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The Chron’s Columnist today focuses on Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan and campaign contributions.  Of course, once again, if you are not old school like Commentary and go fetch your fish wrap from the front yard every morning, you are going to have to wait a day or so to check it out.

The Columnist says that maybe Vince shouldn’t be taking thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from big law firms that do bond business with the County.  Vince’s office now selects the law firm that to do business with the County – got it!   What Vince’s office is doing is not illegal and whether it is ethical or not depends on one’s own ethics.

Of course, Harris County Commissioners routinely select engineers, architects, and contractors to do business within their precincts.   The same engineers, architects, and contractors donate generously to the Commissioners’ campaign accounts.

In Vince’s case it may be different though.  Back in the 1990s as a member of the H-Town City Council, Vince proclaimed himself as a champion of campaign finance reform.   That was nearly twenty years ago so maybe things change.

A way to go goes to Port Commissioners Janiece Longoria and Elyse Lanier for continuing to get things cleaned up over at the Port.  They took away some benefits that a couple of their colleagues should not be getting.   They also stopped the funding of another study.  Maybe they ought to fund a study to figure out how many PR consultants are working over there.

After 103 games this season, the ‘Stros are a miserable 33-70.  What is out best record ever at the 103 game mark?

The Postal Service announced the list of local post offices that are on the endangered list.  It is now up to members of Congress to save the worthy ones.  Of course, I don’t know why they didn’t put the one on Yale and 11th on the list.  If you ever have to go there take a book to read.

A number of elected officials paid their respects last night to my Uncle Jesse including the H-Town Mayor, CMs James Rodriguez and Melissa Noriega, State Rep. Carol Alvarado, JP Richard Vara, Constable Victor Trevino, Judge Steve Kirkland, and Judge Jim Sharp.

Form the ‘Stros Website:

The Astros will celebrate Houston’s Hispanic community and culture on Saturday, August 20 when the team hosts Los Astros Night at Minute Maid Park. Festivities begin with Hispanic Street Fest from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at KBR Plaza, adjacent to Union Station on Crawford Street. The celebration is presented by Goya Foods, Budweiser and Univision.


For the first time in franchise history, players will wear uniforms that feature the team name in Spanish, Los Astros, across the front of the jersey. The first 10,000 fans at the game will receive a Los Astros T-shirt courtesy of Goya Foods.


Way to go to Pam-In-Charge and her crew!

By the way, we play Los Gigantes that weekend.

In 1999, after 103 games, the ‘Stros were 62-41 of course.

You know it is that kind of season when last night we got beat by an Albert Pujols phantom dinger.  Well at least Hunter Pence isn’t trade bait if you believe the trade rumors!


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