 3 hour long Dinger Derby last night.  I can’t say it was eventful.  I think they at least ought to have a rule that says all the participants ought to wear a lid.  You can’t be smacking dingers in front of a national TV audience and a packed stadium unless you are wearing a lid.  I’ll drop by The Yard tonight for a special gathering with a whole lot of free grub to watch tonight’s All Star Game on El Grande.   Maybe they will let Hunter Pence get an at-bat this time.



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The Chron’s Columnist did a mini drive by on H-Town CM Jolanda Jones yesterday and says she is a little out of line on how she is handling the OIG investigation and complaint.  He says she should have fessed up early, said a little mea culpa, apologized, and moved on.  I got news for the columnist – that ain’t her style and certainly not part of her DNA.  Check out the column here.  The word from City Hall is a stand-off of sorts on the complaint.  If it goes to the full City Council for a decision, it will get very messy and ugly.

They’re baaaaack!  With very little fanfare and certainly no trumpets blaring, the City of H-Town turned the cameras back on and is now mailing out citations to violators.  I find it interesting that last week the Chron had two lead front page stories on the red light cameras, but when the City says they are now writing tickets, the story is at the bottom of page 2 in the City/State section of the Chron.

Meanwhile, the Chron’s E-Board says turning on the red light cameras is a good thing.  Here is a piece of what they say today:

We believe that’s the best course of action. Honor the ATS contract, save the city millions of dollars, collect more evidence of the system’s beneficial impact on traffic safety, and schedule a legal election at the proper time.
Check out the entire E-Board take here.

Let’s see now.  The City of H-Town installed the red light cameras without a vote from the voters.  The voters voted to uninstall them last month.  Now when the contracts runs out in 2014 The H-Town Mayor and the Chron E-Board want the voters to vote for keeping them installed or uninstalled – got it!

The must see movie this fall for baseball fans is “Moneyball” starring Brad Pitt as A’s GM Billy Beane.  Oscar winner Phillip Seymour Hoffman plays former A’s manager Art Howe.   Art Howe played for the ‘Stros from 1976-1982.  As a ‘Stro he was in Opening Day starting line-ups five times and at three different positions.  Name the positions?

The Albertson’s grocery chain is going to do away with the self serve checkout gizmos like the ones they have at some Kroger stores around here.  Albertson’s says they want to be able to talk to their customers by having them go through checkout lanes with real people.  Sometimes I use the lanes with real people and the conversation usually goes about as far as paper or plastic.   We never talk about what’s for dinner, how come I prefer Charmin, or why don’t I try Zest instead of Lever.

We are now at the MLB All Star Break and one of baseball’s most boring events is on the tube tonight.  I’m talking about the 3 hour made for TV Dinger Derby.  MLB needs to shorten it but they won’t because it is a money maker for them. 

On five different Opening Days as a ‘Stro, Art Howe was the starting first baseman (1980 and 1982), second baseman (1978 and 1979), and third baseman (1981) of course.

In checking out the All Star Break NL leaders in the paper today, Hunter Pence is third in batting average (.323), third in hits (114), and sixth in RBIs (60).   Michael Bourn in first in stolen bases (35), third in runs scored (60), and sixth in hits (104).  Pitcher Bud Norris is seventh in strikeouts (113).

Then how come we’re in last place with a miserable 30-62 record?  They have four days to figure how they’re going to start winning.



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The Chron has a front page piece today on what could have been.   The Chron says we could have gotten out of the red light camera contract right after the November election and it only would have cost us $3 mil back then.  Of course, we didn’t have $3 mil back then just like we don’t have $15 to $20 mil now.
Check out the piece.

This is from the piece:

"I suppose that if I had to do it over again, that may be a course we could have followed," City Attorney David Feldman said. To get out of the contract at no cost, the city could have ended it immediately and declared termination for convenience as a backup to cap its liability at four months, he said.

It is always easy to second guess.

Kuffer also has his say today on the red light camera mess: 

As for Kubosh’s ranting, the irony is that if you accept the judge’s ruling – which is right here and is quite clear and concise and really ought to be read by everyone expressing an opinion about it – Mayor Parker should not have urged Council members to vote to put this referendum on the ballot in the first place. She should have told them to vote against it and provoked the fight we are now having last August. It was at the insistence of Mayor Parker and City Attorney David Feldman that Council “supinely ignored – over the voices of some of its members – their responsibility”. If the Mayor ever chooses to directly respond to Kubosh, that should be the first thing she points out.

Check out the entire Kuffer here.

