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My old pal Robert Miller put out his takes yesterday on upcoming State Senate races in the Lone Star State.  Robert mostly focuses on GOP races.  He does however raise some eyebrows with his take on SD 6 here in Harris County.  Check this:

SD 6 (Gallegos) — Former Harris County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia is quietly mulling whether to run against Sen. Mario Gallegos, although no decision has been made or is necessarily imminent. Garcia reported $751,601 cash on hand as of June 30; Gallegos reported $71,190 cash on hand. They both use Robert Jara has their consultant, so it will be interesting to watch this unfold.

That ought to get folks talking within the local Latino community.  It will be interesting to see who blinks.  It will be interesting to see the alliances start taking shape.   This one is going to be fun to watch.  Meanwhile, watch your back out there!  That’s what friends are for.  So happy together!   We can work it out!  Check out Robert’s takes here.

Speaking of, here is from a piece I found today in the Star Telegram:

Republicans hope to recruit 100 Hispanic candidates for legislative seats across the nation in 2012, looking to rebuild its bench of GOP officeholders.

The Republican State Leadership Committee, a group that works to elect Republicans to statewide and legislative offices, said Monday it intends to spend at least $3 million in hopes of sending more Republican Hispanic leaders to statehouses while making inroads with women voters and voters under age 30.   Check out the entire piece here.

You have to give the GOP credit for making the Latino effort.

Who are the only MLB pitchers to have won the CY Young Award in four consecutive years?

From the pain-in-the-arse department, check out this from today’s Chron:

During the last six months, (Houston Mayor Annise) Parker has overseen $100 million in spending cuts, redistricting, the implementation of a new drainage fee, the turn-off and restart of red-light cameras, union and pension negotiations and historic designations that ignited a series of neighborhood controversies. Yet she called the (CM Jolanda) Jones affair the biggest distraction and demand on her time.

The Lite Guv certainly looks like the reluctant candidate.  You get the feeling that he really doesn’t want to run for the U.S. Senate but is doing so because, well because.  I think he would rather be governor but you know how that is playing out these days.  The Lite Guv doesn’t look like an enthusiastic candidate and that could give him problems.

If you are old school like Commentary and go out to your front lawn to pick up your fish wrap, you get to read the Chron’s Lisa Falkenberg skewer Guv Dude.  She goes after his flip flopping.  Check it out if you can.

Greg Maddux (1992 as a Cubbie, 1993, 1994, and 1995 as a Brave) and Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson (1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 as a D-Back) of course each won four consecutive NL Cy Young Awards.

McLovin got on El Grande last night and won an ACDC DVD.

Saturday night at The Yard I went up to get a St. Arnold and when I returned there was some commotion going on by my seat.  The guy that was sitting behind me tried to eat a line drive foul ball.  It wasn’t a pretty sight.  They took the fella off to get stitched up. He never returned.  They sent down the blood clean-up patrol.   It wasn’t a pretty sight.

Last night wasn’t pretty either at The Yard.  They should have won.  When you have Michael Bourn on first base with nobody out and the top of the line-up to follow, how do you not score?  It is the same old story over and over again! 


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