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There is nothing to report this morning on the Senate District 6 race drama.  This is sure to play out until the filing deadline.

Commentary thought that Guv Dude wouldn’t run but he went and met with money folks in California yesterday.  Money folks met in Austin a couple of days ago.  His wife wants him to get out of his “comfort zone.” 
Check out today’s Chron story on Texas fatigue here.

I’m thinking The Mayor got an earful yesterday from some members of the H-Town City Council for calling them out in the Chron prior to the vote on the cell phone contract.  I was watching her press availability after the Council meeting and she was asked about her quote and she kind of sidestepped the issue.  The Mayor won the vote by the way.

City Council takes a break next week and won’t be meeting.

The Chron also reports that Harris County Commissioner Jerry Eversole paid Rusty Hardin $1.1 mil over the past two years.  With an October trial coming, Eversole only has about $50,000 in his campaign account.  It looks like a fundraiser is coming.  That’s what friends, err vendors and contractors are for! 
Check out the Chron piece here.

Rookie ‘Stro Jose Altuve got into his first game yesterday and got a base hit in his fifth at-bat.  How did Hunter Pence fare at the plate in his first ever MLB ballgame?

According to the ‘Stros GM, everything and everyone is on the table when it comes to trades.  I don’t think fans would react kindly if we traded away Hunter Pence.  I don’t think Numero 45 will be traded because we would probably have to keep paying his salary.  What would be the point in trading Altuve, Jordan Lyles, or Bud Norris?  When the team returns on August 1 against the Reds we could be without Wandy, Brett Myers, Michael Bourn, or Brett Wallace.  Stay tuned!

Hunter Pence went 1 for 3 at the plate of course on April 28, 2007 against the Brewers at The Yard.

We have the day off then head to Wrigley but we won yesterday and are on a two game winning streak!



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