Of course, Kubosh had 20,000 plus signatures last summer.  And let’s say that the 20,000 voters are equally spread out over the nine council districts.  That’s 2,222 per district.  I would have a hard time advising any of the council members to tell 2,222 voters in their district to take a hike and not call for an election.  The last thing they would want is for Kubosh to sic the 2,222 voters on them.

Like I said before, we wouldn’t be in this mess if the red light camera folks had run a better campaign.

The ‘Stros have played 89 games and we only have 49 dingers.  In what year (non strike year) did we have our lowest team dinger production?  Bonus:  How many times has a ‘Stro player had 40 dingers plus in a season? 

It is the dreaded questionnaire season again.  Since Commentary has most of the city candidates listed on the political page except for those that don’t say what position they are running for, in a spirit of transparency, maybe someone ought to put together a website or webpage where we can all go to check out the filled out questionnaires.  You know, to make sure all the candidates are saying the same thing to all the groups.  I wonder if any of the groups would have a problem sharing their questionnaires with the rest of the public. 

A Guv Dude Super PAC was filed with the FEC.  Even though all signs point to Dude running, Commentary is still going to stick to his original choice and say that Dude doesn’t get in.  I just don’t think he wants to go through the hassle of what it takes to run for prez.  It is a whole lot different that running for governor.  Stay tuned!

In 1979 of course the ‘Stros had 49 total dingers – yet we still ended up in second place in the NL West one and a half games behind the Reds.

‘Stros players have had 40 plus dinger seasons six times of course:  Bagwell (43 in 1997), (42 in 1999), and (47 in 2000), Richard Hidalgo (44 in 2000), and The Big Puma (42 in 2002) and (45 in 2006). 

GM Wade said yesterday he’s ready to do trade business.  I hope the following are not trade bait:  Pence, Bourn, Numero 45 (because I don’t want to be paying most of his salary while he plays for a contender), Wandy, Lyles, Myers, Norris, and Carpenter (our new reliever). 

It was Happless evening in Florida last night.  It looks like Corporan Punishment is sticking around as Towles was sent to Oklahoma City.  In order for us to finish at .500, we have to go 51-22 the rest of the way – YIKES! 


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Turn out the lights the party’s over.
They say that all good things must end.
Call it tonight he party’s over and tomorrow starts
the same old thing again.

The H-Town Mayor decided to turn on the red light cameras but she says she is going to ask the judge if the City can appeal his ruling.  I don’t think that is going to satisfy the 53% of the voters that gave the thumbs down to the red light cameras last November.   A better bone to the 53% would have been to say that regardless of what happens in the courts on this matter, the voters have spoken and the red light cameras contract will not be renewed in 2014. 

It will be interesting to see how much of a ruckus Kubosh will raise on this issue as we head into the campaign season.  Kubosh could stir up enough anti red light camera sentiment among voters to cut into the margins of victories of all the incumbents.  Watch out now!  Look what he says in the Chron today:

"Anything she (The Mayor) says about placating the voters is a lie. You can’t believe a word coming out of her mouth when it comes to red-light cameras," Kubosh said. "She’s just saying that to appease the voters to try to calm them down a little bit. If she had an opponent the cameras would still be down."

Police Union chief Gary Blankinship also gets into the act:

"It’s good news because they reduce injuries," Blankinship said. "The data clearly shows that serious injury accidents are reduced in those intersections when the cameras are there."

Blankinship added, "The side-effect is the revenue it produces, but clearly we’re not here to be revenue producers for the city – we’re here to make the city safer."

Gary needs to not be talking about the revenue end of this deal. 

What a mess!

Yankee great Derek Jeter is fixing to hit the 3,000 career hit mark.  There are currently 27 former players in the 3,000-hit club.  Name the three that are not Hall of Fame members?  Bonus:  How many of the 27 have hit numero 3,000 while wearing the Yankee pin stripes?

Commentary was watching the Casey Anthony sentencing this morning and Marcia Clark of the O.J. trial came on to give a take.  She’s been hanging around Bruce Jenner too long if you ask me.  She’s had way too much touching up.

Everyone Knew Her as Nancy has a take on H-Town CM Jolanda Jones. 
Check it out.   I don’t know if CM Jones brings this on herself.  I just don’t think that folks know how to handle her.  I’ve said it before.  She didn’t run to get along and go along. 

Pete Rose (barred), Rafael Palmeiro (disgraced), and B-G-O (not yet eligible) are the three 3,000-hit plus players that are not in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Derek Jeter will be the first Yankee to ever hit numero 3,000 wearing the pin stripes.

The H-Town Mayor is on her way to see the final space shuttle.  Don’t be surprised to see CM Jones doing a Slim Pickens waving a cowboy hat on the rocket as it lifts off just to show up The Mayor.

