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Tickets will be issued beginning this Sunday.  In today’s Chron here is what red light camera foe and leader Paul Kubosh says:

"I hope between now and election day they issue 300,000 tickets.  What our political masters have failed to understand is this will never go away, this will never be over. We will never stop fighting this until the cameras are off."

You have to figure Kubosh has something up his sleeve so I guess we have to stay tuned!

Here is what the HPD Chief says:

"The camera can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The camera does not complain about it being cold or hot. The camera can work in the rain, and the camera does not submit an overtime slip."

The camera also doesn’t hang out at Shipley Donuts every morning.

The Joaquin Castro for Congress Campaign picked up a key player to help out.  Democratic fundraiser Jose Villarreal has signed on as treasurer.  Jose – a San Antonio resident – has raised money for Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton.  Jose is well connected throughout the country.  Nice move by the campaign.

‘Stros pitcher Bud Norris takes the mound this afternoon at Wrigley.  Norris wears the numero 20.  Name the Hall of Fame great that once wore the numero 20 as a ‘Stro for a couple of seasons? 

H-Town CM Jolanda Jones got her another opponent.  Laurie Robinson is a principal at MFR which used to be known as Mir, Fox, Rodriguez – a major H-Town consulting firm.  MFR is well connected in town.  They know a lot of the players.  It will be interesting to see if Robinson can cash in on those connections.

The Lite Guv spoke to the Greater Houston Partnership yesterday.  The Chron says he was “rambling” for thirty minutes. He listed the “sonogram bill” among the accomplishments of the past legislative session.  I’m sure that is what the Partnership wanted to hear about – a good old economic development, job creating, sonogram bill. 

Here is how the Chron.com piece ends:

Dewhurst said he was still in the process of putting together his campaign apparatus and won’t start campaigning all out for some time to come.

I don’t think the fella is in a hurry to start campaigning.  He better watch out.  He might just get out worked.

Hall of Fame pitching great Don Sutton of course wore the numero 20 for the ‘Stros from 1981-1982.

Guv Dude isn’t in yet but word is he’s ordered a focus group put together to see if folks would think he’d look cool and presidential if he campaigned with Captain America’s shield strapped on to his wrist.  Wear it Dude and put on the helmet too!

The ‘Stros start a three game series at Wrigley today and no trades have been made!



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