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Commentary received a copy of a memo yesterday that details unspent council office funds for the fiscal year that just ended from members of the H-Town City Council.  All of the council members had surpluses ranging from $2,187 to $70,504.   Every member either transferred the surplus to the general fund or dedicated it to a department in need.  A way to go goes to the top three:  CM Stardig ($70,504) who is dedicating her surplus to fire stations, HPD, libraries, and community centers in her district, CM Rodriguez ($57,763) who is dedicating his surplus to a youth soccer league and Charlton Park, and CM Noriega ($49,460) who is dedicating her surplus seven community center.    The total surplus for all city council offices was $274,103.  Nice job!

Everybody has a take this morning on The Rockets and whether to set a retrial or not.  I don’t really give a rat’s arse right now.  I think everybody already has an opinion on The Rocket and the juice.  As for the reasons for calling or not calling a retrial, that’s about as easy as trying to figure out the balk rule.

In the 2004 MLB All Star Game that was played at The Yard, the NL sent to the mound four pitchers that are now former Cy Young Award Winners.  Name the four?

I’m not going to get into Hunker Down calling for the Harris County Budget Director to step down.   Check out the Chron piece.  That’s up to the Commissioners if you ask me.  Same goes for redistricting over there.  That’s not my fight.

The Chron today gives the “Winnie the Pooh” movie three stars and the Governor Palin flick two stars. 

The Rockets, The Big Unit, Tom Glavine, and Eric Gagne of course are all former Cy Young Award Winners and all pitched of the NL in the 2004 MLB All Star Game.

Hopefully the front office won’t trade away key players so head to The Yard this weekend to check them out because you never know!  The Pirates are a good team so you may get to see a few good games.



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