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I’m thinking to bet the under on the over-under Vegas line on the Houston METRO CEO surviving through the August 8 return-to-work-date.   Here are a few tastes from today’s Chron:

Some observers said (METRO CEO George) Greanias, who has led Metro since last September, has been so good for the agency that the embarrassing bombshell should not prevent his continued leadership. Others said the damage to his reputation and Metro’s will be too great for him to continue effectively.


(METRO Board Chair Gilbert) Garcia said he had met with about 30 of Metro’s senior managers, all of whom "support George and feel for him as a human being." Garcia said he also had begun making calls to community members and had received feedback in support of Greanias, who is to return to work Aug. 8.


"I hate to say this because I like George, but he’s got to go, " said Bill King, a Houston businessman who writes frequently on transit issues. "There’s just no way he can continue under these circumstances. It’s a shame for George and a shame for Metro. "Any other person in the organization would be fired on the spot for this. You can’t make an exception for the CEO."

I would be surprised if he survives.  That’s the way it goes.  It is unfortunate but the H-Town Mayor herself is probably going to have to pull the trigger on this.  It is just a matter of when.  Greanias will have a whole lot more folks calling for his ouster than folks publicly supporting him.  I don’t think folks at METRO and the H-Town City Hall want this distraction right now it being the campaign season and stuff like that.  Plus don’t forget that Harris County and the smaller cities also make METRO Board appointments so we may also be hearing from other constituencies as well.  That’s how these deals work so stay tuned!  Check out the Chron piece here.

Nine former MLB players whose last name begins with the letter “C” have hit 300 or more career dingers.  How many do you know?

Commentary stayed glued to CNN last night waiting to see if Speaker Boehner could get in front of the mob.  He couldn’t. 

Commentary will not be a happy camper if the team trades Hunter Pence.  How can they trade away the face of the franchise?  We will regret the trade if it is made – count on it!

“Out there it’s summertime, milk and honey days.  Oh, San Francisco girls, with San Francisco ways!”

For those that are old school like Commentary, the late ‘60s band Fever Tree will be releasing an album next week based on some old tapes – cool!

Check out the Chron piece here on Fever Tree.

Jose Canseco (462), Joe Carter (396), Orlando Cepeda (379), Norm Cash (377), Rocky Colavito (374), Jack Clark (340), Gary Carter (324), Vinnie Castilla (320), and Ron Cey (316) of course are the nine players whose last name starts with the letter “C” who had 300 plus career dingers.

Did I mention that I won’t be happy with the team if they trade Hunter Pence?  Why do they want to get rid of the most favorite ‘Stro?  Oh yeah, we won last night and did a little spoiling in the process as we head into Milwaukee for three.


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