It was nice to see a bunch of extra base hits in the sixth inning as we finally picked up our 30th W.


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H-Town CM Jolanda Jones has been on the H-Town City Council for three and a half years and we know one thing about her, she’ll hit you back and hit you hard if you mess with her.  Yesterday she said that she filed a state bar grievance against the H-Town City Attorney over his handling of the Office of Inspector General complaint against her.  Check out the Chron story here  and the Houston Press story here.   I don’t know where this is headed but one thing is for sure, CM Jones isn’t going down without a fight.   It is interesting in that CM Jones is letting a spokesperson and her lawyer do most of the talking for now.  This one is going to get a lot more interesting.

Meanwhile, the Texas Tribune has a piece today on a grudge match involving Guv Dude.  Check it out.  The trial lawyer involved in the grudge match says he might put together a national PAC dedicated to messing with Dude’s run for prez.  I don’t have a problem with that but he better get him some different folks to run things for him because Dude’s been chewing them up pretty good.

There have been 27 former MLBers with 3,000 or more career hits.  Of the 27, who has the lowest career batting average?

43 is celebrating numero 65 today.  I wonder if Dude will call him to wish him a happy birthday.  I wonder if 43 will celebrate by taking in B’More versus the Rangers.

Speaking of, the Rocket goes to trial today in a D.C. courtroom.   My pal Rusty Hardin takes the mound for the Rocket.  I don’t know if I would bet against Rusty in a high profile case.

Maybe Rusty ought to get a little insurance and bring in that Jose Baez fella who is fresh off of that stunning acquittal in Orlando. 

The Chron’s Jerome Solomon has a column today on the Rocket’s trial being a waste of time and money.  Here is from the column:

You are allowed to lie in Congress and for Congress, but not to Congress.
Here is the entire column.

Former MLB reliever Mike Stanton served as the guest analyst this past weekend on the ‘Stros pregame and post game show.   I remember Stanton being mentioned in the Mitchell Report.  In the report, a lot of players made the mistake of paying for performance enhancing drugs using a personal check so a copy of their checks ended up in the report.  Stanton’s accuser claimed Stanton paid with a money order.   Nobody kept a copy of the money order and Stanton, who refused an invitation to meet with Mitchell, denies ever making the purchase.  Stanton does get a mention in the Mitchell Report but without a copy of a check or the money order.  Note:  the MLB Players Association advised their members not to cooperate with Mitchell.

Hall of Fame great Cal Ripkin of course has the lowest career batting average with a .276 clip of the 27 that 3,000 or more hits. 

We played another game and endured another loss.  


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If you have ever been to Boston’s Fenway Park (and Commentary has) you know that they play Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” tune around the eighth inning or so. It is a Red Sox tradition.  During the KissKam this past Sunday, in a genuine show of hospitality to Red Sox fans at The Yard, the “Sweet Caroline” tune was played.  I thought that it was a cool move by Pam-In-Charge’s crew.  The Chron’s Sports Columnist (you know, the guy that knows more than all of us put together) and the sports writer for the Houston Press and a sports radio talk show fella thought playing the tune was a bad move.  The Houston Press fella even complained about a Red Sox fan winning a giveaway prize.  Get a life!

There were a lot of Red Sox fans at The Yard this past weekend.  Maybe half the crowd was Chowder Heads.  That’s OK with me.  Their money is good.  It was nice to see The Yard filled to near capacity for a change.  Playing the “Sweet Caroline” tune isn’t the reason we’re 29-57. 

If the ‘Stros ever get to Fenway Park again, I don’t think Boston area sports writers would complain if “Deep in the Heart of Texas” was played during the seventh inning stretch.  Of course, the Chron’s Sports Columnist who knows more than all of us put together would probably try to raise a ruckus.  Of course, I haven’t heard him complain about sitting in my pal’s Drayton’s seats and eating the free grub a week or so ago. 

Speaking of, who holds the AL MLB career record for most games played?

FoxSports.com has a story today on the ‘Stros and possible trade.  Check it out.

The Chron has a front page piece today on HISD and KIPP fighting for principals.  Here is a bit:

Since last year, at least 13 principals, administrators and central office workers have left HISD for KIPP, with some getting raises and promotions and others taking pay cuts. One has returned to the district, and another exited KIPP after a year.

Another popular charter school, YES Prep, has hired two HISD principals. HISD has poached at least one administrator from KIPP.

The turnover has some HISD trustees worried about morale under Grier, at the helm nearly two years.

"People leaving are young people who we’ve grown. They speak of their real regret about leaving," said Trustee Anna Eastman. "I think it’s telling. We need to be listening to our employees and be aware if they are not satisfied, challenged or feeling valued in their jobs."

