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Guv Dude can’t figure out the role he should play at next week’s Prayer Caucus at Reliant according to today’s Chron.  Check it out.  In other words Dude’s folks are still polling and conducting focus groups on what works best for Dude.

The options for Dude include passing the collection plate, walking down from the upper deck under the spotlight holding up a couple of stone tablets, leading the participants in reciting the “Lord’s Prayer”, passing out fishes and loaves at the concession stand, leading the procession of participants by wearing a crown of thorns and carrying a big wooden cross, reschedule the  event  to a Friday through Sunday Prayer Caucus and making an appearance on the third day, or just hosting a supper the night before for the twelve largest sponsors of the event.   Stay tuned!

Thirty or so federales crossed into the U.S. the other day in the Hidalgo County area.  They safely returned to Mexico.  There is no word yet on whether or not they had just attended a screening of “Viva Max” the night before. 

In MLB All Star Game history, there have been four pitchers that have started games for both the NL and the Al.  Three of them are The Rocket, Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson, and Roy Halladay.  Name the fourth?

At my Uncle Jesse’s funeral yesterday, Rick Noriega gave a very moving and touching eulogy.  Nice job Rick!

The last couple of days the debt limit talks have focused on what is going on within the House GOP Caucus, specifically the Tea Baggers.  The GOP House Speakers called them out and told them to get their arses in line.  The 2008 GOP Prez nominee called the House Tea Baggers “hobbits” – ouch!  I think they are on shaky ground.

Pitching great Vida Blue of course was a starting pitcher for both the AL and the NL All Star teams.  Vida Blue is celebrating his 62nd BD today.

As the MLB trading deadline approaches, the Giants-Mets trade that sent Carlos Beltran to the Giants reminded me of 2004 when we got Beltran in a  trade.  

Last night I thought we were going to be the victim of Corporan Punishment after he botched an easy out at the plate.  Jose Altuve continues to hit in every game he has played.  With the ‘Stros leading 4-2 in the bottom of the ninth, with San Luis runners on second and third and two outs, the Skipper decided to pitch to Albert Pujols instead of intentionally walking him.  We struck him out so maybe that says something about a turnaround – maybe? 


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