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In the past day or so Robert Miller and Capitol Inside each put out a take about former Harris County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia thinking about running for Senate District 6.  This drew a response from her consultant Dan McClung.  Check this:

Guys, I realize there isn’t much for you to report since the lege, but please think before reporting a fight that has not and never will be waged. 

Senator Mario Gallegos and former Commissioner Sylvia Garcia are longtime friends and strong political allies.  They are also both decades-long clients and friends of this firm, and as its Senior Partner, I have spoken with both this morning and each has asked me to say to you and others that a race between them is not a possibility.

Thanks for sharing this with your readers.

Robert and Capitol Inside didn’t just make this stuff up.  They got their info from folks that they are connected to who also happened to be connected so you need to figure who they are connected to if you know what I mean.

All “a race between them is not a possibility” means is that some folks are talking about pressuring Sen. Gallegos to retire.  This was going on behind closed doors but now that Robert and Capitol Inside have exposed it, other folks will chime in.  This isn’t over so you better stay tuned! 

From the Don’t F__k with CM James Rodriguez Department, check out Chron.com:

Among the reasons City Hall insiders will give for why colleagues of Councilwoman Jolanda Jones sometimes find her exasperating is her penchant for tags. The tag is a parliamentary maneuver in which a council member can unilaterally delay action on an agenda item for a week.

No one keeps such statistics, but it’s not unusual for Jones to tag a dozen or more items on an agenda, sometimes more than the other 13 members combined.

Councilman James Rodriguez orchestrated a little-used counter-maneuver at last week’s council meeting — an override of a tag by Jones. Rodriguez wanted to finish work on an agreement between the city and Houston Independent School District to install a new baseball field at a high school. The agreement had already been approved by council at a previous recent meeting. It was brought back to clean up some language. A pure housekeeping matter, Rodriguez said.

But Jones tagged it. Rodriguez, the councilman representing the 4th ward neighborhood where the field will go (not to mention a baseball aficionado and former Astro batboy), said Jones never explained to him the reason for the tag, and she left the meeting shortly after the agenda was done as council members proceeded with the announcements portion of the meeting known as pop-off.

He decided to try to override the tag. It requires 10 of the 15 votes on the council.

“I showed her the same level of courtesy she showed me,” Rodriguez said in explaining why he employed a tactic so rare that the mayor’s agenda director couldn’t say for sure the last time it was used.

Only 11 members were present when Rodriguez started seeking support. Rodriguez got all 11 votes, so the baseball field item was approved.

When asked why he couldn’t have waited one more week for his item, Rodriguez said, “My constituents want it done, and they wanted it done yesterday.”

Incidentally, Mayor Annise Parker was on vacation, and Acting Mayor Pro Tem Ed Gonzalez ran the meeting. Rodriguez said he would have pursued the tag no matter who held the gavel.

“I’m going to utilize the tools that are available to me to advocate for my district,” Rodriguez said.

Way to go James!

Jeff Keppinger who up until yesterday wore the numero 8 for the ‘Stros was traded to the Giants.  Two MLB Hall of Fame greats have worn the same numero 8 in a ‘Stros uniform – name the two?

The H-Town Mayor is certainly not mincing her words regarding a phone contract over at City Hall.  In these tough times she wants to save $3 mil and she is taking on CWA.  Here is what she says in the Chron today about some on City Council that won’t be with her:

"How can you walk away from that amount of money? It’s clearly, at this point, it’s about the unions playing hardball with council members, and it’s about council members crumbling."

"I had a certain number of council members who were rolling over for the churches and a certain number of council members who were rolling over for the schools and I couldn’t get to eight. I don’t know if I can get to eight on Sprint. They (Sprint opponents) are willing to spend $3 million more of taxpayer money to cover their butts for election.”

Ouch!  City Council will vote on the item this morning.
Check out the entire Chron piece here.

Welcome to H-Town new “Stro Jose Altuve who is just 21 years of age.  Here is from the ‘Stros website:

"We’re not bringing a guy up here who has done what he’s done to sit," Mills said. "If he’s healthy, he’s going to play, for the most part. He’ll be the second baseman tomorrow, I can tell you that."

The 21-year-old, 5-foot-7 Altuve led the Minor Leagues with a combined .389 batting average between Class A Lancaster and Corpus Christi. He hit .408 in 52 games at Lancaster before joining Corpus Christi, where he hit .361 in 35 games.

Hall of Fame great Joe Morgan of course wore the numero 8 back in 1980 when he came back for a season and Hall of Fame great Yogi Berra of course wore the numero 8 from 1985-1989 as a coach.

With Keppinger getting traded it looks like the sell-a-thon has begun over at The Yard.  We will see who is next on the block.  We pulled one out last night as Happ finally got another victory and Jose Altuve starts at second base today on what will be the last game of the month at The Yard.


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