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CEWDEM kicked up some dust over the weekend with his take on the Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party.  Other folks chimed in and gave their two cents worth.   I hope folks aren’t judging the Chair on this past November election results.  From what I can see, he doesn’t have much to say about the folks that actually handle the GOTV and messaging during the general elections.  Those are separate operations that are not accountable to you, me or even the to elected officials.  They are only accountable to those that do the funding.  That’s the way it has been handled the last couple of election cycles.  That’s why I don’t get too worked up about who is going to be the next Chair.  Does it matter?  

Speaking of, check out what the Chron’s Columnist had to say yesterday.

The Chron E-Board wants to make sure Rusty Hardin is employed.  Here’s a part of what the E-Board said this past Saturday:

After the trial, (Chron Sports Columnist Richard) Justice wrote that the government prosecutors bungled this case so badly that they don’t deserve a do-over. Maybe they don’t. But fans deserve a clean game. And all of us deserve answers and closure. The (Roger) Clemens trial needed to happen. It still needs to happen.   Check out the entire editorial here.

It doesn’t make any difference to me. 

The E-Board also had a take yesterday on Harris County government ethics.  Hunker Down apparently went before the E-Board to make his case for ethics reform.  Hunker Down needs to make the case to Commissioners Court first.
Check out the entire editorial here.

There are five NL teams that have never produced an NL MVP Award winner.  Can you name the five teams?

One of the giveaways at The Yard is the T-Shirt Patrol.  Due to the accident up in Arlington, they did away with the big sling shot they use to shoot T-Shirts into the upper deck.  They don’t want anybody reaching for a T-Shirt and falling over I guess.

It looks like folks at the H-Town City Hall actually do read Commentary.  I talked last week about the dilemma they faced regarding CM Jolanda Jones.  According to Channel 11, they kicked the can down the road or punted of sorts by handing the OIG ethics report over to the DA’s Office.  If the DA says there isn’t enough to proceed, then all parties can wash their hands of the deal and move on.  Stay tuned!

The Brewers, D-Backs, Marlins, Mets, and Nationals of course have never produced an NL MVP Award winner.

Let’s see.  In the second inning we intentionally walked the number eight hitter – who entering the game was batting the Mendoza Line – to face the pitcher.  The pitcher then doubled in a couple of runs.  That pretty much defines our season.

From “Stros reliever Mark Melancon:  “It’s on us.  It’s not the way luck falls.  It’s on us.”

You can say that again!  Of course, they are pressing too much and making dumb moves because of the pressure to win a game or two.

The Nationals are in town for three – the last three home games of the month.    I guess I’ll drop by.


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