Here is the entire Chron piece.

We have nothing to report on the complaint against H-Town CM Jolanda Jones.

We have nothing to report on the red light cameras.

Red Sox great and MLB Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski of course played in 3,308 games for an AL record.

We’re still in last place and will stay there for a while. 



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From today’s Chron:

"There goes the first two weeks of school," Houston Federation of Teachers president Gayle Fallon said. "So much for us maximizing every moment."

It looks like the first two weeks of the school year will be without textbooks here in the Lone Star State. Check out the Chron story.   Why don’t they just start the school year two weeks later?

In today’s hard copy of the Chron there is a nauseating front page piece on GOP State Sen.  Dan Patrick.  It is not online yet.  Here is what The Dean says about him in the piece:  “I consider him a friend and an ally.” Oh no!!!!!

We are in last place and 16 games behind.  In 1986, the ‘Stros won the NL West by 10 games. What was our won-loss record that year?

Here is what my pal Joe Householder penned in the Chron over the weekend on the latest change over at KTRH Radio. 

A bit more than 20 years ago, I came to Houston as a young newsman. I wasn’t a newspaperman with great schooling or a long resume. I was a radio guy who was plucked out of a job I wasn’t quite enjoying in the relatively quiet city of Orlando, Fla., and given the privilege of joining KTRH.

For those of you late to the game, back in the early 1990s KTRH was not the right-wing radio blowtorch that it now strives to be. That KTRH would have preferred to shut out the lights than put on the likes of Rush Limbaugh, as it does today, or even some left-wing Limbaugh imitator.

We were a news station. Every morning every person on the staff woke up to the Chronicle and the now-defunct Houston Post and when we saw a story that mattered that we had not already broken on the air the day before it was in print, we felt like failures. We believed, rightly or wrongly, that we were the key information source for the millions of people who call this diverse and complex city home.

And the rocks of that organization at that time, and years before and after, were two unique, personally endearing and humble individuals by the name of J.P. Pritchard and Lana Hughes. Every morning, almost without fail, they went on the air at 5 a.m. and kept Houston informed.

I almost died covering a hurricane once. Literally almost died as the Ford Explorer I was driving along the coastline of Mississippi was picked up off the road by a huge wind gust and turned sideways. It was three minutes before 5 a.m. I had to go on the air at the top of the hour to give my update, but my stomach and various other internal organs were in my throat, and I was hyperventilating.

Then I heard J.P. open the newscast, referencing the storm with Lana picking up the cadence and saying, "Joe Householder is live along the Mississippi coast. Joe … " And all was well again. Their calm professionalism and their commitment to dispassionately telling the story coaxed me back to sanity — and I told the story, and I think I told it rather well, but only thanks to the voices from home that I had come to rely upon so heavily.

More than a decade ago I left KTRH and radio news altogether. Lana and J.P. didn’t. They persisted. They held on as the station changed by reducing its commitment to news from its reason for being to, sad to say, mostly window dressing designed to give their talk programming some degree of respectability for those listeners who still expect a calm objective voice to provide a break between the incessant hours of political rant.

I don’t know and would never ask them for particulars about what they liked and what they hated about the changes. I have opinions, but they’re just mine.

What I know for a fact is that Lana and J.P. never lost their sense of mission and their commitment to their duty, which was to do their best every morning to make sure their listeners were fairly informed. Unfortunately, that had to end.

KTRH has decided to move on without Lana and J.P. It happens in radio every day. Most times it goes unnoticed, but I don’t think so in this case, even though the station’s ratings are but a shadow of what they once were.

I will not second-guess the business decision that was made by the station’s corporate owners. They’re paid to know better than me what will make money for the company, even if I disagree with the choice.

I will, however, mourn the passing of my favorite anchor team in the world. When they signed on so many years ago, Houston was a smaller place than it is today in terms of population. As they are finally permanently signing off, it is so much smaller than that in terms of the voices of integrity it sends out to the world via radio wave.

In 1986 we were 96-66 of course.

About the only good thing from this past weekend was the money all the Red Sox fans spent at The Yard.  I saw a Red Sox fans wearing a Babe Ruth jersey, one wearing a ManRam jersey, one a Nomar, and one a Lugo.  In a show of hospitality, during the KissKam they played the “Sweet Caroline” tune that made some ‘Stros fans mad – so what!  They showed some fan on El Grande wearing a Miami Heat jersey and he was booed unmercifully. 

It is so bad out at The Yard that El Caballo is now being called El Cabrito – yikes!

As expected, Hunter Pence is our only All Star and maybe we will do better on the road this week.


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